Tue.Aug 04, 2020

Curious about Curiosity

Clark Quinn

When you’re looking into motivation, particularly for learning, certain elements get mentioned again and again. So I’ve heard ‘relevance’, ‘ meaningfulness ‘, consequences, and more. Friston suggests that we learn to minimize surprise. One I’ve heard, and wrestled with, is curiosity. It’s certainly aligned with surprise. So I’ve been curious about curiosity. Tom Malone, in his Ph.D.

Time for advertising to call off the dogs

Doc Searls

Is this the way you want your brand to look? Digital advertising needs to sniff its own stench, instead of everybody’s digital butts. A sample of that stench is wafting through the interwebs from the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media , an ad industry bullphemism for yet another way to excuse the urge to keep tracking people against their wishes (and simple good manners) all over the digital world.

Dan Reads! Lesson #1: Be Relatable – LEAD. CARE. WIN. Excerpt

Dan Pontefract

Dan reads from Chapter 1 of LEAD. his 4th book. The post Dan Reads! Lesson #1: Be Relatable – LEAD. Excerpt appeared first on Pontefract Group. leadership

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