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eLearning Conferences 2013

Tony Karrer

Past years eLearning Conferences 2012 , eLearning Conferences 2011 , eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. link] December 4-6, 2012 International Higher Education Curriculum Design , Academic and Applied Leadership Symposium, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Crowdsourcing the Future of eLearning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Or students in one country creating a Math 8 course for all students on Moodle. online classes and institutions might develop local capacity by developing courses and resources for a global audience. Students - allowing students to 'friend' courses on different sites, and share forum messages from similar courses around the world. The idea of making students co-creators of the course, by creating definitions, wiki entries, etc.

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Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

Lots of discussion and debate around interesting questions for eLearning professionals. Grows - But Creating "eLearning 2.0 Elliott Masie Learners as designers. Tony Bates - eLearning Outlook for 2011 1. Here are my top 10 eLearning predictions for 2011.

Free chapters from Implementing eLearning

Jay Cross

Seven years ago, Lance Dublin and I wrote a book entitled Implementing eLearning. We wrote that for eLearning to work, you needed to set the stage with change management and sell the stakeholders with the methods of consumer marketing. Marketing Design.

eLearning Conferences

Tony Karrer

crw Another source of major eLearning conferences is: Tom King's eLearning Google Calendar. link] ResearchatAUC/conferences/ elearning/Pages/default.aspx January 11-14, 2009 Association for Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education (ACUTA) Winter Seminar – Unified IP Communications Applications Across the Enterprise and Preparing Communications Technologies for Emergencies and Disasters, Palm Springs, California, USA.

Personalization for Knowledge Workers


The objective is to help the employee cut through the corporate knowledge repository and match the content with the unique needs of each employee. It engenders a “living” repository where problems are fixed as soon as they are identified, and gaps filled as they become apparent.



Instructional Designers (IDs) are now under more pressure than ever to deliver the best content, and a tool that many IDs are familiar with is a Learning Management System (LMS). In the simplest terms, this is a software package that manages course delivery and administration.

Single-Source Workshop with Bryan Chapman and Xyleme Recap


He took his single-source workshop materials and using Xyleme LCMS technology, created a full course on the topic. Based on industry averages, he estimated the time to develop this course and all the outputs would have previously taken 804 hours and the cost would have been $42,000.

The top 10 reasons your mobile learning strategy will fail | Dawn.


It’s been 15 years since the introduction of computer-based training and our industry still struggles with delivering engaging eLearning, developing it in a cost effective way and achieving positive learner outcomes. Rapid eLearning tools are the antithesis to the promise of mobile learning.

Open Education, MOOCs, and Opportunities

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

These systems were modeled on distance education resources such as programmed texts and course workbooks. These were designed originally by organizations such as the Open University, in Britain, and Canada''s Athabasca University. Online courses were developed according to a protocol that developed over 20 years of experience. This project, funded by Foundations such as Hewlett, involved the conversion and distribution of all MIT course materials on the internet.

Wikis and Learning – 60 Resources

Tony Karrer

So, of course, I went to eLearning Learning and I looked at Wiki , Collaborative Learning with Wikis , Wikis and eLearning 2.0 , Wikis Corporate eLearning , Social Learning with Wikis , Wiki Security and a few others. Experiencing eLearning , July 27, 2009 Wikis at Work - eLearning Technology , February 25, 2007 Control and Community: A Case Study of Enterprise Wiki Usage , May 4, 2009 Blog or Wiki?

Wiki 161

Content as a Service


As instructional designers, we create our learning products, package them up with all the content and media, wish them well, and ship them off to the LMS’s – never to be seen again. Learners must go through a cumbersome process of logging in, registering for the course, launching the course, then navigating through it to find the bit they are interested in. It takes months to create big monolithic eLearning courses that we lose control of once we ship to an LMS.

SharePoint Social Learning Experience

Tony Karrer

for Marketing – Social Learning Experience The concept is probably easiest to understand by considering what HP did around their course on Web 2.0 Of course, that’s an interesting learning problem in that the answer around “implications” is not defined. eLearning Technology.

50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10

Jay Cross

Traditionally, training departments were designed for mechanical work processes. Instructional designers created curriculum around tried-and-true best practices. Training identified knowledge gaps and delivered courses to close them. 10 percent from courses and reading.

Contest - Win a Free Copy of Digital Habitats via LearnTrends 2009

Tony Karrer

And, of course, happy to answer any questions. We use the polarities that are developed in Digital Habitats to tie these examples together and give you design ideas for program development. eLearning Technology. I've known Nancy White and John Smith for quite a while.

50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10 (5)

Jay Cross

Instead of designing programs to teach workers skills, you’ll be convincing managers to apply their experience and knowledge to coax workers to learn for themselves. Daily mid-course correction is much more powerful than after-the-fact reviews. 50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10.

CoP Series #5: Is my community a community of practice?

Nancy White

If the group continues to learn after the course is over, the course then becomes the catalyst for the beginnings of the community. So that would suggest the community may be something offered alongside the course. Yes, there was the “domain&# of the course.

The Future of Online Learning: Ten Years On

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Downes, 1998) At the time, I was working as a distance education and new media design specialist at Assiniboine Community College, and I wrote the essay to defend the work I was doing at the time. “We Computer programs are being designed to run in ‘virtual machines’ which can be carried from one hardware platform to another without adaptation. And specialized computer languages, such as Erlang, are designed to operate in multiple processor environments.

Sales Team Portal for Content and Expert Access

Tony Karrer

Of course, a big part of the conversation was making sure they had executive support and to set expectations about what was going to happen. Solution The heart of the site is the document repository. They designed a nice logo for it. eLearning Technology.

Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

Jay Cross

A major part of modern instructional design is actually workscape design. Workscape designers, like landscape designers, start with the existing environment. Information repository, archives, search engine. Donald Clark: 10 ways to shorten courses 215.

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