Sun.Apr 21, 2019

The Push and Pull of Paradox

John Hagel

Paradox is everywhere We just have to see it But first we must look And want to see But we don’t. We crave understanding And simplicity. Paradox makes us uncomfortable. We want order And harmony. And paradox challenges that. We push paradox Out of sight. But if we’re driven to learn, Paradox has powerful pull. Paradox can propel us To new levels. It invites us to explore And challenges our beliefs. How can two opposites be true? But we must be willing To evolve.


Lag time

Euen Semple

It is disconcerting how often ideas that I have been banging on about, for years in some cases, are only now beginning to emerge in mainstream media and podcasts. I list them here for handy reference: We all have a volume control on mob rule. The future is too important to leave to technologists. The ideology of algorithms is an inescapable challenge that we all have to address. We can all change our worlds, one conversation at a time. And of course, Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do

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