Wed.Jan 17, 2018

Origins & acknowledgements

Dave Snowden

It was satisfying to find my name on Brian Castellani’s updated map of the Complexity Sciences. The map is used a lot, especially in wikipedia and it is an academic acknowledgement of the status of the work overall.

Gender Pay Discrimination: Point B

Nine Shift

There's outright unethical and illegal gender pay discrimination against women that has to be stopped. But then there is Point B: complex, unresolved issues about gender and pay. . Claire Miller and the NYTimes like to scream 'discrimination' wherever they can, or can't, including nursing.

coffee, communities, and condescension

Harold Jarche

Last month I started a coffee club so that subscribers to this blog could purchase the equivalent of a cup of coffee for me each month. This week we had our first online video conference with five participants.

Developing Decisions

Clark Quinn

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that one thing I do in getting objectives is focus on decisions. And, simple ones will get automated; we can train AI to handle these. What will make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary organizations is the ability to make decisions in this new VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). And it made me wonder how you develop the ability to make better choices.

Awash in a sea of truth

Euen Semple

It is so easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information that we are bombarded with these days. I still maintain that a well managed combination of social networks can help to filter this incoming information but within those networks people can slog it out between polarised views and working out "the truth" about the various complex issues affecting us these days doesn't get easier.

List 100

Nonprofit Book Review: Social Startup Success – A Must Read for 2018

Beth Kanter

One of my favorite activities is to do a networking walk on The Dish trail, a five mile somewhat challenging hike adjacent to the Stanford University campus, a location where Silicon Valley start up entrepreneurs have famously walked and made deals or come up with great ideas.