Tue.Jan 08, 2019

citizen sensemaking

Harold Jarche

Finland has taken a private-sector initiative to introduce people to Artificial Intelligence and turned it into a state-supported program to train 1% of the population.

PKM 212

Confused Professor Asks Great Question about Shift #7

Nine Shift

The time for inventing the 21st century is over. It's now history. A confused university professor asked a great question about Shift #7, boys lead a change in values. We noted one of those new 21st century values boys first pioneered was collaboration.

A foolish inconsistency

Clark Quinn

Here, a foolish in consistency is the hobgoblin of my little mind. While there are some learnings in here (for me and others), it’s really just getting stuff off my chest. Feel free to move along. This is just a lack of consistency that I suggest is unnecessary and ill-conceived.

Getting annoyed

Euen Semple

One of the aims of mindfulness and practicing meditation is to get better at responding to things rather than reacting to them. To take calm, appropriate action when needed rather than to get bent out of shape because things aren't how we expect them to be. This isn't to say that you end up as some chilled out, passive, punch bag for the world.