Fri.Mar 02, 2012

A Data Scientist You’ve Never Heard of Is Now the Master of Your Domain

Andy McAfee

You’d imagine that Allstate is pretty good by now at predicting which kinds of cars are most likely to get into accidents, wouldn’t you? After all, this is kind of what they do for a living, and they’ve got over 80 years of experience doing it.

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Social Networking and Going Back to Basics

Luis Suarez

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Working Smarter in Social Business

Jay Cross

If you’re not plugged in and running fast at work, you’re falling behind. Continuous improvement. Business people face more and more novel situations every day. You have to be learning continuously to deal with the onslaught of unfamiliar, complex problems.

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How A Small Nonprofit Effectively Used Facebook Ads

Beth Kanter

A fitting tribute to Alan Turing

Mind Hacks

Nature has just published a fantastic Alan Turing special issue commemorating 100 years since the birth of the artificial intelligence pioneer, code-breaker and mathematician. It’s a really wonderful edition, available to freely read online, and accompanied by a special podcast that talks to his biographer about Turing’s famous 1936 paper on computable numbers, his contribution to cracking the German Enigma ciphers, and his thoughts on machine intelligence.

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Creating New Leaders for the 21st Century

Jay Cross

Creating New Leaders for the 21st Century (1). Creating New Leaders for the 21st Century (2). Unmanagement


[2b2k] TIL: Edward Jenner’s smallpox paper was rejected by the Royal Society

David Weinberger

Edward Jenner is credited as the discoverer — or perhaps inventor would be the more apt word — of vaccination as a technique to prevent smallpox. That’s pretty much all that I knew, except for the story about milkmaids who got cowpox not getting smallpox. But I just read a really interesting article about the history of small pox at the National Institute of Health, by Stefan Riedel. “TIL” is Reddit -speak for “Today I learned.”