Tue.Jan 07, 2020

Making transformation manifest

Clark Quinn

I’ve been on a ‘ transformation ‘ kick. And it occurs to me to think that it may be more marketing than meaning. One aspect is that we need to be making transformation manifest to our learners. The transformation I’m talking about is our learning experiences. That is, while we need to transform our practices and ourselves, here I’m talking about the outcomes of our design. I want the experience to be more than just mundane, I want it to be transformative.

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Why Customer Training is Important for Manufacturing Companies


Customer training isn’t just for tech companies. Manufacturers, in particular, have a lot to gain by prioritizing customer training. For example, manufacturing company Procter & Gamble created a free online university for anyone interested in the cleaning industry, including their customers, which includes at least 100 videos, courses, and webinars. 1 The online university features product training as well as practical cleaning tutorials.