Tue.Oct 20, 2020

What is wrong with (higher) education?

Clark Quinn

I was having a conversation with a colleague, sparked by dropping enrollments in unis. Not surprisingly, we ended up talking about flaws in higher education. He suggested that they don’t get it, and I agreed. He was thinking that they get the tech, but not the learning.

Around Asia with Cynefin – Agile in India, with Naresh Jain

Dave Snowden

Naresh Jain is an internationally recognised Technology & Product Development Expert. He started the Agile movement in India by creating the Agile Software community of India. In our conversation, we discuss the way he has implemented safe-to-fail experiments in his own start-ups, and how he has managed constraints to create interesting outcomes. With the Cynefin Framework as backdrop, we also discuss Naresh’s projection for the future of Agile.

3 Tips to Stop the Pandemic From Negatively Impacting Employee Training


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, some companies have put employee training on the backburner. COVID-19 has taxed company leaders and added many new tasks to their daily to-do lists. In these cases, employee training will inevitably suffer. This is a mistake that companies can avoid.

Tips 56