a simpler approach to km

Harold Jarche

The RFP is for a measurement framework that reflects current industry standards. Is KM about collecting data or is it really about sense-making on an organizational level? Here is a simple guide on how to enable organizational sense-making, not the mere management of data and metrics.

RFP 213

Amazon's New HQ

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The Request for Proposals (RFP) identifies a desire for a metro area of a million people or more "with the potential to attract and retain strong technical talent." Canada also offers a number of advantages not listed specifically in the RFP. Privacy and data protection. Amazon has recently responded to the need for data storage outside the U.S. Originally published on CanTech Letter.

RFP 130

White House Innovation Fellows

David Weinberger

RFP-EZ – twitter: @ProjectRFPEZ. Open Data – Twitter: @ProjectOpenData #opengov. Open Data will continue the path set by NOAA’s release of data by further scaling the Health Data Initiative and releasing new databases in the energy, education, public safety, and nonprofit sectors. Developing tools that enable individuals to utilize their own health records – current medications and drug allergies, claims and treatment data, and lab reports, etc. –

LMS Selection Presentation Reformulated

Tony Karrer

Configuration, customization Testing Pilot Communication Life with an LMS Focus will be on: LMS Selection Team and Stakeholders Size of Team and Duration based on eLearningGuild Data (coming soon) Topic #2 - Common Mistakes Missing key team members such as IT Not handling politics Favorites Incumbents Power plays Not having an overall strategy defined Not having agreement on selection process Not defining communication path during selection process. Confusing an RFI and an RFP.

RFP 100

[pdf] Aneesh Chopra, Federal CTO

David Weinberger

Aneesh is announcing “the blue button to liberate personal health data.&# Press it and you can get your data from government databases. Its your data.&# “No RFP, no convoluted process, just a smart person&# that the prize system uncovered. Aneesh talks about the Health and Human Services Community Health Data Initiative that debuted two days ago. Its launched with twenty programs that take advantage of the newly opened data.

RFP 109

All Social is Learning | Organizational Knowledge Design

Martijn Linssen

Learning Management Suite RFP Template | Catadoc.com - [.]

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Book week

Doc Searls

The reality is we need a different way of thinking about data, and in an age marked by innovation we shouldn’t find a reframe too difficult. Generations of marketers have been brought up on an adversarial view of the customer, the target, the win… In all the discussions we’ve had here in Forbes about social business we have yet to stray into the use and purpose of social data, as if we too largely accept that the adversarial view is the only one.

RFP 170

How long does it take to select an LMS?

Tony Karrer

But to give you some better answers than that the eLearningGuild has some great survey data on it. I put out some of that data in my post - LMS Team Size and Time - Wow 23 Months! Some other posts around LMS: LMS RFP LMS Selection Presentation Reformulated LMS Selection Team and Stakeholders LMS Selection Process LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers Learning Management Systems (LMS) Gotchas Tracking Without an LMS LMS Dissatisfaction on the Rise Do You WANT an LMS?

RFP 100

LMS Team Size and Time - Wow 23 Months!

Tony Karrer

Steve Wexler from the eLearningGuild's research group just helped me get into some interesting data around Team Size and Time during an Learning Management System Selection and Implementation process. So, this post will end off the series of posts I was doing on LMS Selection as a precursor to my DevLearn presentation.

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The Outcome of Our Outcomes

Beth Kanter

It’s a preamble to an RFP. Data, reports, and dashboards are all well and good, but if they aren’t tailored to the needs of the core audience, the information will never be accessed or used going forward. Flickr Photo By Mastery of Maps.

RFP 82

LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers

Tony Karrer

The survey data itself I find to be pretty interesting and useful for some important aspects of selection. Sometimes it's how they were referred to by the survey respondents and it hasn't been cleaned up in the data. GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc. Update, Nov.

Department of Corrections

Doc Searls

For example, take Should Consumers Control Their Own Data? But that’s what Matthew thinks, so he runs with it: The Searls proposal comes at a time when questions and concerns over so-called online behavioral tracking and other data collection techniques practiced by advertisers and marketers have been mounting. ” Notably, consumers might be shocked at how little their data buys them, while continuing to distrust what advertisers are doing with their data.

RFP 116

[berkman] Doc Searls

David Weinberger

But they make you enter a ton of personal data, the same data you enter at every other e-comm site. With VRM, the individual is the point of integration for his or her own data" and is also the "point of origination of what's done with" that data. Some of that we’re solving with Ian Henderson’s personal data store, some with Lukas’ The Mine. A lot of CRM is about companies aggregating anonymized data and using it for recommendations, etc.

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Doc Searls Weblog · UnAmerican Airline

Doc Searls

At the complex end you should the “point of integration&# for all your health care data, and be able to provide in a simple yet automated way the data your health care providers need to know.

RFP 141

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Foucault, Control and the LMS

Mark Oehlert

But since this is not usually possible, there isa need for "relays" of observers, hierarchically ordered, through whomobserved data passes from lower to higher levels."

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