Thu.Jan 10, 2019

Executive Assistants Are The Epitome Of Class

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: In this episode, Dan Pontefract highlights the incredible support, savviness, and abilities of the executive assistant. Love Based Leadership provides insights, thoughts, stories and truth. Dan's Related Posts: Are You Empathetic?

Class 130

High School Leads with New Grading Policy

Nine Shift

A high school in Idaho is leading the way with a new grading policy. Of course the school board and school officials are meeting resistance from students and parents who have no idea about the research and evidence. But that's ok. Someone has to lead, to try, to fail before new grading finally wins for everyone in society. Here's the story. Rocky Mountain Principal Mike Hirano said the school already had the gears in motion to make these changes.

Fear, and loss of control

Euen Semple

We love the idea that we have control over our lives and the world around us. A lot of work goes into maintaining this fiction. How much time and effort is spent in business attempting to convince ourselves that we know what is going to happen next and the reasons why? But do we? How many ten year, even five year, strategies come to pass as so confidently predicted? How many carefully spreadsheeted cashflow predictions turn out exactly as planned?