Demoing Out Loud (#wolweek and #DevLearn)

Clark Quinn

Demoing is a form of working out loud, right? So I recently was involved in a project with Learnnovators where we designed some demo elearning (on the workplace of the future), and documented the thinking behind it. Second, if you’ll be at DevLearn next week, I’ll be demoing the resulting course at the DemoFest (table 84). The post Demoing Out Loud (#wolweek and #DevLearn) appeared first on Learnlets.

Impressive startups! Report from PushStart Australian accelerator Demo Day

Ross Dawson

Yeseterday afternoon I went to PushStart’s demo day for their first intake. Incubators and accelerators are blossoming all over the world, with in Australia the seed accelerator space represented most prominently by StartMate , PushStart , and Melbourne-based AngelCube. I wrote about the Australian accelerator scene when PushStart was launched. I was very impressed by the calibre of the startups presenting.

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Slideshare Demo

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

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Online Newspaper Software

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Drupal & Hosted Drupal Newspapers Running on Drupal This is a demo site showcasing newspapers running on Drupal, a popular open source content management system. Here's a demo of our site Hosted service, plans at $19, $39, $99 / month For an overview, see the case study Joomla (+ K2 ) and Wordpress newspaper packages - still looking. Major Commercial PageSuite Commercial software, pricing not available, demo not functioning. I've contacted them for a demo and pricing.

Moncton Demo in Support of the Maeng Family

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

June 12, 2011, Moncton, demonstration in support of the Maeng family, who had earlier been required to return to Korea because Immigration Canada had deemed that their son would pose too much of a burden on the health care system - this after they had been here for something like eight years, had built a home and a business, and sent their other son through school to university. By the date of the demonstration, the order had been rescinded.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Croquet Virtual World Demo

Mark Oehlert

Main | We Lost A Good One Folks.Well Miss You Philip » September 24, 2007 Croquet Virtual World Demo The development of multiple platforms for virtual worlds like Croquet speaks, I think to the power of these environments to form new mediums. e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Anybody Else Notice How Much Context Amazon is Now Wrapping Around A Book?

Thoughts on Learning Design Strategy

Clark Quinn

One was adopting a learn-apply-perform model, which another termed a learn-practice-demo. At the DevLearn conference, I ran a Morning Buzz on Learning Design Strategy. I’m happy to say that the participants threw in lots of ideas, and I thought they were worth capturing.

Xyleme Product Update: Pastiche 2.4 for the iPad – Content monetization and more


Want to see a demo of Pastiche? Announcing Pastiche 2.4! Pastiche 2.4 for the iPad opens a new revenue stream for your content by allowing you to reach and sell to your customers directly. The latest version of Pastiche introduces the ability to sell your content to end-users.

Agile Bay Area #LNDMeetup Mindmap

Clark Quinn

At the end they demo to the stakeholders and reflect. I’ve been interested in process , so I attended this month’s Bay Area Learning Design Meetup that showcased LinkedIn’s work on Agile using Scrum for learning design.

UX in Public Transit

Adaptive Path

A demo of Transporter sealed the deal. I had the pleasure of speaking at the Oregon Transit Conference this week in sunny Seaside , OR. This was the conference for representatives of Oregon's many transit agencies.

Buy 101

Future of Conferences: Why People Attend

Jay Cross

Meet with vendors, see demos, compare products. I’m investigating the future of f2f conferences. Will conferences be disrupted à la newspaper business? Will successful events become communities instead of one-shot deals?

What’s hip in learning in France

Jay Cross

I saw some luscious graphics although the company showing this one admitted that it’s just the demo.

PLE Diagram

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I created a demo of a part of this concept ages ago, here - it is never listed as among the "examples of PLEs" but is in fact a first draft of what I think a PLE should look like (I promise to lose the yellow, though).

How long does it take to select an LMS?

Tony Karrer

Tail of Process - Demos, Hands-on Testing, Negotiation The tail of Bryan's process is: Week 9 - Read and Grade Proposals Week 10 - Final meeting to pick system (Bryan has demos in Week 5) The tail of my process has: Demos Pilot or hands-on tests Negotiate Final selection Bryan talks about having demos earlier in the process: In my model, I have learned the value of moving the demo upfront, rather than waiting until after the RFP.

RFP 22

Reflecting on the State of Enterprise 2.0 as an Organizational Culture Change Agent

Dan Pontefract

And there wasn’t a single technology demo showcased on the main stage, at least to my knowledge. I know. I promised not to utilize the moniker 2.0 in 2014 but how else can I reflect back on the state of Enterprise 2.0 without actually using the term?

[liveblog] Ed tech hackathon

David Weinberger

Our group created — in a demo hackathon-ish way — a tool that helps teachers create workgroups for collaborative learning based on information gleaned from machine learning about learning capabilities. I’m at an education technology hackathon — “Shaping the Future” — put on by MindCET , an ed tech accelerator created by the Center for Educational Technology in Israel.

BoogyWoogy library browser

David Weinberger

BoogyWoogy is a demo of the sort of thing even a hobbyist like me can write using the Harvard LibraryCloud API. Just for fun, over the weekend I wrote a way of visual browsing the almost 13M items in the Harvard Library collection.

The World According to TED

David Weinberger

Here’s some info about the 2,200 TED Talks based largely on the tags that TED supplies on its Web site; the data are a few months old. Keep in mind that I am grossly incompetent at this , so I’ve included the SQL queries I used to derive this information so you can see how wrong I’ve gone and can laugh and laugh. Number of unique tags. 378 of ’em. SELECT count( DISTINCT(tag) ) FROM tags. Most popular tags. # of talks tagged. technology. science. culture. global issues.

Nonprofit Workplace Wellness Initiatives: United Way of Central Ohio

Beth Kanter

The agency has also partnered with a local organization, Local Matters , with a mission of healthy communities through food education to host a cooking demo and challenge. United Way of Ohio – Healthy Eating Event.

Introducing Share&Learn

Jane Hart

If you would like to see how this works in practice, I’ve also set up a demo site of Share&Learn for Business.

The MIT of Entrepreneurship Studies

Andy McAfee

Teams also participate in a Demo Day to be held in conjunction with the t=0 Festival in mid-September. … is actually a new course being offered to MIT students this summer.

Study 37

Through the Workscape Looking Glass

Jay Cross

The alumni connected over social media and saw demos in Second Life. Your Workscape is everything in your organization except the training department. It’s where work is done and where people hone the skills they need to add value. It’s the biggest frame of the big picture.

Text-to-Speech Examples

Tony Karrer

He could then create part or all of the course using TTS voices instead and we could demo the result.

Internet Time Blog » Helping customers learn

Jay Cross

5 Ways Nonprofit Facebook Messenger Bots Can Deliver Impact

Beth Kanter

My conversation with the Albert Einstein Bot.

EdTech Innovation Conference, May 1-3, 2013

George Siemens

Call for demonstrations: If you (or your company) is doing something innovative in the EdTech space, please consider submitting to provide a demo ( more info here ): The conference organizers are pleased to invite companies, startups, VCs, and researchers to submit a one-paragraph proposal to present at the conference. I’m rather excited to announce the EdTech Innovation conference in Calgary, Alberta, May 1-3, 2013.

Internet Time Blog » What Second Life is really like

Jay Cross

It’s 2013. Why are we still in login hell?

Doc Searls

So I get an email (yes, I subscribe to it) from Ad Age pointing me to AT&T Ridding Some Retail Stores of Cash Register, Counters and Other Clutter ‘Warmer’ Shopping Experience Includes Orange Coloring, Wood Paneling, Demos , by John McDermott.

[avignon] Google’s Cultural Institute

David Weinberger

Steve Crossan, head of the Cultural Institute in Paris, is demo-ing Google’s super spiffy swirling virtual bookcase. The Cultural Institute was set up in April. It’s a group of engineers. They’re building tools and services for the cultural sector, to help people get to online content in an emotionally engaging way. One pilot project: Dead Sea Scrolls online, searchable and zoomable. Another the WebGL Bookcase. Another: Memory of a Nation.

$1 million e-learning no more…


In the instructor-led version of the course, you might do a live demo but for the e-Learning you’d use a recorded demo. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc. Home > Instructional Design , Single Source > $1 Million e-Learning no more… $1 Million e-Learning no more… April 15th, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment I’ve been in the training and development business for nearly 20 years now. Things certainly have changed a lot in that time.

Review: SharePoint Conference 2011

Dan Pontefract

I had expected at this conference Microsoft would be announcing a simple add-on to the 2010 platform so this feature could be incorporated, but, alas, we were provided with a demo on the work within Microsoft’s intranet/collaboration environments and nothing else.

Architecture not application: an opportunity

Dave Snowden

Basically we build a demo system post IBM, created v2.0 Around two decades ago I was arguing that object orientation was not just a way of creating reusable code, but was a more profound shift to enabling architectures that could combine people and technology in evolving systems.

News 63 - Blog - The Wave

Nigel Paine

Google have announced and demoed a work in progress called the Wave. Googles demo at I/O was videoed and you can watch it here. Links. Articles. Presentations. Photos. Discussions. Guestbook. Contact. Send Email. Leadership. Learning. Technology. Links. Articles. Presentations. Photos. Discussions. Guestbook. Contact. Send Email. Navigation. Links. Articles. Presentations. Photos. Discussions. Guestbook. Contact. Send Email. More About This Website. Tweet.

Oculus Thrift

David Weinberger

When it arrived this morning, I took it out of its shipping container (made out of cardboard, of course), slipped in my HTC mobile phone, clicked on the Google Cardboard software, chose a demo, and was literally — in the virtual sense — flying over the earth in any direction I looked, watching a cartoon set in a forest that I was in, or choosing YouTube music videos by turning to look at them on a circular wall. I just received Google’s Oculus Rift emulator.

Price 16 - Blog - Edgeless Universities

Nigel Paine

A Demos report released this week written by Peter Bradwell aout the future for Universities in Britain. Links. Articles. Presentations. Photos. Discussions. Guestbook. Contact. Send Email. Leadership. Learning. Technology. Links. Articles. Presentations. Photos. Discussions. Guestbook. Contact. Send Email. Navigation. Links. Articles. Presentations. Photos. Discussions. Guestbook. Contact. Send Email. More About This Website. Tweet. Visit the Learning and Skills Group.

On @Cluetrain, @advertising @social and #NewClues

Doc Searls

It’s all breakouts, demos and productive conversation and hackery, with topics chosen by participants. In There Is No More Social Media — Just Advertising , Mike Proulx ( @McProulx) begins, Fifteen years ago, the provocative musings of Levine, Locke, Searls and Weinberger set the stage for a grand era of social media marketing with the publication of “The Cluetrain Manifesto” and their vigorous declaration of “the end of business as usual.”

Jive 31

The Churchill Club

Jay Cross

Maxwell (or maybe it was Faraday) gave Disraeli a demo of two small motors. The Churchill Club is the real deal. Movers and shakers and enterpreneurs. A nexus. I’m always blown away. Some of my notes from tonight’s session, mainly Alan Kay’s observations.

Getting the path from the Dropbox API

David Weinberger

But this is a demo. Suppose you’re using the Dropbox API to let a user choose a file from her Dropbox folder and open it in your application. Dropbox provides a convenient widget — the Chooser — you can more or less just drop into your Web page. But…suppose you want to find out the “path”path of an item that a user opens.

Data 25

BBC Future column: why your brain loves to tune out

Mind Hacks

Thanks to Martin Thirkettle for telling me about the demo that leads the column. My column for BBC Future from last week. The original is here. Our brains are programmed to cancel out all manner of constants in our everyday lives. If you don’t believe it, try a simple, but startling experiment. The constant whir of a fan. The sensation of the clothes against your skin. The chair pressing against your legs. Chances are that you were not acutely aware of these until I pointed them out.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): PaperVision 3D - a 3D Flash Engine

Mark Oehlert

You can go here or here and see the demo live.that shark you see was swimming around my head and I could use my mouse to look around a 360 degree arc as well as looking up and down.all in my widdle ole browser.