Enterprise social technologies

Harold Jarche

I am presenting on enterprise social technologies, learning and performance at the Learning Technologies conference in London today. Download the checklist (PDF): Enterprise Collaboration Knowledge Sharing. SocialLearning Technology

Will fashion lead the next wave of technology? 8 insights into the future of fashion

Ross Dawson

Will the next big technology company come out of the fashion world? Perhaps the next technology giant will come from the fashion space. Technology will no longer be about devices but will dissolve into our environment, probably into our clothes more than anywhere.

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New Technology Supporting Informal Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Abstract We often talk about games, simulations and other events in learning, but these technologies support only episodic learning. Equally important are those technologies that provide a context for these learning episodes, an environment where students and interact and converse among themselves. Context Online learning today is beginning to be dominated by developments in games, simulations and related technologies. Implementing the Seven Principles: Technology as Lever.

Notes from Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training ITHET 2013, Antalya

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

A New Strategy for Higher Education and Training Shirley Alexander Some intro stuff about the buildings being built for the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Data Dashboard - download for android tablet or iOS - build their own applications, eg. Technology''s role. turns a perfect event into time- and space- independent mode - make optimal use of current technology for recording, storage, distribution, etc - provide added value: replay, searching, browsing, etc.

Online Community Purpose Checklist | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Technological Issues What kind of Internet access do most participants have? Are there any prohibitions about downloading and installing applications? I’m wondering if you have that as a downloadable document somewhere.

Skills for Learning Professionals…Part 2 | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Again, this is a combination of savvy use of technology, the combined application of scanning and filtering joined with the connective tissue of relationships and networks. 1) How do you learn about and learn to use new technologies? I have downloaded it to read.

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Do you really need all this personal information, @RollingStone?

Doc Searls

See “ Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies ” below for more information about how we collect and use this information. adtech advertising Business history Internet Journalism Law marketing Personal personal data publishing Technology VRM

Emerging Views on Diversity and Inclusion | Over the Seas

Kevin Wheeler

Thinking on the Edge We also look for out-of-the box thinkers – people on the edge of new technologies, new practices, and those uncovering new approaches to old issues. Free White Paper His white paper called “Being Competitive for Talent Means Being Serious About Inclusion,&# which you can download for free here , takes us through a valuable examination of what diversity and inclusion mean today.

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Attention Nonprofit #DataNerds: A Few Recent Research Studies on Data, Technology, Funding, and Trends

Beth Kanter

In the last few weeks, there have been a few good research studies and web sites relaunched that cover technology, data, funding, and trends. Here’s a roundup. Collaborative Technologies: Helping Funders Work Together Better. Download here. Technology for Good Report.

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Chapter 1 of Enterprise 2

Andy McAfee

New Collaborative Tools for your Organization’s Toughest Challenges available for download (after you give them a name and email address). Control Technology Choice, Not Technology Use Charles Babbage On The Cloud Change I Can’t Believe In Bravo, Amazon, for Kicking Out WikiLeaks Where the Silicon Meets the Road ‘Social Business’ is Past Retirement Age Home | About | RSS | Privacy Policy + Terms & Conditions

Blockchain and the Music Industry: Turning Pennies into Dollars

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Digital technologies, - t he Internet, smartphones, cloud computing, … - have literally turned dollars into pennies. Now , blockchain and related technologies may once more play a major role in the music industry, - this time helping to turn those pennies back into dollars.

New frameworks of 2011: Connected Success, Transformation of Business and Government, Crowdsourcing

Ross Dawson

Click on the image to download full-size pdf. Click on the image to download the complete framework as pdf. Click on the image to download the complete framework as pdf. I believe strongly in visual frameworks as a way of communicating and engaging with complex ideas.

The Coming Robotics Revolution

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The clever cover highlights the issue’s main theme, artificial intelligence and robotics, - a set of technologies that some fear could one day threaten our very existence. . Speculations about a future radically transformed by technology are nothing new.

Issues 199

Report: The Future of Back-to-School

Ross Dawson

With an eye on the future, Visa also explored how tomorrow’s technologies and innovations may address the challenges presented during the busy back-to-school period. You can download the full report by clicking on the image of the report cover below.

Report 218

Human Learning is Not About to Change Forever

Clark Quinn

So naturally I gave up my personal details to download a copy. I’m all for AR and VR, but saying that it puts learning in the hands of the students is a design issue, not a technology issue. The possibilities in virtual worlds to collaboratively create in 3D I still think is potentially cool, but even as the technology limitations come down, the cognitive limitations remain. We won’t have to learn: we’ll upload and download knowledge.

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The Future of Management

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The full issue can be downloaded here. . Technology and connectivity have disrupted industries and transformed the lives of billions. Complex Systems Economic Issues Innovation Management and Leadership Political Issues Society and Culture Technology and Strategy

Issues 232

Revisiting the Newspaper Extinction Timeline on its first anniversary

Ross Dawson

Click on image to download full framework. Click on image to download full framework. Future of media Social trends Technology trendsThe Newspaper Extinction Timeline below was launched one year ago today.

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My Thoughts: iBooks 2, iTunes U App & iBooks Author

Dan Pontefract

over 700 million downloads at iTunes U. If you think back to the late 80’s, through the 90’s and arguably at the onset of the new millennium, Apple was primarily an education technology company. I downloaded E.O. learning management system social social learning technology

The democratization of creativity: the most important aspect is greater human expression

Ross Dawson

However House of Radon also likes to create interesting videos for their own sake, and is perhaps best known for PressPausePlay , an 80 minute film available for free online, which explores the recent extraordinary democratization of creativity enabled by technology, and the implications.

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Top Tools for Learning

Harold Jarche

4 (9): Slideshare : A handy way to share presentations so that people can view them before or instead of downloading them. Learning Technology Jane Hart compiles a list every year of what people find to be their best web tools for learning. Voting closes on 27 September.

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Developmental robotics: the cute baby robot who will grow up to be just like you

Ross Dawson

All the source files and more can be downloaded from the RobotCub site. The field of developmental robotics is very exciting – we now have the fundamental technologies in place to make this a real discipline.

Why the Core77 Conference is About User Experience

Adaptive Path

The Core77 Conference speaker line up includes, among others, a UX lead at Google X, a wearable technology designer and a guy brazen enough to suggest that putting a floating swimming pool in the East River would be a great way to clean it up. The Integrated Technology Panel – Integrating Technology into our Daily Lives, at Two Levels. Adaptive Path Community Design Leaders Friends of Adaptive Path Conference Core77 Design New York Technology UX

Blockchain and the Music Industry: Turning Pennies into Dollars

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Digital technologies, - t he Internet, smartphones, cloud computing, … - have literally turned dollars into pennies. Now , blockchain and related technologies may once more play a major role in the music industry, - this time helping to turn those pennies back into dollars. But, the shift from physical to digital, and then from downloads to streaming have wreaked havoc on the business of music.

The latest in 3D printing trends: guns, ears, body parts, and now in your local store

Ross Dawson

Once the file is online, anyone will be able to download and print the gun in the privacy of their garage, legally or not, with no serial number, background check, or other regulatory hurdles. design Future of business Retail Technology trends

Trends 247

Meet the class of 2015

Jane Hart

Knowing who they are and how they use technology and social media is critical to your brand’s success. Download the full report – or visit the Meet2015.com website.

Class 189

Will Content Blocking push Apple into advertising’s wheat business?

Doc Searls

Apple’s iAds system actually uses lots of your information, including your iTunes purchasing history, location data, and any other download or library information it can suss out about you, to determine what ads you see. ” That’s very specific, and when Apple rolls out the full program, it’ll even be able to use things like iBooks purchases and iTunes movie and TV downloads to target you with advertising.

nigelpaine.com - Blog - Leading on Learning: A Line Manager's Guide

Nigel Paine

Technology. You can download it here. Links. Articles. Presentations. Photos. Discussions. Guestbook. Contact. Send Email. nigelpaine.com. Leadership. Learning. Links. Articles. Presentations. Photos. Discussions. Guestbook. Contact. Send Email. Navigation. Links. Articles. Presentations. Photos. Discussions. Guestbook. Contact. Send Email. More About This Website. Tweet. Visit the Learning and Skills Group. A List of My Links (small but perfectly formed). Kenny Fee.

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Usability and Networks

Clark Quinn

Now, I want to have an integrated experience across my devices, so I downloaded the Firefox versions for my iDevices as well. design technologyAs I mentioned in an earlier post , I have been using Safari and Google to traverse the networks. And in a comment, I mentioned that the recent launch of the new Firefox browser was prompting me to switch. And that’s now been put through a test, and I thought it instructive to share my learnings.

Top 10 Tools for Learning

Harold Jarche

9: Slideshare : An easy way to share presentations so that people can view them before or instead of downloading them. TechnologyJane Hart is asking for submissions to her annual Top 100 Tools for Learning. Please vote, in the next 10 days, before it closes for another year.

Tools 219

Mahid Abdulkarim at eLearning Africa.

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I hope it will show why technology means so much for a student like me. I managed to finish my subjects by downloading information online. Web sites need to enable easy downloads fo people with limite daccess. Summary of a talk by Mahid Abdulkarim at eLearning Africa.

12 Themes for 2012: what we can expect in the year ahead

Ross Dawson

Alternatively download the pdf of 12 Themes for 2012 (10.6MB). Now our anonymity is compromised further through extraordinary advances in facial recognition technology. As technology and information flows create more value we become increasingly dependent on them.

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Site Learnings

Clark Quinn

Then I could download the file, edit it, and re upload it. meta-learning technologySo I was talking with a colleague, who pointed out that my site wasn’t as optimized for finding as it could be, and he recommended a solution. Which led to an ongoing series of activities that have some learnings both at the technical and learning side. So I thought I’d share my learnings about sites.

Time for digital emancipation

Doc Searls

Or we buy our music and e-books from Amazon, which keeps records of what we own and allows downloading to a Kindle, computer, or phone. For that we need are first person technologies : ways to engage as equals on the open Net, including the feudal Web. Civilization is a draft.

Smart Things reloaded : A visual capture of the dicussion

Adaptive Path

You can view on Flickr , and download larger sizes.). Cruise on over to David’s company Sifteo and learn about Siftables : Conversations Events Friends of Adaptive Path Futures Physical Computing Technology TrendsOn December 8th, Adaptive Path hosted an event about Smart Things.

Revolutionary, Ordinary Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

While the Square technology is very cool indeed, Davidoff’s key point is the ordinary nature of the innovation in question. Its idea was not particularly new, but Square designed a simple but usable device, patented some of the underlying technology, leveraged other technology like the iPad and added some marketing. Such major lab-based disruptive technologies are at one end of the innovation spectrum.

owning your data

Harold Jarche

Using open source gives you freedom from vendors and ensures that you are not handcuffed to your technology provider. Twitter lets you download all your tweets (for now). OpenSource Technology

Data 140

Map of the Decade, ExaTrends of the Decade, and the Zeitgeist for 2011

Ross Dawson

You can download the pdf of the framework by clicking on any of the images. Now that biological and genomic technologies are largely driven by information technologies, they are on the same exponential trajectory. TECHNOLOGY AWAKENS.

Trends 285

Edging toward the fully licensed world

Doc Searls

All you get is some downloaded data and a highly restricted set of permissions for where and how you use that data, mostly within within the walled gardens provided by Amazon and the Content Providers. Broadcasting Business history Ideas infrastructure Links News Politics problems Technology

Launching my new book today! Getting Results From Crowds

Ross Dawson

The Getting Results From Crowds book website has a whole stack of resources, including: * Four free chapters for download. Crowdsourcing Entrepreneurship Future of business Future of media Future of work Social media Social trends Technology trends Web 2.0Today we are launching my new book Getting Results From Crowds: The definitive guide to using crowdsourcing to grow your business !

A (so far) suckless printer at a good price

Doc Searls

Really, Samsung should have the same installer downloadable from the Web. Personal problems Technology VRMIn my last post I said all printers suck — at least in my experience. YMMV, as they say.

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The Giant Zero

Doc Searls

When we call the Internet a “medium” through which “content” can “delivered” via “packets” we “uploaded,” “downloaded” between “producers” and “consumers” through “pipes,” we are using a transport frame. The world of distance. Fort Lee is the New Jersey town where my father grew up.

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Open Word—The Podcasting Story

Doc Searls

That app’s latest version is sadly and stupidly rigged to favor streaming from the cloud over playing already-downloaded podcasts, meaning you can no longer listen easily when you’re offline, such as when you’re on a plane. Also dumb: a new UI element—a little set of vertical bars indicating audio activity—that seems to mean both live playing and downloading. Overcast) do retain the already-downloaded feature, but work in different ways from other tools.

Qantas Business Radio: why crowdsourcing will drive the future of organizations

Ross Dawson

This month’s Qantas Business Radio has a technology focus, including interviews with Nick Leeder , Managing Director of Google Australia, Simon Hackett , Managing Director of Internode, Peter Williams , CEO of Deloitte Digital, Charis Palmer , Editor of Technology Spectator, Ian Hogg , CEO of FremantleMedia Australia, as well as myself. Future of business Social trends Technology trends Uncategorized