Designing with science

Clark Quinn

How should we design? Design for How People Learn (Dirksen). Ideally, with your sample population. Of course, it may be that in the process of just designing both that you have some insight. The post Designing with science appeared first on Learnlets.

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Designing Microlearning

Clark Quinn

Earlier, I wrote about designing microlearning, but what I was really talking about was the design of spaced learning. So how should you design the type of microlearning I really feel is valuable? The design process, then, would be to identify the model guiding the performance (e.g. The post Designing Microlearning appeared first on Learnlets. design mobileYesterday, I clarified what I meant about microlearning.

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Is Wikipedia getting too hard? A random sampling

David Weinberger

Please note that this is an entirely unscientific, non-significant sampling. It is designed primarily to enable the separation of document content (written in HTML or a similar markup language) from document presentation (written in CSS). In baseball, the designated hitter rule is the common name for Major League Baseball Rule 6.10[1], A couple of weeks ago, I happened to come across a few Wikipedia articles that struck me as too hard.

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Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 6

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Here's a sample event page with the video: Figure 73 - Event Page Videos in Modules Now for the modules. Ethics I've just finished sending off the ethics review board (REB) documents for research ethics review.

Design 173

Design principles in DSS software

Dave Snowden

the next generation of Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning system for Singapore and as one of the main designers of 1.0 As such it accepts the problem of samples of one or less which is the reality of managing for uncertainty and creating resilience.

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 12

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I'm describing it Perl below, but you can perform every step of this using the sample API interface provided by Badgr called Swagger. The Badge API and Setting Up Badges This actually represents almost a week's worth of work.

Design 158

Learning Experience Design Strategy

Clark Quinn

On our weekly twitter learning fest, #lrnchat , I regularly identify myself as a learning experience design strategist. When you think about creating learning experiences, you are talking about design. You need a design process, tools, and good concepts around learning and engagement. Really, both my book on designing engaging learning experiences, and my forthcoming one on mobile learning, are at core about design. Tags: design strategy

Update: Designing mLearning

Clark Quinn

Well, it’s been a bit of a saga, but there are some new developments about my forthcoming: Designing mLearning: Tapping Into the Mobile Revolution for Organizational Performance. The good news is I’ve finally got a downloadable PDF sample of the book, including what I think is a clever cover design (caveat, my idea :), the ‘about the book’ section, Ellen Wagner ‘s gracious foreword, and the short section introduction and first chapter.

Design 152

[liveblog] Judith Donath on designing for sociality (“Social Machines”)

David Weinberger

I read it this weekend and it is a rich work that explores the ways in which good design can improve our online sociality. Judith begins by saying that the theme of the book is the importance of online social interaction and designing for it. She uses a Mark Twain story [" Was the World Made for Man? "] about an oyster’s point of view to remind us that online design isn’t really all that evolved. She came back from Japan trying to design a more useful display.

Design 151

Designing and Implementing MOOCs that Maximize Student Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

They present a unique design challenge. The majority engage in sampling behaviour – like the people in this webinar. A fun design challenge at Stanford has been to design MOOCs for reuse, by targeting local learning communities, eg. Can we design for learning in MOOCs?

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Razing barriers: on-demand customer input to design

Adaptive Path

The biggest barrier to human centered design is just getting it done. Which, of course, is often difficult to predict in the ambiguous design process. We were working on the interaction design of a very lengthy and specialized media submission tool.

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UX Week 2014 Workshops Preview

Adaptive Path

In short, we look for topics and activities that will arm experience designers with what they need to be better at what they do. There’s nothing like a good workshop for amping up a skill or gaining a new one.

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Evidence that "Retail Therapy" is Effective - Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton

Design school project teaches bike safety - The Stanford Daily Online. Tim Brown: Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. Bill Moggridge: Designing Interactions.   BPS Research reports a recent article containing a series of small studies that shows "retail therapy" does work -- at least in a sample of young American consumers.  Bob Sutton.

Do you want to DO design thinking? Start with the d.School's.

Bob Sutton

Design school project teaches bike safety - The Stanford Daily Online. Tim Brown: Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. Bill Moggridge: Designing Interactions. On the temptation to declare "email bankruptcy" » Do you want to DO design thinking? This compilation is intended as an active toolkit to support your design thinking practice. Bob Sutton.

Good Stuff While I was Gone | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Here is a sampling of stuff that has caught my eye, and why. And yes, the book IS coming along – at the designers now!)

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Huh? Uranium Ore on eBay.

Mark Oehlert

" Product Description: Radioactive sample of uranium ore. Uranium ore sample sizes vary. e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Generational Change in the U.S. Military (strategy+business) | Main | 2007 edublog winners announced!

Enterprise Learning & Digital Transformation

Jay Cross

Nine out of ten companies sampled by Altimeter are engaged in one or more digital transformation practices: These efforts are being championed by the Chief Marketing Officer, the CEO, and occasionally the CIO. Convergence Design Workscaping

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Pick my brain?

Clark Quinn

One had heard me speak about learning design, and one had heard about a workshop I’d given, but both contacted me. It is clear they realized that there’s value to them for having a scrutable learning design. So for the first one, they wanted some feedback on their design, and we arranged that I’d investigate a representative sample and provide feedback. These are about learning design, but I have some examples in strategy that I intend to share soon.

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Getting Serious about eLearning

Clark Quinn

Not everyone we could and should’ve gotten, but a representative sample across sectors of some of the most respected folks in the industry that we could reach out to in short order. design strategy

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Top Ten AntiSpyware Apps from CNET

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Semi-Daily Quote/Lyric/Words of Others | Main | "Using Open Source Social Software as Digital Library Interface" (D-Lib Magazine) » March 26, 2008 Top Ten AntiSpyware Apps from CNET ( CNET ) "Once again, we enlisted CNET Labs to design and perform our antispywaretests.

Other writings

Clark Quinn

My blog posts are pretty regular (my aim is 2/week), but tend to have ideas that are embryonic or a bit ‘evangelical’ First, I’ve written four books; you can check them out and get sample chapters at their respective sites: Engaging Learning: Designing e-Learning Simulation Games. Designing mLearning: Tapping Into the Mobile Revolution for Organizational Performance. They’re designed to be the definitive word on the topic, at least at the moment.

My/Our research …

Dave Snowden

They would then go and interview maybe 10/15 organisations using a strong hypothesis and from that sample draw conclusions that would be published. . It could be BPR or Design thinking, whatever was the current executive sales tool would be supported by the evidence.

Passion and Learning

Clark Quinn

My better half recently got a sample of special butter. And, of course, cognition, learning, engagement, and design. Which is related to the task of finding the intrinsic interest for designing learning.

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It’s (almost) out!

Clark Quinn

table of contents, sample pages, and more. design meta-learning mobile social strategy technology Uncategorized My latest tome, Revolutionize Learning & Development: Performance and Innovation Strategy for the Information Age is out. Well, sort of.

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Big Data Takes Center Stage

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The first is what they call n=all, that is, collect and use lots of data rather than settling for small samples, as statisticians have done until now. “The The way people handled the problem of capturing information in the past was through sampling.

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Are online experiment participants paying attention?

Mind Hacks

One concern, however, is that online samples may be less motivated to pay attention to the tasks they are participating in. Online testing is sure to play a large part in the future of Psychology.

Taking the step

Clark Quinn

A while ago, I wrote an article in eLearnMag, stating that better design doesn’t take longer. Yes, the nuances are subtle, and it’s still possible to sell well-produced but not well-designed material , but that can’t last. design strategy

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Signs of hope?

Clark Quinn

I wonder if it’s easier for small teams to adapt to advice of folks like Michael Allen (no more boring elearning), Julie Dirksen (Design for How People Learn) and Will Thalheimer than it is for big teams, who not only have to change processes but also educate their customers. This is an unscientific sample; I did a quick tour of the displays, but couldn’t see all as there were some that were just too crowded. design games strategy

Sample 136


Clark Quinn

We briefed a handful of respected individuals around the industry (not everyone we could and should, but a representative sample across many sectors that we could work with quickly), and got them to lend their names in support. design strategy Wow, you try to do one little thing, and everyone gets all upset! Well, that’s how it feels, and it’s a real lesson. So I’ll explain, and then try to clarify.

eLearning Process Survey results!

Clark Quinn

I assumed people would know to choose the lowest option in the list if they could, and I don’t know that (flaw in the survey design). It’s not a representative sample, I’d suspect. design strategy

Survey 127

UX Week 2013 Speaker Preview

Adaptive Path

Brenda Laurel is one of the pioneers in the field of user experience and the author of the classic book The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design. Writer and technologist Paul Ford on the role of constraint in design.

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Me, ‘to go’ and on the go

Clark Quinn

I also have given a series of webinars on mobile for a variety of groups, here’s a sample. In addition, however, I’ll also be running a deeper ID session and then a game design workshop on the same trip with Elnet on the 30th and 31st of May and an event at the University of Wollongong (more soon). design games mobile social strategyOwing to a busy spring pushing the new book on mobile, I’ve been captured in a variety of ways.

Re-thinking Workplace Learning: extracting rather than adding

Charles Jennings

By almost any standards the sample in this study was large – 8,500 cases drawn from 14 organisations across six industries in nine countries. A decade ago the Corporate Executive Board published a report detailing the findings of a study into the role managers can play in employee development.

Game Learning Analytcs for Evidence=Based Serious Games

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Summary of a talk by Baltasar Fernandex Manjon at CELDA 2019 Serious games - Have been used successfully in many domains – medicine, military - But low adoption in mainstream education - So we say we’re working in ‘game-like simulation’ [link] - Fake news, trolls, e-influencers [link] [link] [link] - Has been formally evaluated Citizen science - Uses games for crowdsourcing Also: - Educational versions of commercial games Do serious games actually work?

Knight Foundation Launches The Giving Day Play Book

Beth Kanter

You can expect to continue to see more blog posts from me on the topic of peer learning design and training techniques as I continue to do this work. The playbook includes a Sample Six-Month Planning Timeline to help you get started. Capacity Free Agent Training Design

Adding aesthetics to culture

Dave Snowden

Many years ago now I worked with anthropologist Beth Meriam to design an approach to cultural mapping using SenseMaker®. They are working more broadly than a sample of organisations dominated by a North American or European cultural background.

The Learning Styles Zombie

Clark Quinn

A commissioned study in the UK (like the one above, independent, etc) led by Coffield evaluated a representative sample of instruments ( including the ubiquitous MBTI, Kolb, and more), and found (PDF) only one that met all four standards of psychometric validity.

Fact Retrieval vs. Problem Solving in the Brain

Eide Neurolearning

In general, 2nd-3rd graders will switching a counting strategy to math facts retrieval when doing arithmetic, but these researchers found "considerable variation in the mix of strategies used to solve these problems.Retrieval fluency related to grade level in this sample.".

Sample 202

Using Computers to Cure Medicine’s Pathologies

Andy McAfee

I read a little while back that a team at Stanford and elsewhere had developed a program that could accurately diagnose breast cancer by doing digital image processing of tissue sample. ” The trained C-Path software was then set to work analyzing a separate set of 328 Canadian samples.

Sample 211

Notes About Mobile, Digital Trends, and Social Media Leadership from Knight Digital Media Center Workshop

Beth Kanter

Sample survey. Instructional Design Notes. I facilitated a session in the afternoon which was designed for peer interaction given the topic. Mobile Organizational Culture social media policy Training Design

Trends 112

Reflections on ISPI 2010

Clark Quinn

Given the small sample, I reckon you should determine for yourself. Tags: design mobile strategy technology Early in the year, I gave a presentation online to the Massachusetts chapter of ISPI (the international society for performance improvement), and they rewarded me with a membership. A nice gesture, I figured, but little more (only a continent away). To my benefit, I was very wrong.

Nothing Has Changed. Everything Has Changed.

Charles Jennings

This study sampled 35,000 managers and employees across the globe. Winchester is one degree 19 minutes west of Greenwich, the point designated as ‘absolute zero’ in terms of longitude. A Revolution or a Slow Demise?

Change 238

What is thought to be is rarely real

Dave Snowden

Decisions are at the heart of human activity and mapping gives you the basis for lots of other understanding and intervention design.

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