Wed.Feb 21, 2018

learning to create the future of work

Harold Jarche

I recently wrote that when we look at the future of work, the loss of current jobs, and the effects of automation we should use a compass to guide us, not a list of what the jobs of the future may look like. These kinds of maps get dated too quickly.

PKM 214

The Dearth of Science in Learning Technology

Clark Quinn

Over the years, I’ve looked at a lot of learning technology. And I see a dispiriting trend. There seems to be little learning science of late. What I see are marketing driven decisions, even when there are claims to science! And I think this is a problem.

Education Hits All-Time Low Point

Nine Shift

Education hit an all-time low point last month when a teacher suggested a student be lynched for his boy behavior. . The media outcry was over the obvious racial implication. But everyone apparently missed the fact that this was a boy. . Worse, there was no outcry among educators. And missed was the fact that virtually all boys experience similar rants, rages, epithets, psychologically damaging and false statements from their teachers.