Wed.Mar 20, 2019

connected thinking

Harold Jarche

“… it’s easy, and it’s seductive, to assume that data is really knowledge. Or that information is, indeed, wisdom. Or that knowledge can exist without data. And how easy, and how effortlessly, one can parade and disguise itself as another.

Data 233

Better Benchmarking

Clark Quinn

I was on a phone conversation and was asked whether I compared my clients against others in the business to help them figure out where they’re at. E.g. do I offer my partners the chance to benchmark. And after a bit of thought, I said that no, I didn’t, and explained why.

3 Business Benefits of Adding Sales Training to Tech Employee Onboarding Programs


For a tech company, offering formal employee onboarding is part of gaining an advantage in a highly competitive industry. Sixty-seven percent of high-performing companies have a structured new-hire onboarding process,” stated a contributor to¹