Tue.Nov 26, 2019

Passion and Learning

Clark Quinn

My better half recently got a sample of special butter. A gift from a co-worker (an interesting story), and led me to reflect on the link between passion and learning. M’lady’s co-worker is a fan of good butter. I was able to view a picture of her refrigerator, and the assortment of butters rivals what you might see in a fine grocery! We did a tasting between the ordinary butter we ordinarily purchase and this special butter. The difference was noticeable.

Sample 110

Four LXP Trends to Look for in 2020


Today’s organizations are seeking intuitive learning solutions that offer exceptional user experience and quickly upskill employees. Many companies are finding that the learning experience platform (LXP) is just the ticket for delivering unique training that meets the learning needs of every staff member. The expanding LXP market, which is growing at a rate of at least 50 percent annually, is proof of this. Employee Training Learning Experience Platform LXP