Tue.Mar 27, 2012

Shifting control

Harold Jarche

Tweet In The Learning Workplace , Anne Marie McEwan describes “f our profiles of learning workplaces according to structure, global reach, knowledge type, workstyle and social complexity”: Traditional, Emergent, Networked & Hyper-networked.

2 signs to help you make a choice

Dan Pink

Our mail bag of emotionally intelligent signage this month shows the many ways businesses are deploying signs to influence people’s choices. Here are two examples that take very different approaches.

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Let's Get Our Meta On! Conversations about Conversations and a Soylent Green mention!

Mark Oehlert

. FAIR WARNING: The video embedded here is safe for work but does contain a good bit of me talking. Please proceed with caution! My view of technology is greatly informed by a concern for the humans at the user end of it. What does it do for you? How does it make your day better?

Wiki 27

Bring the love

Mind Hacks

The world of art, neuroscience and, er… competitive affection, collide in a delightful film about a love competition held in an fMRI scanner. The piece is by film-maker Brent Hoff who seems to be making a series of films based on the idea of emotion competitions.

Beyond Execution

Clark Quinn

In a recent post , Harold Jarche talks eloquently about moving into the networked era, and practices of workscaping. He points to this insightful model by Jane Hart, showing the bigger picture supporting performance in the workplace, or what I like to call Big L learning.