Wed.Jan 20, 2021

Looking back at the Acorn Study; Part 2: A background to the patterns

Dave Snowden

Almost every SenseMaker collection, no matter what it is, contains some garden-variety multiple-choice questions. These may appear simple, but they can often be deceptively tricky.

Driving Content Management ROI Across the Extended Enterprise


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retrieving the cooperative imperative

Harold Jarche

The biggest challenges facing us today are climate change and environmental degradation. The current pandemic is a symptom of these situations.

An apophatic view of leadership

Dave Snowden

There is some continuity here with yesterday’s post on the mystical, or ineffable aspects of human sense-making. Aporetic theology is a form of knowledge by negation, a via negationis in which we can know what something is not but not truly what it is.

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