PKM Workshop – Toronto 13 November 2010

Harold Jarche

“In the period ahead of us, more important than advances in computer design will be the advances we can make in our understanding of human information processing – of thinking, problem solving, and decision making…&#. PKM is an individual, disciplined process by which we make sense of information, observations and ideas. Learning Objectives: At the end of the course, students will be able to: * Understand the concepts and models underlying PKM. Tweet.

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A personal learning journey

Harold Jarche

I became interested in knowledge management (KM) as I was introduced to it in the mid 1990’s while practising instructional systems design (ISD) and human performance technology (HPT) in the military. The Centre for Learning Technologies is an applied research, consulting and resource centre for the use of new media in learning, knowledge management, and workplace performance support. This still sums up the core concept of PKM.


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Harold Jarche

In my last TGIM post I went through my social bookmarks on PKM. This post looks at resources related to my training-performance-social workshop. We forget to minimize forgetting and improve remembering. We measure so poorly that we don’t get good feedback to enable improvement.” ” Performance Improvement. Harold’s Performance Improvement Toolbox. When Your Employees Can Solve The Biggest Problems With Performance Support.

Leveraging collective knowledge

Harold Jarche

For example, Owen Ferguson explains that experts shouldn’t design online resources for novices : The curse of the expert when it comes to online presentation is that they often decide they know better and produce a design that matches their own knowledge map – totally confusing the user. Actually, designing “for&# anybody becomes a problem. The relationship with personal knowledge management (PKM) is clear.

Training, Performance, Social Workshop Notes

Harold Jarche

We launched a new online workshop today called, From Training, to Performance, to Social. I came up with the idea while conducting one of the PKM workshops and noticed that many people either mixed up training with performance improvement, or thought of social learning as merely a bolt-on to a formal course. We will move to performance improvement tomorrow and then focus on social learning all of next week.

Harold Jarche » T&D Learning in 2020

Harold Jarche

He predicted that in 10 years, users would be able to design and input plans for furniture, consumer goods, etc…and they would be custom made by a machine. Even now, as I design a learning and performance model for a group that never had anything formal, I find myself gravitating to the self-service support concepts.

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Harold Jarche » Learning is Conversation

Harold Jarche

Watch Kiran Bir Sethi [link] no technology required Themes Complexity PKM Social Learning Work Literacy Threads Books Commons Communities Friday's Finds Informal Learning InternetTime Learning OpenSource Performance Improvement Technology Wirearchy Work About Advertisers Clients Consulting Contact Français Key Posts Projects Toolbox Learning is Conversation Posted on December 1st, 2005 by Harold Jarche This is a remix and update of some previous posts.

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