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Doc Searls

For example, take Should Consumers Control Their Own Data? But that’s what Matthew thinks, so he runs with it: The Searls proposal comes at a time when questions and concerns over so-called online behavioral tracking and other data collection techniques practiced by advertisers and marketers have been mounting. ” Notably, consumers might be shocked at how little their data buys them, while continuing to distrust what advertisers are doing with their data.

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[berkman] Doc Searls

David Weinberger

But they make you enter a ton of personal data, the same data you enter at every other e-comm site. With VRM, the individual is the point of integration for his or her own data" and is also the "point of origination of what's done with" that data. VRM is an open source project (although there are some commercial projects underway also). Some of that we’re solving with Ian Henderson’s personal data store, some with Lukas’ The Mine.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Foucault, Control and the LMS

Mark Oehlert

But since this is not usually possible, there isa need for "relays" of observers, hierarchically ordered, through whomobserved data passes from lower to higher levels."

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