Thu.Apr 26, 2012

Learning is the new black

Harold Jarche

Work is learning and learning is the work. Yet too much of our organizational learning is focused on the 5% that is not at work , and usually sitting in a classroom or staring at a screen clicking the next button.

Why Andrew Keen is fundamentally wrong about crowds

Ross Dawson

Internet dystopian Andrew Keen , author most recently of Digital Vertigo, has just spoken at TheNextWeb Summit and Conference. . He and his arguments are intensely annoying because his case is blindly and obtusely one-sided, though it is useful to have his voice to provide a counterpoint to digital utopianism. . Part of his argument is that we are giving away too much of our identity and personal data.

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Adjusting to Life in a Hyperconnected World

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In the spring of 1997, during a presentation in Paris on IBM’s new e-business strategy , the CIO of a major European retail chain mentioned that his company had just spent a lot of money remodeling their stores. He was wondering if they had done the right thing, given all this new economy talk.

Are You Like Donald Trump? Take the Narcissistic Personality Quiz and Find Out!

Bob Sutton

I sent out a tweet the other day about a study showing that men who score high on a narcissism test appear to experience more stress than those who score low (but not narcissistic women).    Stress was measured by "cortisol levels,"   a hormone that  "signals the level of activation of the body’s key stress response system, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis."  "  You can see a report about study here. 

Do you have 4 minutes to help me learn what people do all day at work?

Dan Pink

To write my previous books, I relied on tons of interviews, lots of traditional library and online research, and one kick-ass genie. For the next book, I’m adding a new technique: Quantitative survey research.

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UX Intensive Amsterdam 2012: Interaction Design Day Snapshot

Adaptive Path

After two days of fast-paced learning and making at our UX Intensive in Amsterdam, our attendees jumped into the deep end of Interaction Design.


Clark Quinn

I’m a real fan of styles, ala Microsoft Word. If you don’t get this concept, I wish you would. Let me explain. The concept is fairly simple. Instead of hand-formatting a document by manually adding in bold, font sizes, italics, indents, extra paragraph returns, you define a paragraph as a ‘style’ That is, you say this paragraph is a heading 1, that paragraph is normal or body text, this other one is a figure, etc.