Sat.May 19, 2012

The Real Story of Send

Doc Searls

With The Story of Send , Google follows a single email as it travels through wires, under streets, through an ISP’s high-rise, in and out of Google’s various gear, including one of its vast data centers, and finally up a tower and out via a telco’s data system into a smartphone.

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Legal highs making the drug war obselete

Mind Hacks

If you want any evidence that drugs have won the drug war, you just need to read the scientific studies on legal highs.

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PKM Workshop Introduction

Harold Jarche

My next Personal Knowledge Management online workshop is scheduled for 11-22 June 2012. PKM is also one of the topics for our social learning Summer Camp during July/August 2012. Here is a 10 minute video that covers PKM and gives an introduction to the workshop.

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Uploaded to the Life network

Mind Hacks

A fantastic short film about what you might see when your mind is uploaded to an online storage cloud in 2052.

Sharing is good for all of us

Harold Jarche

When I was writing my Master’s thesis on Learning in the New Brunswick Information Technology Workplace (completed in 1998) I based a part of it on a framework developed in 1991.