Tue.Oct 15, 2019

countering populism

Harold Jarche

I would say that populism is the first refuge of a scoundrel and a literate, engaged, and networked citizenry gives no such refuge. But education alone is not the answer to the constant outrage we are witnessing as many societies polarize on political lines. Even highly educated people can be bigots, racists, and misogynists. Society’s answer to populism is not a return to the old ways, nor an ironic post-modern shrug, but rather a new meta-modernity — multi-layered, relational, and global.

Mobile Learning: Anytime, Anywhere


Mobile learning, also called M-learning, is any type of content that is developed or consumed on mobile devices, such as on smartphones and tablets. This can be anything from podcasts to taking a full eLearning course. According to Pew Research , virtually all Americans – 96%, currently own some kind of cellphone. This percentage has increased by 35% since 2011. Regardless of the industry, organizations need to pay attention to these numbers and make their content mobile ready. Today's Learner.


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4 Quick Tips for Improving Nonprofit Training


Training is crucial for employees across all industries -- especially those in the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit leaders, especially executive directors, have to serve many roles from finance, governance, and human resources to marketing & PR, fundraising, program development and more,” per Society for Nonprofits. 1 “There are very few who come to these nonprofit leadership positions with all the knowledge and experience necessary to handle each of these diverse roles with ease.”

Tips 43

Supporting Continuous Learning from the Daily Work (Online Workshop)

Jane Hart

Next public workshop runs: 21 October – 29 November 2019 Although L&D departments have traditionally focused on training people to do their jobs, research tells us that most of what employees learn at work happens as they do their job – it’s just that they are not aware of it or make the most of it. […]. Modern Workplace Learning