Thu.Aug 08, 2019

Just enough…

Euen Semple

Being a commercial lorry driver allows me to experience management from the sharp end. Most of the businesses I work for are really impressive, not only in terms of the systems and processes it takes to do my job, but also in terms of focussing effectively on the key importance of safety. There is a real skill in giving me just enough information, delivered in the right way to encourage me to take notice.

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How to Use Your Corporate Training Program to Increase Employee Efficiency


The average employee is productive a mere three hours per day. 1 This lack of efficiency occurs for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples: Employee Training LMS benefits Corporate LMS

Happiness Comes From Your Mind

21 Days to Happiness

What do You do When Feel Unhappy? Everyone has days when they feel down. What do you find helps you on those gloomy days? Do you go out for a meal? Maybe see a new movie? Visit a friend? Take a walk? Do you get a buzz from jogging or going to the gym? Maybe you find it energizing to go shopping.

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