It is mind control but not as we know it

Mind Hacks

This is designed to invoke electrical activity, not record it. Even if the signal the device received was more complex, it wouldn’t be able to make you perform complex, fluid movements, such as those required to track a moving object, tie your shoelaces or pluck a guitar. The Headlines. The Independent: First ever human brain-to-brain interface successfully tested. BBC News: Are we close to making human ‘mind control’ a reality?

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What Improvisation Can Teach Social Change Leaders

Beth Kanter

David Havens from Collective Capital , a company that works with business in the area of innovation through improvisation and design thinking. He lead us on a series of improvisation exercises designed to teach important skills for networked leaders: empathy, awareness, celebrating failure, being open to change and more. David’s improv exercises were designed to help us stretch this muscle and apply to our social change work.

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3 ways to boost your curiosity and refresh your outlook | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Design (52). Design (52). He’s guts and pluck and a whole lot more. Read about my new book, Designing Positive Psychology: [link]. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan. Speaking Engagements. Video. Articles. Office Hours. Drive. A Whole New Mind. Johnny Bunko. Daniel H. Pink is the author of four provocative bestselling books about the changing world of work. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife and their three children. More about Dan.

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Doc Searls Weblog · KFI’s tower closer to going back up

Doc Searls

“We’re one of a handful of stations designated as civil defense stations,&# he said. The new antenna was tailored in its design to be equivalent to the taller tower in its vertical radiation characteristic.

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