Mon.Mar 01, 2021

nature favours large social groups that network their information

Harold Jarche

Knowing how to get the answers you need is more important than storing those answers in your head, especially with the shorter lifespan of knowledge these days. What you find when you look something up is probably current. What you already know is more and more likely to be out of date.

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Introduction to Linda

Dave Snowden

Joining the Cynefin Centre in last November felt serendipitous in many ways. I felt that the focus of the Centre tied together so many of my interests that had been culminating over the last few years. .

A toast to the fools standing high on broadcasting’s hill

Doc Searls

In Winter, the cap of dark on half the Earth is cocked to the north. So, as the planet spins, places farther north get more night in the winter. In McGrath, Alaska, at close to sixty-three degrees north, most of the day is dark. This would be discouraging to most people, but to Paul B.

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