20% discount on Social Learning Handbook in August

Jane Hart

As I put the finishing touches to my new book, Modern Workplace Learning, that will be released on 1 October, I am offering a special 20% discount on my Social Learning Handbook 2014 during August. The price is now £12. The book is available in two formats from Lulu.com: as a paperback – where it will be printed […]. Social learning

Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts on MWL Workshops

Jane Hart

GMT Tuesday 28 November, 23% discount on the following 2 online workshops. From 9 a.m. GMT Friday 24 November through 9 a.m. Follow the links to find out more and sign up at the special prices. Supporting Continuous Independent Learning in the Workplace 15 January – 2 March 2018 In the modern … Social learning

Discount for London incubators at Crowdsourcing for Startups and Social Innovation workshop

Ross Dawson

Workshop discounts for London incubator members. Workshop registration is just £50, but we’d be happy to offer a £10 discount to members of any of London’s incubators. Just get in touch on the Ross Dawson website with the name of the incubator and we will set up a discount code for you and your fellow members. On 1 May I am running a half-day Crowdsourcing for Startups and Social Innovation workshop at Hub Westminster.

Special Discount on Nine Shift Conference Keynotes!

Nine Shift

And get a $2,000 discount, half-off, the price! We''re celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of NineShift. Have one of education''s leading futurists keynote your next conference. It''s our way of saying thanks to NineShifters for a great ten years, and a great century.

KM World - discount offer to readers

Dave Snowden

More on that next week, but for the moment readers of this blog are entitled to a discount on attendance - details below. to attend KMWorld Conference at a $200 discount. Here is a special discount URL to send out. The discounts are automatically calculated on this webform: [link]. Exciting things this year at KM World.

UX Week 2009 – Register today for the discounted price!

Adaptive Path

Today is the last day to register for UX Week 2009 and receive the discounted early bird price. And if you use the discount code BLOG, you’ll get an extra 10% off! Quick note. You can register for single days, or the whole shebang. We’ve got a remarkable program, including presentations by: Matias Duarte, Dir of UX at Palm, talking about the Pre (see him speak at CES). Aaron Forth, Director of UX at Mint.com.

Cognitive Edge announces training courses for 2016 – Working with Complex Problems

Dave Snowden

Book now for the Early Bird discount, saving US$135. Discounts. As on all our courses, there are discounts for groups attending the courses (book three people and a fourth can attend free), for academics, NGOs and Premium Cognitive Edge network members.

Our final UX Intensive for 2009 – Discount reg ends next week

Adaptive Path

Register by September 30 for the discounted price of $1,995 for all four days, or $595 per combination of single days. Adaptive Path returns to Washington, D.C. after being away for more than 2 years), with our UX Intensive workshop November 2-5. This is our last event in 2009, and our only event on the East Coast this year.

Sense-making for success

Harold Jarche

The next Online Personal Knowledge Management Workshop starts 28 October, with discounted prices for early sign-up. image by @gapingvoid. Once upon a time … By the second decade of the 21st century, the nature of work had changed.

Adaptive Path 2014 Conferences & Workshops: End of Year Registration Sale

Adaptive Path

The scoop: register for any of our events by January 6th, 2014 and we’ll take 15% off the currently (already steeply discounted) early bird prices. Payment must be received by January 31st, 2014 for the current early bird prices and the end of the year discount to apply.

Extending Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling to Experience Design

Adaptive Path

Discount the 1st thing that comes to mind. Pixar is a creative organization we often draw inspiration from. Aerogramme Writers’ Studio recently captured a list of Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling , a list originally tweeted by Emma Coats , Pixar’s Story Artist.

Design 148

Book(s) Giveaway: Nonprofit Social Media Road Map

Beth Kanter

UPDATE: The free copies were snatched up quickly, but you can use the discount code “BETH” to purchase the book at a discount - [link]. Source: Noland Hoshino - Pinterest Board. My colleagues Noland Hoshino , Zan McColloch-Lussier , and Ash Shepherd have put together a nifty social media guide.

Adaptive Path 2015 Conferences & Workshops: End of Year Registration Sale

Adaptive Path

The scoop: register for any of our events by January 5th, 2015 and we’ll take 15% off the currently (already steeply discounted) early bird prices. Payment must be received within 30 days of registration for the current early bird prices and the end of the year discount to apply.

The Quinnov 8: An online course

Clark Quinn

With their usual discounts, it should be darn near free ;). Ok, so I told you the story of the video course I was creating on what I call the Quinnov 8, and now I’ll point to it. It’s available through Udemy, and I’ve tried to keep the price low. Certainly no more than a few cups of coffee. It’s about an hour of video of me talking, with a few diagrams and text placeholders. I’ve included quizzes for each of the content sections.

Cognitive Biases in Times of Uncertainty

John Hagel

  In times of high uncertainty, we all have a natural tendency to magnify risk and discount reward. And time becomes much too uncertain when risk and return perceptions magnify risk and discount returns.   They lead us to further magnify risk and discount potential rewards.   Rather than magnifying risk and discounting rewards, opportunity based narratives help to make long-term rewards more tangible.

PKM Workshop 2013

Harold Jarche

Discounted rates are available to the first 20 participants, so sign up early. There are a few ways to develop skills to be an effective sharer of knowledge in a networked enterprise.

PKM 86

How To Use Microsoft Technology To Supercharge Your Fundraising

Beth Kanter

The cloud services used by these nonprofits are provided by Microsoft Philanthropies , on a donated and discounted basis. SOS Children’s Villages International uses cloud technology to help fundraise for children in need. Photo courtesy of SOS Children’s Villages International.

The Eye Chart Analogy Of Corporate Org Charts

Dan Pontefract

If a leader discounts that there are letters toward the bottom of the eye chart, no doubt it will become a recipe for employee disengagement. If you look at this graphic I mashed up long enough, it begins to make sense.

Mobile Payments - a Long, Relentless War of Attrition

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Some gas stations offer discounts when buying gas with their app, which requires paying directly with a checking account through ACH. SmartPay , for example, offers a 10 cent discount per gallon. Apple Pay was launched in September of 2014.

SWITCH festival shows the power and potential of cross-industry collaboration

Ross Dawson

There are already 150 participants and limited remaining places, but individual tickets are available until 23 August for a 50% discount using the code SWITCHVIP. I first met Mark Zawacki when I did the opening keynote at the ANZA Technology Conference in Silicon Valley in 2004, and Mark was also a speaker at the event. Mark has since founded the highly-regarded corporate accelerator 650Labs , which helps leading global corporates to drive innovation.

The Best Times To Post To Social Media: Introducing the Burrito Principle

Beth Kanter

The conference offers lots of opportunities to learn many practical tips for social media from a wide range of experts, like colleague Kivi Leroux Miller. (If you register, use can save $25 by using the discount code “Beth”). Flickr Photo: Mr. T in DC.

Meanwhile, in the Exciting World of Adaptive Path Events…

Adaptive Path

We are feeling especially warm and fuzzy today, so we are offering a 15% discount with the code: BLOG for both of these events. 2014 has been quite a busy year for Adaptive Path Events! Starting with MX in SF, continuing on to UXI in Dublin, Experience Mapping in Austin, Seattle and Chicago, and most recently, coming home for UX Week! We’ve definitely racked up the frequent flyer miles and shared our expertise with thousands of people all over the world. Feel like you missed out?

Only people can let knowledge flow

Harold Jarche

If it is mandated, or if my networks are used, misused or discounted, then I’d question why I’m even working there. The knowledge sharing paradox is that while sharing our knowledge is good for the organization, each individual has to see a personal benefit as well.

Measure what’s important

Jay Cross

That’s what investors expect to get back if Google continues to innovate and improve , discounted for the time value of money and risk. Perhaps some IP and proprietary processes can be sold off at a discount but you can’t count on it.

3rd Annual End of the Year Events Sale

Adaptive Path

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Is 70:20:10 valid?

Jay Cross

Learning discounted cash flow is unlike learning to counsel a troubled employee. Successful managers learn three to four times as much from experience as from interaction with bosses, coaches, and mentors. And they learn about twice as much from those conversations as in classrooms and formal learning programs. The shorthand label for this viewpoint is “70:20:10.”

Getting Hands On: Experience Mapping Workshops Coming to SF & Austin

Adaptive Path

Use the promo code ‘BLOG’ when registering for a 10% discount. Last summer, we published our (free) Guide to Experience Mapping in which we provide a succinct overview of the value and process of collaboratively mapping customer experiences.

Latest data: Retailers shift to social media and online

Ross Dawson

17% use social media to publicize special offers or discounts. - I am at a media briefiing by cloud-based ERP provider NetSuite at the very nice Quay restaurant in Sydney. In addition to the interesting presentation by CEO Zach Nelson on the state of NetSuite, we have been given no less than 7 press releases, so a big news day for the company. One of these was the key findings from Frost & Sullivan of Australian retailers, conducted in October 2011.

Data 65

Why PKM?

Harold Jarche

For more information on individual PKM development, see the PKM in 40 Days online workshop (discount until 30 April). Here is a short video introduction on why personal knowledge mastery ( PKM ) is becoming a required skill and mindset for professionals today.

PKM 146

Business Social Media Benefits

Clark Quinn

If you are interested in attending, using my discount code ‘CQ11′, will get you a 10% discount. For the Australasian Talent Conference that will run in Sydney May 24-26 (where I’m speaking), they’ve been drumming up interest with a press release. As a consequence, I’ve been doing some interviews, some live, some via email.

Imperial College in showdown with closed-access journals

David Weinberger

NPG claims that the rise in fees was due to the reduction of a discount from 88% to 50%. Felix Online, the online news of Imperial College in the UK, reports (in an article by Kadhim Shubber) that Deborah Shorley, Director of the Imperial College London Library, is threatening to end the library’s subscriptions to journals published by Elsevier and Wiley Blackwell , two of the major publishers in the UK.

BBC Column: Psychological self-defence for the age of email

Mind Hacks

Hyperbolic discounting is another feature of how we’re wired to think about rewards. Discounting is the diminishing value of rewards as they get further away in time. That discounting is hyperbolic means a reward that is very close gets drastically more attractive. Hyperbolic discounting is why people will pay money to pick up today’s news, but won’t even bend down to pick up yesterday’s news. My latest column for BBC Future.

Online Community Management (Workshop)

Jane Hart

There is a 10% discount for purchase of 10 or more places (not necessarily on the same workshop/challenge). Next public online workshop runs: 30 MAY – 24 JUNE. Setting up and running an online community takes time and effort.

Grow your business faster! Crowdsourcing and Crowd Business Models workshops in Sydney

Ross Dawson

The event is co-organized by NSW Business Chamber , which is offering discounts to its members. Following the launch and fantastic response to Getting Results From Crowds we will be running a series of workshops around the world on creating value using crowds and crowdsourcing. The first ones will be in Sydney on April 16, followed by a number to be announced shortly in Europe and the US (see our call for crowdsourcing workshop partners ).

7- Step Non-Profit Plan to Attract and Keep Corporate Partners

Beth Kanter

Be sure to enter the discount code: SIMON to receive 50% of the ticket price. Be sure to enter the discount code: SIMON to receive 50% of the ticket price.

PKM and small business

Harold Jarche

If any small business owners are interested, I will gladly offer a discount. There is one group that probably has the most need for professional development but has the least time – owners of small businesses. My parents owned a small business. They worked seven days a week.

PKM 74

Informal Learning Blog

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Get Your Learn on: Register Now, Save Big on 2012 Events

Adaptive Path

Register now and we'll give you a 15% discount on top of the early bird prices. Payment must be received by January 31, 2012 for the current December early bird prices and RNSB discount to apply. Every year at this time we get a little giddy. For the Adaptive Path events team and all of our colleagues who help program, participate and promote, it marks a super busy time when we have all three of our major events in full planning mode.

Radical Management – A Different Kind of CEO

Luis Suarez

During the course of yesterday, my good friend, the always insightful Ana Silva was wondering, over in Twitter , and in her own blog, too!, under the heading “ The Cluetrain Manifesto on art, work and life “, about potential new books to read during the summer vacation.

Learning Design isn’t for the wimpy

Clark Quinn

There’re formal processes call Cognitive Task Analysis when you need them, but a ‘discount CTA’ approach (analogous to Nielsen’s ‘ discount usability ‘) would be appropriate in many cases.Such an approach includes getting some really good examples of both successes and failures of the task under consideration, and working hard to extract the principles that guide success.