The updated C4LPT Directory of Learning & Performance Tools & Services

Jane Hart

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT) Directory of Learning & Performance Tools has been completely updated and revised, and each tool now has its own entry. It also includes new Like buttons for you to rate the tools and platforms listed. It has also been expanded to include a Services category – for both […]. Social learning

Learning Tools Directory 2011

Jane Hart

I’ve just spent the last few days overhauling the Learning Tools Directory. So I’ve just rebuilt this year’s Directory – which still lists well over 2,00o tools. Over the last year there has been quite a lot of change one way or another in terms of tools.

Free online courses directory

David Weinberger

Here’s a list of free college courses available online , much of it open courseware. It’s a loooong list, I’m happy to say. Here’s a related post.

Informal Learning Blog » Stanford Blog Directory

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

1,000+ Learning & Performance Tools

Jane Hart

Here are the links to the pages in my Directory of Learning & Performance Tools , which lists over 1,000 tools in 4 main categories as shown below. Looking for some new ideas for tools to support your work? Want to add or amend a tool’s details? You can do so here. What are your favourite tools for learning? Voting is now open in this year’s Top Tools for Learning survey. Please share your own. INSTRUCTIONAL TOOLS. E-Learning Authoring Tools.

Tools 113

Skype in the Classroom

Jane Hart

Skype in the classroom is a free online directory for teachers everywhere who want to use Skype to bring education to life. Skype in the classroom brings together a community of people and information to save teachers time and help them make the most of Skype and the international teaching community. Teachers create a profile [.]. Tools

SimplyBox – the future of organizational collaboration?

Jane Hart

When I was updating the Directory of Learning Tools for 2011, I reviewed each and everyone of the 2,000+ tools in the list. But there was one tool that jumped out at me as being importantly different: SimplyBox - described as “the only decentralized and contextual enterprise communication solution&#. There are a number of [.]. Tools

A new framework for supporting learning and performance in the social workplace

Jane Hart

The C4LPT Directory lists over 2,000 tools for learning and performance: . directory-of-learning-performance-tools/. Here is an updated version (V3) of the WSD Framework with more charts and descriptions, and now available as a PDF to download under a Creative Commons Licence.

Categorizing mLearning

Clark Quinn

An interesting other cut is that you can do something contextual for any or all of these areas as well: you could provide a contextually relevant or local directory of mentors for formal social or collaborators for performance support.

Open Source eLearning Tools

Tony Karrer

Probably one of the better sources on this is Jane Hart’s Instructional Tools Directory. I was just asked about trends in open source for eLearning and particularly open source eLearning tools. You can find a long list of tools broken into authoring tools, games/simulations, quiz/test tools, social media, delivery platforms, tracking and whether they support mobile. In addition, she indicates if they are free or cost money – which is not quite the same thing as open source.

How to rescue radio

Doc Searls

What used to be called Radio (iTunes’ collection of webcasting radio stations), which had already been pushed down one directory level to “Music,” is now available only under a new button called “Internet.” Radio used to be wireless audio on a broadcast band. That’s still the short version of every dictionary definition. But now radio is streamed audio.

JZ on the FB “leak” of 100M names

David Weinberger

Jonathan Zittrain [twitter: zittrain ] explains the Facebook directory “leak,&# which turns out not to be a leak at all

Questions from and for the Digital Public Library of America workshop

David Weinberger

Fortunately, most are not intractable, but all are difficult to resolve and, some, to implement: Should the DPLA aggregate content or be a directory? But maybe it should be more of a directory. But being a directory is not as glamorous or useful. I got to attend the Digital Public Library of America ‘s first workshop yesterday. It was an amazing experience that left me with the best kind of headache: Too much to think about! Too many possibilities for goodness!

gRSShopper Setup Log

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I created a secret data directory and placed a file in it called multisite.txt This file contains the database information for the website. to set the database values, or define the multisite.txt script location at the head of (or it defaults to /cgi-bin/data/multisite.txt ) (Note for later use - the capcha table is also located in the data directory) 11. Changed the value of Data Directory to the location of my secret data file.

Jake McAuley and an insanely large compendium of 2.0 sites

Mark Oehlert

If that's not 2.0-ish for you, check out the directory which Go2Web20 created and posted via Scribd. WEB2~Directory~V2 - Upload a Document to ScribdHoly Social Media Batman! So you say you want some 2.0? Wel, Go2Web20 is just this mind-bendingly large collection of 2.0 sites. Incredible work.

Measuring the Impact of Your Nonprofit Program

Beth Kanter

Check out B Lab’s directory and choose someone with a solid background and who understands your industry/sector, geographic focus, and target population. A few months ago, I facilitated a mini-innovation lab on measuring impact for grantees of the Google Nonprofit program at the Impact Hub.

7 critical aspects of Tibbr’s big step forward for enterprise social software

Ross Dawson

The use of LDAP to access existing internal directories means that people do not need to populate profile pages, overcoming the hurdle that many corporate social networks have stumbled over. Earlier this week I gave the opening keynote at the Sydney launch of Tibbr , the new social enterprise offering from TIBCO. I hope to have the video of my presentation up before long.

Dear Apple, please make exporting “unmodified originals” easier. Thanks.

Doc Searls

One is to use Image Capture , which will import them directly to whatever directory you like.

Supporting Work

Clark Quinn

When we have an information need, we might need directories to people with various expertise (associated with Communities of Practice, presumably). A number of years ago, I discussed a valued model that talks about how we solve problems in the world.

Working Smarter: Most popular posts of 2011

Jay Cross

Learning Tools Directory 2011 , February 7, 2011. Best of Working Smarter Daily. January 1, 2011 to December 17, 2011.

Content as Icebergs

Doc Searls

It presumed a directory structure, inherited from Unix (e.g. (Cross posted from this at Facebook). In Snow on the Water I wrote about the ‘low threshold of death” for what media folks call “content” — which always seemed to me like another word for packing material. But its common parlance now. For example, a couple days ago I heard a guy on WEEI, my fave sports station in Boston, yell “Coming up! Twenty-five straight minutes of content!”

A Review of SAP Jam

Dan Pontefract

Internet Time Blog » reQall

Jay Cross

Thinking Social

Clark Quinn

However, it is a starting point for thinking about when you might want to provide access to a social resource, whether a directory of appropriate people, or consider providing communication tools.

Modernizing Hospital Experiences with KUIs

Adaptive Path

Interactions such as patient check-in, directory information, patient location, and describing symptoms at an urgent care need a more modern approach. Touch screen installations are by no means new. We have been using them in airports and ATMs for years now.

eLearning Startup Opportunities

Tony Karrer

As the number of options grow, the need for directories grows. I'm going to be moderating a CalTech MIT Enterprise Forum that looks at Entrepreneurial Opportunities in eLearning - basically where do we mutually see a good opportunity to create a successful eLearning Startup.

Enabling JavaScript to read files on your drive via Dropbox: A “Where I went wrong” puzzle.

David Weinberger

I tried figuring out how to set up a virtual directory , but the initial efforts failed and monkeying with apache files scares me. No directory browsing for you! (To <script type=”text/javascript” src=” /js/Your_File_Name.js”></script> Create a subfolder in the directory where your HTML file is and name it “js” Using your favorite text editor create a file called whatever you want to call it, with a “js” extension.

Five years of editing Wikipedia

Dave Snowden

I and others argued that the lack of mention in the main directories and references mean that she isn't. At 1401 on the 12th August back in 2006 I made my first edit to the Wikipedia, all to the knowledge management article.

There is No Spoon: The Construct of Channels

Adaptive Path

I was interviewing a particular executive about their "mobile strategy," and when he was discussing what he was imagining they would be supporting, he discussed capabilities that could only be supported by a native application (harnessing sensors and accessing local directories).

Live Skype on Radio #ds106

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Alternatively, when you get to this point, just download the.dll directly from here and save it to your Audacity directory. It will save the required.dll files to the Winamp directory.

CCLD KSEN Workshop follow-up

Harold Jarche

Jane Hart’s Directory of Learning Tools 2011 (13 categories). Tweet We discussed social learning in the enterprise today with an interesting case study on social learning (without technology) by PwC. At the end of the day everyone was asked what pressing issue they would like to discuss for tomorrow. The questions were grouped into five areas, and I’ve added some resources for each: PKM. Article on PKM and working smarter through networked learning.

PKM 18

Inputs for an Article

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

But there is not yet a single directory that taps into the rich range of free an open learning opportunities on the web Brief quotable answers to a request for input to a forthcoming article on open online learning. Do you want to reduce the 'lurkers' as used in an article on your website for any reason? Which is to say, how can the courses be designed to minimise the drop-outs if at all There's no reason to reduce the number of lurkers.

No reputation measures is the critical flaw in the JOBS crowdfunding bill

Ross Dawson

Rafe Needleman did a nice analysis JOBS Act: 5 things to look forward to (and 5 to dread) in which he notes: Directories and “portals” of crowdfunding opportunities will be severely limited as to the information they can display to users, since they’ll be forbidden from making recommendations on investments. The JOBS crowdfunding Act is a great step forward, but the potential of the entire scheme is undermined by the lack of reputation measures.

Flickr to Pro customers: no change

Doc Searls

For example, I use four different Flickr accounts, each with its own photo directory: Doc Searls. Flickr has updated its service. For me, this appears in the form of index page copy that begins, Dear Doc, as a Pro member continue to enjoy the benefits of unlimited space, an ad free experience and stats. For non-paying users, there is this, from the index page as it appears on a browser that doesn’t know I’m a Pro member: Smile. Everyone gets a free terabyte. Biggr.

LinkedIn Guide for Knowledge Workers

Tony Karrer

Directory of Social Networks for Learning Professionals – Includes learning networks that are outside LinkedIn as well. I do a lot of presentations where one of the topics is how to use LinkedIn more effectively as part of your knowledge work. In most cases, I will ask for a show of hands: How many of you have a LinkedIn Account? Generally 50-70%. How many of you actively use LinkedIn? Generally down to 10%. How many of you get really high value from LinkedIn? -

Posting to WordPress without WordPress

David Weinberger

That means the directory from which I’m running my JavaScript and PHP is on my hard drive. Put it in the same directory as your PHP script. If it’s in the same directory as this HTML file, you don’t have to monkey with a path name. Perhaps you’d like to post to your WordPress blog from an app that isn’t WordPress. I know I do. I write most of my posts in an editor (javascript + php) I’ve worked on for over ten years.

Earth to Mozilla: Come back home

Doc Searls

The other was something called “directory tiles” that will appear on Firefox’s start page.

Jive 103

Bring on The Live Web

Doc Searls

The Web does have a rudimentary directory with the Domain Name Service (DNS), but beyond that, everything to the right of the first single slash is a big “whatever”. Lately podcasting (with OPML-organized directories) has come into the mix as well.


Jay Cross

Yammer also serves as a company directory in which every employee has a profile and as a knowledge base where past conversations can be easily accessed and referenced. If you’re assembling a far-flung collaborative team or bringing together a community of practice, here’s a way to help people stay connected. Yammer is like a private Twitter. Instead of Twitter’s question, “What are you doing?&# , Yammer asks “What are you working on?&#.

Your Twitter security is an egg, not an onion

Martijn Linssen

Maybe your PC has encrypted files or directories you cant access without every single time having to enter your 64-bit 72 character long illegible and secret password Highly likely, none of that applies to you. Business or Pleasure? -