Using network perspectives to visualize changing culture and meaning

Ross Dawson

I’m a big fan of Tim Stock ‘s work, which weaves together a deep network perspective with a rich view of how culture is changing informed by semiotic analysis. I earlier shared one of his presentations in a post on how the culture of luxury is changing.

7 critical aspects of Tibbr’s big step forward for enterprise social software

Ross Dawson

Marc Benioff of Salesforce once asked “why isn’t all enterprise software like Facebook?&#. Twitter’s success is founded on its simplicity, including the very simple premise of choosing to follow others’ updates. Facebook, which had previously focused far more on profiles, quickly learned from Twitter and is now based on following friends, brands, and groups. Tibbr allows staff to pull in their personal streams such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr into the.

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Rats, coffee & software

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some of the insights and observations that were shared via Twitter this past week. But to win, Oracle will have to change its strategy as dramatically as it did in 2006 when Ellison famously announced that software innovation was dead and just started to buy everything.

The Rise of Winner-Take-All Urbanism

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Whenever a product, service or process is captured in software and digitized, it becomes digital capital and the economics of abundance take over. Earlier this year, Richard Florida published Why America’s Richest Cities Keep Getting Richer in The Atlantic.

Why microblogging has moved to the heart of enterprise social initiatives

Ross Dawson

Those were fairly early days and obviously today we would have quite a different frame, not least since the social software platforms originally available in each space have converged to each offer broad, integrated social suites. Twitter

Steven Berlin Johnson « Literary Style By The Numbers | Main | OpenSocial » Twitter Okay, I caved. Im twittering. The interface is much cleaner and Twitter's apps don't work that great with Vista. SBJ via Twitter follow me on Twitter The Basics Im a father of three boys, husband of one wife, and author of five books. Air Purifiers For Data Smog Discover column on software that helps you focus.

How to deliver innovation overnight | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Follow Dan on Twitter. It also is a great way to build and reinforce a culture of possibility, contribution and empowerment! Dan Pink. Contact. About Dan. Speaking Engagements. Video. Articles. Office Hours. Drive. A Whole New Mind. Johnny Bunko. Daniel H.

The Rise of the Digital Capital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Capital is now a larger share of overall production, and capital-based technologies are rising in importance, including physical assets like computers, robots, and IoT-based smart products of all kinds, as well as intangible assets like software, patents, copyrights and brand value. .

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Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Enterprise 2.0: The Prodigal.

Martijn Linssen

conference on Twitter via its hashtag #e2conf , I noticed a strange phenomenon: most tweets werent about Enterprise 2.0, is the use of freeform social software within companies Needless to say, that definition is hugely tool-focused, as is the entire post. Business or Pleasure? -

Current Business Forecast: Cloudy

Andy McAfee

Silicon Valley’s largest venture capital firms are raising their stakes in so-called enterprise companies, which provide software, analytics and other services to business customers. There’s a manifest destiny, and the old guard is slowly being shunted aside, as start-ups eat their lunch,” said Scott Weiss, a partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, whose portfolio includes enterprise players including the data storage service Box and the software maker Asana. In Which I "Debate" Popular Culture With Stephen Colbert

Steven Berlin Johnson « Happy Birthday | Main | Colbert, The Morning After » In Which I "Debate" Popular Culture With Stephen Colbert Exactly one year ago today, I made my appearance on The Daily Show. I love the way you give a credible voice to an argument that is at odds with the common myths about popular culture (video games included). SBJ via Twitter follow me on Twitter The Basics Im a father of three boys, husband of one wife, and author of five books. The Invention Of Air

Steven Berlin Johnson

Main | Social Traffic Jams » The Invention Of Air Ive mentioned in passing here (and on Twitter) that Ive been writing a new book this summer, and since Im now several drafts into it, I figured it was about time I shared some more detailed news about the project.

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

Jay Cross

Many companies rely on Facebook, Twitter, and other consumer applications to connect their people. Mobile devices route around IT; amateurs can bid software slaves do their will. Activity streams were virtually unknown until Twitter popularized the format a few years ago.

Taylor Swift and Apple Demonstrate How You Work Things Out In The Open

Dan Pontefract

Seventeen hours later, Apple responded with a couple of tweets, via Eddy Cue, the company’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, reporting to CEO Tim Cook: Apple will always make sure that artist are paid #iTunes #AppleMusic. Openly, via Twitter, of course. Delicious

Steven Berlin Johnson

I understand that this facet of application adoption is not that to which Interface Culture highlights in its identification of "avant-garde" data viewers. SBJ via Twitter follow me on Twitter The Basics Im a father of three boys, husband of one wife, and author of five books.

The Social C-Suite

Dan Pontefract

In a 2012 study conducted and sponsored by Domo and, the researchers found that 70 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs had no social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google Plus. Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture.

Getting to Social

Harold Jarche

However, this usually occurs just after the software vendors have provided the initial training and you are now on your own as an organization. Use Twitter for some time and get a sense of being connected to many people and understanding them on a different level.

[berkman] Anil Dash on “The Web We Lost”

David Weinberger

” The idea that there was a culture with shared values has been dismantled. He challenges himself to substantiate this: “We have a lot of software that forbids journalism.” An Ivy League kid's software designed for a privileged, exclusive elite turned out to be more appealing than what folks like Anil were building. "If There's no question" that policy over social software is coming. Geeks will hack at software but treat ToS as sacred.

The chaotic world of work

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some of the insights and observations that were shared via Twitter this past week. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a “commonist” free software developer, or a capitalist shareholder of IBM.

Emergent learnings

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via Twitter this past week. culture is an emergent property of all the little things you do - via @JDeragon. In the same way, intangibles like knowledge, wisdom, culture, and caring can generate tangible wealth, too.

Social Media: An Interview

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I started using Twitter ten years later (!/Downes/status/243133812 RSS is to this day the technology I use to keep in touch with the network (I just channel Twitter, Facebook and other feeds through my RSS reader) and one of the major ways I keep in contact with others. People complain that I don't subscribe to them using other services, such as Twitter, but *this* is my primary input, and I definitely don't need another.

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Everyday People Are Heroes: Using Big Data to Engage New Agents of Change Online

Beth Kanter

The merger will put Attentively’s groundbreaking big data software – that helps nonprofits identify & ally with the social media superstars hidden in their email lists – into the workflows of over 35K nonprofits worldwide. The culture of the web has changed.

Social Networking and Going Back to Basics

Luis Suarez

That’s why I’m handling with a pinch of salt Twitter, Google Plus and whatever other mobile Apps I access through my smartphone or even my MacBook Air.

How the Web is being body-snatched

Doc Searls

Item: it’s very hard to learn the history of the software industry, even here. How did software impact culture? Odd: it’s much easier to track my heart rate than how often I visit Twitter. Look at our culture as being negatively affected by ToSes. Yesterday, when Anil Dash ( @AnilDash ) spoke about The Web We Lost at Harvard , I took notes in my little outliner , in a browser. They follow. The top outline level is slide titles, or main points.

A few thoughts on China and education

George Siemens

Twitter didn’t work. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t use twitter-like tools. I’m starting to think that China blocks services less for censorship and more for giving their software companies an opportunity to gain traction. Their culture is very much one of learning and wanting to glean what they can from others.

Diversity, complexity, chaos and working smarter

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week. question “How do we get adoption for social software?” jhagel on an expansive view on the power of the narrative – via @jseelybrown @quinnovator. But here’s the catch.

Business Social Media Benefits

Clark Quinn

Personal story: wanted to know about a piece of software and tweeted it, received an answer from the person who wrote it in 3 hours offering to answer any of my questions! First, there are corporate equivalents: for every Facebook and Twitter there’s a behind-the-firewall and/or industrial strength and secure solution. If you’ve got a company with the right culture where the mission is clear and people are empowered, folks just don’t violate sensible guidelines.

IBM’s Lotusphere 2011 Highlights – People-Centric vs. Content-Centric by Louis Richardson

Luis Suarez

field, i.e. social computing and social software tools: building credibility and value, communities, tags, social bookmarks, open knowledge sharing spaces, profiles, activities, etc.

cities and the future of work

Harold Jarche

Its main dynamic is kinship, which gives people a distinct sense of identity and belonging — the basic elements of culture, as manifested still today in matters ranging from nationalism to fan clubs. foster a culture of learning throughout life. Twitter provides a bit more.

Emerging Careers and New Jobs

Kevin Wheeler

Each new discovery, every new software tool or programming language, every new product creates new jobs and requires new skills. But we will also need people who are more skilled at virtual relationship building and in working across cultures. Facebook Google Bookmarks blogmarks MySpace PDF StumbleUpon Twitter Yahoo!

5 Reasons Why Activity Streams Will Save You From Information Overload

Luis Suarez

From the very first beginning that I got exposed to them over at Twitter, over 4 years ago , till today, where I am using a bunch of various different microblogging / microsharing services, both internal and external, I couldn’t work, nor get much done!, I heart Activity Streams.

The Role of Open Educational Resources in Personal Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Well, there’s Richard Stallman and the traditionaldefinition of open source as four elements (Stallman, 1994): - Freedom to run the software - Freedom to study the software - Freedom to distribute the software - Freedom to modify the software. But what if you’re a person who does not have the software,and needs the software? He talks about openness in software, and then he talks about opennessin system, like open courses. Air Purifiers For Data Smog

Steven Berlin Johnson

That vice president from accounting always gets a rapid response, so the software automatically puts him on the white list. SBJ via Twitter follow me on Twitter The Basics Im a father of three boys, husband of one wife, and author of five books.

Why Corporate Training is Broken And How to Fix It

Jay Cross

Collaborative Culture 15. Most workers have better connections to the Internet and social software at home than on the job. A company cannot take full advantage of networked learning without shifting its values, culture, and practices. Instant messenger, Twitter clones, podcasts.

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Working smarter

Jay Cross

Working smarter embraces the spirit of agile software, action learning, social networks, and parallel developments in many disciplines. Among the top four pointers in last Thursay’s edition was a post from Jane Hart about Twitter as a learning tool for surgeons. Higher ground.

Have social networks replaced groups?

David Weinberger

Maxim Weinstein responded in an email to my post about what the social structure of the Internet looked like before Facebook, making the insightful point that Facebook meets the four criteria Clay Shirky listed for social software in his 2003 keynote at eTech. Likewise, Facebook, Google Groups, Twitter, and the other dominant forms of “social software” (to use the term from 2003) are amazing at building social networks.

In defense of personalization

David Weinberger

Digression: This is at the heart of our cultural fear of echo chambers, in my opinion. He wants designers to understand the positive role personalization has always played, so they can reinstate that role in software that works for us. He thinks that getting this right is the responsibility of the software for “Most users do not want the ‘control’ of RSS and Twitter lists and blocking, muting, and unfollowing their fellows.”

Awesome insights into working smarter

Jay Cross

Working smarter embraces the spirit of agile software, action learning, social networks, and parallel developments in many disciplines. Google Plus and Twitter – How They Work for Me Hand in Hand - Luis Suarez , August 1, 2011. Corporate culture - Harold Jarche , August 30, 2011.

Social Business in 2013 – A Challenge

Luis Suarez

Twitter Is Where Conversations Go To Die. Janetter or How I Started to Enjoy Twitter Once Again.

MOOC - The Resurgence of Community in Online Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

slide 1 – MOOC Wordle] My objective in this talk is to address how the massive open online course (MOOC) will impact the future of distance education, and in particular, strategies and examples of the use of MOOCs to promote cultural and linguistic diversity. The proposition I will offer is that MOOCs give us a new way to understand learning, and hence, a new way to understand certain types of learning, such as for example learning that supports diversity in language and culture.