Mon.Jan 15, 2018

Making sense of what happened to Montecito

Doc Searls

Note the date on this map : That was more than a month before huge rains revised to red the colors in the mountains above Montecito. The LA Times also ran a story a week before last, warning about debris flows , which are like mud slides, but with lots of rocks.

A sense of direction (3)

Dave Snowden

I really should be cutting back on the email and task backlog at the moment but I keep getting distracted by the print of Cynefin on which I have made a growing body of notes so its probably best to get it out of the system.

Module 174

Cloud Computing and the Supply Chain of Services

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In 2008 I gave a talk at a conference on The Promise and Reality of Cloud Computing.

NYT Starts Off New Year Attacking Men - - Again

Nine Shift

The New York Times continued its attack on men in its first gender article of the new year. The New York Times and its "gender" (yes, that's her title) editor Claire Miller, writing about the 13% representation of men in the field of nursing , both screamed sex discrimination and provided lots of mis-information. . Mis-information: Jobs that are disappearing are male jobs, jobs that are growing are female jobs. WRONG. Jobs that are disappearing are jobs requiring less than a college degree.


Like two friends

Euen Semple

The internet could be like this if we wanted. “We We are like two friends sitting in the park on a lovely day talking about life, talking about our problems, investigating the very nature of our existence, and asking ourselves seriously why life has become such a great problem, why, though intellectually we are very sophisticated, yet our daily life is such a grind, without any meaning, except survival—which again is rather doubtful. Why has life, everyday existence, become such a torture?