Thu.Oct 22, 2020

Around Asia with Cynefin – Organisational Development & Coaching in Japan, with Yoichi and Chikako

Dave Snowden

We have taken a bit of a gander around South Asia and Southeast Asia, and now we will point our focus to North and East Asia. In today’s session, we go to Tokyo, Japan to meet with Yoichi Tamura and Chikako Moriyama to discuss how Cynefin has been applied and introduced into their work. Yoichi and I also co-authored a book on Cynefin for the Japanese market, with a focus on how this can be used in organisational development, personal coaching and consulting.

On KERI: a way not to reveal more personal info than you need to

Doc Searls

You don’t walk around wearing a name badge. Except maybe at a conference, or some other enclosed space where people need to share their names and affiliations with each other. But otherwise, no. Why is that?