Apparently, Organizational Culture is Crap

Dan Pontefract

The one thing we can be assured of until humans safely land and colonize Mars is “ organizational culture ” will continue to be a topic of conversation. ” That sounds like a pretty good starting point of organizational culture to me. yes, through its culture).

Leadership by Example

Harold Jarche

Here are two examples. In 1982 he presented Mi’kmaq Ethics & Principles , which included an examination of the differences in teaching between native and non-native cultures. As can be seen by Dr. Brant’s second example, with modelling, the learner is progressively supported.

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Culture or Cultures?

Clark Quinn

A twitter pointer led me to an HBR article arguing that We’re Thinking about Organizational Culture all Wrong. In it, the author argues that it’s fallacious to think that there’s just one organizational culture, , and that all people buy into it. The first is that the cultural values may be interpreted differently. Take, for instance, the difference between ‘free beer’ and ‘free speech’ (a classic example).

Montessori Is An Example Of The New Culture of Learning

Steve Denning

I reported a few days ago on a conversation with the authors , Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown, of the wonderful new book, A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change.

Is Your Corporate Culture The Root Cause Of Bad Meetings?

Dan Pontefract

In summary, the one hour meeting to discuss more efficient ways of operating became an example of what happens in many organizations today. In fact, your meeting culture could be a leading cause of disengagement. This is precisely what happened in my example. Culture meetings

Corporate Culture in a Venn Diagram

Dan Pontefract

Therefore, I whipped up the “Corporate Culture in a Venn” diagram to depict something that does take into account four key factors: Self/Boss – Relationship or Transactional. In other words, a culture killer.

Reflecting on the State of Enterprise 2.0 as an Organizational Culture Change Agent

Dan Pontefract

from many attendees) came through an example at the hands of a keynote delivered by Ross Mayfield. Alongside other factors at TELUS such as our community investment and recognition programs, the organization demonstrated that culture was in fact a competitive advantage. Culture.

If Your Enterprise Social Network Is a Ghost Town It’s Probably Due To Your Corporate Culture

Dan Pontefract

Tell me, would you describe your culture as one that is open or closed? Do you and your employees operate in a culture of fear or is it a relatively harmonious and engaged environment? Like me, Charlene is a crusader for a more open and collaborative culture.

Culture is entangled

Dave Snowden

Another Gaping Void cartoon for this second post on culture, which makes the point that change initiatives come and go but relationships that we build can last for ever. In practice (and in theory) culture is tangled, indistinct and difficult to tie down.

Culture And Design: Legacy Versus From Scratch

Adaptive Path

This collection of observations has made me realize just how deeply culture and cultural differences impact the practice of design. Culture and Design" is the overall theme I have chosen to write about in a series of posts covering the following topics: Culture of legacy and preservation versus culture from scratch. Culture of collective progress versus culture of individual progress. Culture of rhetoric versus culture of making.

Humor As Part of Nonprofit Social Content and Engagement Strategy: Hilarious Examples

Beth Kanter

Nonprofit technology professionals know how to converts laughs to donations and devoted an entire session to sharing tips, techniques, and examples during a NTEN conference. Big Scary Fortress Nonprofit with a Command and Control Culture.

Creating A Culture of Continuous Improvement Based On Data

Beth Kanter

It was designed to complement existing technical assistance resources through tip sheets, examples, and links to multiple resources. This section of the report covers new ways of thinking about organizational culture based in continuous improvement based on feedback.

Reviewing "A New Culture of Learning"

John Hagel

  My colleague and friend, John Seely Brown, has just come out with “A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change” , co-authored with Doug Thomas, a professor at the University of Southern California.  We believe that this new culture of learning can augment learning in nearly every facet of education and every stage of life. What if, for example, the questions were more important than the answers.

An Example of the Flat Army CLAM in Action: BC Ideas2Action

Dan Pontefract

It’s a good example of Government 2.0. (if book collaboration communication Culture engagement flat army organization BC Government CLAM Tanya Twynstra I’m not a very political man. You may even call me apolitical.

The Tale of Two Cultures

Jay Cross

Snow wrote an essay describing the “two cultures, whose thesis was that ‘the intellectual life of the whole of western society’ was split into two cultures — namely the sciences and the humanities — and that this was a major hindrance to solving the world’s problems.

Healthy Nonprofit Work Culture: Shouldn’t That 2 Hour Conference Call Have Been An Email?

Beth Kanter

We all have too many meetings and many organizations have a meeting culture that spawns more meetings, and the cycle of wasted time continues, stealing our creativity, energy, and getting in the way of getting results! Facilitation Leadership Organizational Culture

A cultural understanding of autism

Mind Hacks

Nature has a fascinating article on the diagnosis of autism and how it clashes with cultures that have different forms of everyday social interaction and different standards for how children should behave. Link to excellent Nature article on culture and autism.

Re-reading A New Culture of Learning

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

A New Culture of Learning by John Seely Brown and Doug Thomas. In the new culture of learning, people learn through their interaction and participation with one another in fluid relationships that are the result of shared interests and opportunity.

Do You Work for A Nonprofit That Promotes A Culture of Wellbeing in the Workplace?

Beth Kanter

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post called “ Why the Nonprofit Work Ethic Is Outdated and Needs Change ,” about why nonprofit professionals need to pay attention to self-care and bring a culture of wellbeing into the nonprofit workplace. (The

Does Your Nonprofit Organization’s Culture Eat French Fries for Breakfast?

Beth Kanter

Even better is to have self-care so finely embedded in the nonprofit’s culture that there is not a need for a separate program, it is simply part of the way the organization works. The bottom line is that you want to scale happy, healthy, pay attention organizational culture.

Technology, Media and Culture - the Best of Times or the Worst of Times?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab (AIL) was founded in 2010 to study the transformational impact of technology on culture and on the media industries. How can you best understand the impact of disruptive technologies on something as deeply human as culture?

Q&A With The Authors of A New Culture of Learning

Steve Denning

At a time when the US doesn’t even rank in the top 30 countries in the world in education status, we are fortunate to have a new book: A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown (CreateSpace, 2011).

The evolution of culture

Dave Snowden

I want to start with the culture word and I'm deliberately using lower case and linking with the idea of an evolutionary not an engineering process. The latest example claims originality is discovering that unwritten rules and practices are domain in culture.

Did Zappos Just Ruin Their Culture Or Is It A Brilliant Org Redesign?

Dan Pontefract

In a word, it’s all about “ culture.” Their collaborative mindset is infectious, one that encourages everyone to scale the culture. It’s an act of recognition, but it’s the opportunity for all Zappos employees to scale the culture.

[berkman] Culturomics: Quantitatve analysis of culture using millions of digitized books

David Weinberger

Erez Lieberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel (both of Harvard, currently visiting faculty at Google) are giving a Berkman lunchtime talk about “ culturomics “: the quantitative analysis of culture, in this case using the Google Books corpus of text. Q: Can you predict culture?

The importance of penis panics to cultural psychiatry

Mind Hacks

The Boston Globe has an excellent article about supposedly culture specific mental illnesses and how they are an ongoing puzzle for psychiatry’s diagnostic manual. These conditions are called culture-bound syndromes in the DSM but they’ve always had a bit of ‘looking at the natives’ feel about them as many syndromes that are unknown in many non-Western cultures (anorexia, for example) aren’t listed as ‘culture bound’ in any way.

The Tale of Two Cultures

Jay Cross

Snow wrote an essay describing the “two cultures, whose thesis was that ‘the intellectual life of the whole of western society’ was split into two cultures — namely the sciences and the humanities — and that this was a major hindrance to solving the world’s problems.

[2b2k] A New Culture of Learning

David Weinberger

If you want to read a brilliant application of some of the ideas in Too Big to Know to our educational system, read A New Culture of Learning by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown. DT and JSB do not, however, so fetishize games that they lose site of the elements of education a game like World of Warcraft (their lead example) does not provide, especially the curiosity about the world outside of the game. This, they say, leads to a new “culture of learning” (117).

A culture shock in brain ethics

Mind Hacks

Dana has an eye-opening article on the challenges of doing brain research in cultures that don’t share the same assumptions about science and human nature. Link to ‘Cross-Cultural Neuroethics: Look Both Ways’ Theory Togetherness

The Economic and Cultural Polarization of America

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For most of our nation’s history, whatever the inequality in wealth between the richest and poorest citizens, we maintained a cultural equality known nowhere else in the world - for whites, anyway.” There was a common civic culture, - the American way of life , - “that swept an extremely large proportion of Americans of all classes into its embrace. You might say the country has bifurcated into different social tribes, with a tenuous common culture linking them.”

Why I Will Never Use Uber Ever Again

Dan Pontefract

Dan's Related Posts: How To Build A Truly Purpose-Driven Company Through The Example Of Stocksy The First Step To Improving Employee Engagement Is To Connect With Your Team The Iconic Leader: Stage 4 of 5 in the Leadership Tonic Scale Should Employees Schedule Time To Be Social?

Isn’t this how organizational learning cultures progress?

Jay Cross

Jane Hart’s post yesterday on The differences between learning in an e-business and learning in a social business got me thinking about the evolution of learning culture in organizations.

Drugs where the sun don’t shine: a cultural history

Mind Hacks

Through the history of humanity, every culture has made use of psychoactive substances. Recreationally, both vaginal and anal cocaine use have been reported in the medical literature and popular culture.

The Rise of a Culture of Contempt and the Demise of UCLA Men's Basketball

Bob Sutton

  And I don't mean the drop off in performance at UCLA in the past few years, I mean the loss of its soul and the rise of a culture of contempt -- with rampant lousy leadership, bad role models, asshole poisoning.    For example, SI reports: The players were puzzled by some of their coach's idiosyncrasies. There are many other examples, but this one is symbolic as Nelson was literally trampling on a body that contained some of Wooden's DNA. 

[2b2k] Has the Internet killed our theory of medias effect on ideas and culture?

David Weinberger

For example, a couple of months after the New Yorker ran the original Gladwell piece, it published an article by Louis Menand that wondered how to gauge the social and political effects of books such as Betty Friedans 1963 The Feminine Mystique. Does media influence have the same effects on all cultures? Heres a paragraph from the draft of the book Ive been working on. Its a draft, so contents are subject to settling during shipping.

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When Culture Eats Your Foundation’s Social Media Strategy for Breakfast

Beth Kanter

I asked for examples from the group. Several participants observed that with recent natural disasters the people they want to provide support to are organizing faster than their institutions through the use of social networks. This help inspire change. Organizational Culture

The Growing Value of a Dual-Track Education

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For example, write The Chronicle : “Swiss students start learning about apprenticeship opportunities as early as the fourth grade, and 70 percent of them will start an apprenticeship at age 15 on their way to college or a job.

Globalization at a Crossroads

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For example, when asked to guess the percentage of first generation immigrants in the US population, Americans said that the figure was in the 32%-42% range, while the actual number is under 15%. Economic Issues Management and Leadership Political Issues Society and Culture

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The Cultural Impact of The Future of You

Luis Suarez

Here is an example. Cultural Impact of Social Networking in Defining the Workplace of the Future from Luis Suarez.

The Long Term Impact of AI on Jobs - Some Lessons from History

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The advent of automated teller machines (ATMs) in the 1970s is another, more recent example. Artificial Intelligence Economic Issues Political Issues Society and Culture Technology and StrategyThe June 25 issue of The Economist includes a special report on artificial intelligence.

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