Tue.Apr 03, 2012

Profits Up, Labor Share Down. Computers Why?

Andy McAfee

The Economist reports that US corporate profit margins are higher than they’ve been in 65 years, and absolute profits have reached unprecedented levels: And how are the US workers who help generate these profits doing?

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The Virtues of Standing-Up: In Meetings and Elsewhere

Bob Sutton

I was thinking back to some of the experiences I had over the last few weeks teaching classes to both Stanford students and executives, and watching some of my fellow teachers and colleagues in action. 

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Portraits of New York from altitude

Doc Searls

On my way back from SXSW a couple weeks ago, I got some terrific shots of many things, including portions of Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky (including mountaintop mining ), Virginia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Trenton and Providence.


Amazon Can Say "Asshole" But You Can't

Bob Sutton

This isn't the first time I have written a post like this, but the experience a No Asshole Rule fan had with Amazon today reminded me of how weird their policies are around the book's title.    In short, if you write a review of the book, and you use the word "asshole, they not only reject it, they won't let you edit it or submit another review. 

Pinterest? Not a fan.but I'm paying attention.the Re-Rise of the Visual

Mark Oehlert

I think I have a Pinterest account. I may have pinned something at some time. Oh yeah, here it is.this is what I saw when I logged into Pinterest this morning.for some reason it thinks I'm VERY into aprons. Anyway, that's not the point (BTW I do have HUGE apron collection ;-)).

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