A Competent Competency Process

Clark Quinn

In the process of looking at ways to improve the design of courses, the starting point is good objectives. SO drilling in the exact meanings of words is valuable, as an example. We then need good processes, so I’ve talked to a couple of educational institutions doing competencies, to see what could be learned. And it’s clear that while there’s no turnkey approach, what’s emerging is a process with some specific elements.

Problems with Bargh’s definition of unconscious

Mind Hacks

I have a new paper out in Frontiers in Psychology: The perspectival shift: how experiments on unconscious processing don’t justify the claims made for them. Specifically, I argue that (1) a widely employed definition of unconscious processing, promoted by John Bargh is incoherent (2) many experiments involve a perspectival sleight of hand taking factors identified from comparison of average group performance and inappropriately ascribing them to the reasoning of individual participants.

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Richard Feynman On The Folly Of Crafting Precise Definitions - Bob.

Bob Sutton

WSJ CareerJournal | Though Now Routine, Bosses Still Stumble During the Layoff Process. Adopting The No Asshole Rule: Dont Bother If The Words Are Hollow » Richard Feynman On The Folly Of Crafting Precise Definitions.   It is easier, and probably more useful, to give examples of formal organizations than to define them." Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Richard Feynman On The Folly Of Crafting Precise Definitions : Comments. Bob Sutton.

Emotionally intelligent signage on a box | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Emotionally intelligent signage on a box Devotees of emotionally intelligent signage (yes, both of you) will recall that the original definition of the term hinged largely on empathy. Hello Dan, This is an example of motive tied to emotion. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter.

LMS Selection Process

Tony Karrer

So, first, what am I talking about: How to Conduct a Successful Learning Management Systems (LMS) Selection Process LMS Selection Background: I'm coming from a background of personally working and coaching on a bunch of LMS selection, installation and configuration projects and being heavily involved in the design and development of several custom LMS implementations. Most people only go through a few selection processes in their career. Getting agreement on strategy and process.


Referral Relationships and Selection Process

Tony Karrer

where he says that: I've witnessed more than one example of e-Learning and LMS consultants who are hired by an organization to help select a vendor and create a deployment strategy. I have to agree with him that there's a definite conflict of interest if you are simultaneously advising on selection and have any kind of paid relationship with that vendor. Having been involved in this process for many years, I can't imagine how a consultant can do this.

Social Formal – it’s the processing!

Clark Quinn

In thinking about the benefits of adding social to formal learning for a presentation I’ll be giving, I realized that the main reason to extend social activities into formal learning is for the additional processing it provides. While there is processing individually, social interaction provides more opportunities. The types of learning processing that matter for learning are personalizing, elaborating, and applying. There are additional processing benefits here.

[liveblog][PAIR] Jess Holbrook

David Weinberger

Shared definition of success: what does it mean to be done? He gives some examples. E.g., a human draws an example, and the neural net generates alternatives. I’m at the PAIR conference at Google. Jess Holbrook is UX lead for AI.

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A Novel Approach for Measuring the True Impact of the Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For example, it discovered that left turns caused the trucks to spend longer periods in standing traffic and increased the chances of an accident. Examples abound, especially with the rise of the Internet and online applications in the 1990s.

70:20:10 - Beyond the Blend

Charles Jennings

There are many other examples of ‘blending’ learning stretching back into the past, too. Blended is invariably ‘Push’ Learning There are many definitions of blended learning. Most people would recognise that definition in what we see as blended programmes today.

Introducing the Digital Learning Quadrants

Dan Pontefract

This is the follow-up post and answer to “ The Fallacy of Digital Natives “ Let us agree, therefore, that regardless of age or situation, the learning process is one in which any learner can utilize formal, informal and social means to actually learn.

Inherent uncertainty is our natural habitat

Dave Snowden

This is an exploration of the subject not a series of definitive statements so those who want less ambiguity may want to skip the series and wait for the posts I will make around the book chapters during my eight day writing period at the end of the month.

mLearning more than mobile elearning?

Clark Quinn

I was worried about whether that fit some operational aspects like IT and manufacturing processes, but I think I’ve got that sorted. UI folks would work on external products, and any internal software development, but around that, helping folks use tools and processes belongs to those of us who facilitate organizational performance and development. And I also laud Roger Schank ‘s views, such as the value (or not) of the binomial theorem as a classic example.

Global Trends and Business Strategy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Resource-related business opportunities will turn up in unexpected places, and there’s room for a multitude of new products and services,” writes McKinsey. “An example is new carbon-based materials that are lighter, cheaper, and conduct electricity with limited heat loss.

Coaching Should Be An Expectation Of All Connected Leaders

Dan Pontefract

Coaching is not a formulaic process when demonstrating the connected leader attributes. My hypothesis is that the definition of coaching is misconstrued by both sides of the equation. He was (and still is) the example connected leaders should be striving for.

Nine Tricky Questions And Nine Honest Answers Regarding Purpose

Dan Pontefract

Perhaps it’s a different definition of the ‘sweet spot.’ For example, there are very few realtors who set out to become realtors in their teens. Many airlines, for example, have low engagement scores particularly of flight attendants.

Content and continuous learning: The cornerstones of a learning architecture


The Learning Architecture is a "detailed definition of the basic scope of L&D," Bersin wrote, and content plays a key role in the learning architecture components of core processes and disciplines of L&D.

Enterprise 2.0, Where Art Thou?

Luis Suarez

Let’s have a look into Andy’s original definition for Enterprise 2.0 “ A key word, to me, from that short, but rather thoughtful definition is no other than within. Tools) and Social Business (Processes AND People).

LinkedIn Skills – Useful or Useless?

Dan Pontefract

It’s definitely cool. There are countless articles and posts by others helping you with the skills itemizing and selection process. LinkedIn Skills. Useful or useless? First off, what are they?

Content engineering

Clark Quinn

They use content management systems, carefully articulated with tight definitions and associated tags, and rules that pull together those content elements by definition into the resulting site. First, being tighter around content definitions provides a greater opportunity to be scientific about the role the content plays. We’re too lax in our content, so that beyond a good objective, we don’t specify what makes a good example, etc.

AI and the Productivity Paradox

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Their deployment time-lags are longer because attaining their full benefits requires a number of complementary co-inventions and investments, including additional technologies, applications, processes, business models, and regulatory policies.

Systems thinking & complexity

Dave Snowden

Then, in the latter part of the Century those aspects of systems theory which had build cybernetics and modelling starting to enter the popular space with Business Process Re-engineering at the hard end and Learning Organisation at the soft.

PR’s problems, 20 years later

Doc Searls

It took me about seven seconds to find an example: a Lance Morrow essay in which he says Serbia has “the biggest public relations problem since Pol Pot went into politics.” I have read just about every definition of this word since Trout & Ries coined it in 1969, and I am convinced that a “position” is nothing other than an identity. Definition No. Definition No. The magazine Upside has been erased.

Sense-making glossary

Harold Jarche

Sense-making – The process by which individuals (or organizations) create an understanding so that they can act in a principled and informed manner … Source-linked sensemaking – In conventional media, a document about a topic may cite a list of references.

Platforms Are Not Created Equal: Harnessing the Full Potential of Platforms

John Hagel

In fact, the definition they offer of business platforms is: “a nexus of rules and infrastructure that facilitate interactions among network users” or, alternatively, “a published standard, together with a governance model, that facilitates third party participation.” For the purpose of this posting, though, I’ll defer to my hosts and use the term "platform" since it’s clear from their definition that they are talking about roughly the same domains.

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Semantic Web - a tech fix.

Martijn Linssen

In a then following Twitter conversation with Peter Evans Greenwood , it became clear that we could "dance around" the definition of semantic itself - so how could we ever achieve a Semantic Web? If you look at the sindice.com example, it searches for semantic data on the web.

Learning by Osmosis

Dan Pontefract

The Oxford definition of osmosis can help us: Biology & Chemistry a process by which molecules of a solvent tends to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one. It can be a scientific process methodically laid out (i.e.

Boundary conditions

Dave Snowden

So lets look at the four main boundaries, ignoring for the moment the ones to disorder: Obvi ous to Chaos This is the complacency boundary, the imposition of inappropriate imposition of best practice or standard process regardless of consequence.

Ask what value you can add

Harold Jarche

For example, I recently passed on a tagged collection of social bookmarks as a result of a conversation in an online community of practice. Maria Popova at brainpickings.org gives an excellent example of adding value. Robin Good is another fine example of curating, using scoop.it

Computation is a lens

Mind Hacks

The idea that the mind and brain can be described in terms of information processing is the main contention of cognitive science but this raises a key but little asked question – is the brain a computer or is computation just a convenient way of describing its function?

Overcoming the Course and Control mindset hurdles

Jane Hart

broadening the definition of learning to include formal and informal learning. trying to control the whole learning process.

I’m Showing My Work … My Next Book Is Postponed

Dan Pontefract

” John Stepper is another fabulous example of mastering the “work out loud” nascent meme. I recognized through more research, interviews, and personal reflections that purpose is in fact a two-fold process.

Dear C-Suite: We Don’t Do Training Anymore

Dan Pontefract

But it is my argument learning professionals must help the C-Suite understand that training is merely an event and that learning must now be defined as a connected, collaborative and continuous process. In 2012, Peter Aceto, the President and CEO of ING DIRECT – a Canadian bank with 1.78

Birgit Mager and the Evolution of Service Design

Adaptive Path

After sleeping on it for one night, I thought, “Well, that’s really interesting–to bring design into this challenge of creating organizations and processes and interactions that are customer oriented.” For example, former students of mine are running a successful service design company in Cologne: “Minds and Makers”. They started to work with a big European energy provider, initially to redesign the process of invoicing.

Nonprofits in the Autonomous World: Will the Bots Take Over?

Beth Kanter

Right now it is difficult to discover bots, but after a bit of research I found a few examples of nonprofits making use of Facebook Messenger platform. This is one of the best examples I saw of using bots for engagement and it most definitely required some custom programming.

Does Your Nonprofit Have A Social Media Work Flow?

Beth Kanter

Owyang’s post points to some terrific examples including a diagram from Socialfish helped facilitate for ASCE and the class diagram from the Airforce. Image from Steve Heye.

Making a Movement: Narratives and Creation Spaces

John Hagel

But, like many definitions, this one has limitations. For example, by this definition, all corporations would have to be considered movements – they’re all working to promote an end, whether it be shareholder value increase or enhancing the delight of the customers they’re seeking to address. Once they grow beyond 10 to 20 participants, they tend to fragment and weaken the deep trust-based relationships that are so critical to driving the learning process.

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More (somewhat) emotionally intelligent signage in a parking lot.

Dan Pink

” And he included this example from the parking lot of a nearby Chili’s restaurant: Tweet. They definitely invoke (humor), I would say, in most driver’s who see this. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan. Speaking Engagements. Video. Articles.

More Reflections on SharePoint and Picking Technology | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

We are not quite sure they are right, but for the time being they definitely got more and better arguments than we do. Quick definition: platform is the integration of a number of tools. For example, a wiki is a tool. These are examples of features.

5 Ways Nonprofit Facebook Messenger Bots Can Deliver Impact

Beth Kanter

In my last post about nonprofit bots, I discussed the big picture of automation in the nonprofit space and what I learned from the “ The Beth Bot ” experiment. For this post, I did a landscape scan to identify some of the best examples of nonprofit bots. Here are two examples.