Tue.Jan 26, 2021

Buzzwords and Branding

Clark Quinn

I was reflecting on a few things on terminology, buzzwords and branding in particular. And, as usual, learning out loud, here are my reflections. The script: So I’ve been known to take a bit of a blade to buzzwords (c.f. microlearning ).

PKM 150

Just in case you feel safe with Twitter

Doc Searls

Just got a press release by email from David Rosen ( @firstpersonpol ) of the Public Citizen press office. The headline says “Historic Grindr Fine Shows Need for FTC Enforcement Action.” ” The same release is also a post in the news section of the Public Citizen website.

six ways to make sense

Harold Jarche

One of the big consultancies is promoting ‘six ways’ to make sense of these complex times, or words to that effect. If you believe you are getting leading-edge thinking from these types of businesses, think again. Here is a story about a major consulting company, from one of its own.