Mon.Apr 23, 2012

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Keynote at TheNextWeb: The future is motion graphic presentations

Ross Dawson

I am giving keynotes this Wednesday at TheNextWeb CxO Summit and on Friday at TheNextWeb Conference.

Video 126

Overthinking and Creativity - Think Like Child

Eide Neurolearning

From Life Hacker , look at the puzzle to the left. How long does it take you to solve? Preschoolers solve in 5-10 min, whereas programmers take an hour.

To learn, we must do

Harold Jarche

As I was preparing to start our online PKM workshop last night, I came across one of the best articles that I have read in a long while that reflects the value of what the PKM framework supports. Anne Adrian, in My own serendipitous opportunities , talks about her experiences in online sense-making.

The Rise of MOOCs

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Responses to interview questions posed by Kevin Charles Redmon, Independent Journalist and Middlebury Fellow in Environmental Journalism 1. Are MOOCs an idea that were floating around the halls of universities for some time now, or was the first one in 2008 really a watershed moment? Many of the ideas that go into a MOOC were around before CCK08 but that course marks the first time the format came together.

[2b2] Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 50 years later

David Weinberger

The Chronicle of Higher Ed asked me to write a perspective on Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions since this is the 50th year since it was published. It’s now posted


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Factoid of the day: National priorities edition

Dan Pink

“As a result of the [tax] code’s growing complexity, Americans spent a total of 7.64 billion hours in 2010 negotiating tax-related paperwork—more than twice the working time of all the elementary school teachers in the U.S.” ” (Source: The Week , citing ). Factoids

Lives and times

Doc Searls

Music was a huge part of my life when I was growing up. It’s still big, but not the same. My life today does not have a soundtrack. As a kid my life was accompanied by music from start to finish. At that finish was another start, as a grown-up.

Video 11

The Tribulations of Customer Service with Opera

Luis Suarez

Kapp’s Gamification for Learning and Instruction

Clark Quinn

Karl Kapp’s written another book, this time on gamification , and I certainly liked his previous book with Tony O’Driscoll on Virtual Worlds. This one’s got some great stuff in it too, and some other ideas that raise some hackles. Let me get one of the quibbles out of the way at the start: I hate the title “The Gamification of Learning and Instruction” (to the point I previously wrote a post arguing instead for ‘ engagification ‘).