Mon.Mar 19, 2018

The Vital Role of Culture in Business

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

we don’t need no stinking hierarchies

Harold Jarche

When we think of management we usually think of control over others. Management decides. Taylor in the early 20th century saw management as the necessary controlling layer in order to systematize work and make it efficient and so developed his Principles of Scientific Management.

How Print Newspapers Can Survive and Thrive

Nine Shift

Last night I watched the great movie "The Post," about the Washington Post in 1971, during the days of linotype machines and hot metal and the special language of copy editors. .

Right up my street

Euen Semple

I don't write much about my various projects here. It's easier in terms of confidentiality and I am always always a little put off when people broadcast about every project. I am really looking forward to the two talks I am doing at [Unleash][1] this Wednesday (after ten years working with them as HR Tech I am still having to learn not to call them that!)

A Good University That Almost Lost its Accreditation

Nine Shift

While flunking colleges and universities retain their accreditation, here's a good university doing work that no other college or university is doing. And it almost lost its accreditation a few months ago. . Chicago State University, an historically black university, is #9 in the nation in graduating African Americans in pharmacy. Number 9. In the nation. It is #6 in the nation in graduating African Americans in another health profession. Number 6. In the nation. .