e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Ever Wonder How Much a Meeting Costs?

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « The Definitive iPhone eCard | Main | Day 2: Welcome to Day 2 of Marks "Clear the Tabs" Blog-a-thon" » July 14, 2008 Ever Wonder How Much a Meeting Costs? Weve all sat in meetings thinking "Geez, this little confab is costing the organization plenty" well now we can quantify that amount in an onscreen ticker.

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The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Is the problem with.

Steve Denning

Yet in another sense, the process is taking so long and the social and political costs of that delay are so high that it is appropriate to accelerate the process of re-creation and point out those who are, for various reasons, trying to slow the process down. They typically do this by controlling costs in their value chain and achieving economies of scale. The high social and political costs An obvious problem flowing from the slow pace of change is the shortage of jobs.

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Why Can’t We Reform The Health System?

Steve Denning

Almost as frightening as its cost is how poorly it performs. Clayton Christensen has an interesting short video on Forbes that seeks to explain why health system reform doesn't happen. They stringently evaluated new development and weighed the cost of new investment against potential gains. Health Innovation Leadership Radical Management costs customers health innovation.

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Reinventing management: The magical power of client delight

Steve Denning

This is the great divide in organizations today: There are organizations that looking from the inside-out, doing their thing, producing their products and services, doggedly tweaking their value chain, parsing and manufacturing customer demand, trying to find ways to lower costs, looking for economies of scale.

Learning: an anthro-complexity perspective

Dave Snowden

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) had a very strong focus on efficiency but after a promising start seemed to end up with a focus on cost reduction with staff layoffs being its greatest characteristic. You can search on the wiki or on this blog for the key terms.

Washington DC the End of October? | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Jul 10 2008 Washington DC the End of October? Published by Nancy White at 11:10 am under events Every time I contemplate getting on an airplane, I’m thinking “how do I maximize the carbon, cost and time of this plane ride.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Video Killed the Radio Star but What About the Instructional Designer?

Mark Oehlert

Main | Alternative and Activist Search Engines » June 21, 2007 Video Killed the Radio Star but What About the Instructional Designer? There is Video Jug , 5min Life Videopoedia , and Sclipo - just to name the ones open in my browser at present. thats how you tie a Windsor knot - but my initial impression is that while all are good, Video Jug and Sclipo have caught my eye quickest. Notes and chat aretagged and time-stamped into the video.

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Waiting For SuperExecutive: Why Executives Should Get on the Enterprise 2.0 Bus

Dan Pontefract

Video updates/sharing. Nothing like non-corporate / non-polished video briefs – the kids will love it. Open Wiki. If you don’t have a wiki for your team, you aren’t setting an open and transparent team culture. Without a wiki, intelligence will be trapped in email and on network shared folders. . You will be missing out on a way in which to demonstrate cost savings + team unity. . I recently took in the film Waiting for Superman.

How to Get the Greatest ROI from eLearning


The first step in measuring eLearning’s ROI is determining what the initial investment will cost. The price of an LMS is a huge consideration in determining the overall cost of the initial investment into eLearning.In addition to an LMS or eLearning system, organizations may incur costs associated with replacing old technology with new (for example, replacing outdated computers, devices, and networking systems). These costs include overhead costs and the cost of equipment.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "MIT Researchers Advance Lecture Capture with Search Capabilities" (Campus Technology)

Mark Oehlert

How do these sound for capabilities: running video and audio of the lecture and a transcript of the lecture which scrolls with the lecture and underlines words in the lecture as theyre spoken. I really love seeing developments like this and products like echo 360 , which are leveraging the sunk cost both financial and intellectual that are located within resident lectures.


Jay Cross

Housed on a wiki, Peeragogy keeps on improving. Make it easy to share photos and video, as on Flickr and YouTube. That said, there are lots of applications you can implement at reasonable cost. Wikis – for writing collaboratively, eliminating multiple versions of documents, keeping information out in the open, eliminating unnecessary email, and sharing responsibility for updates and error correction.

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Live the Dream First of Learning & Enterprise 2.0

Dan Pontefract

environment, and we all should be writing down what it looks like with appropriate benchmarking, metrics, cost/benefit analyses, etc. . Append wikis & blogs to some of your ILT classroom courses. Use private features of YouTube or Google Video to boost the learning experience with video blogging. Dream dreams. Then write them. Aye, but live them first. Samuel Eliot Morison.

Supporting Everyday Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Oops that's just size add a little bit better there that looks nice um, so the slides and the outliner available at this website here in addition to the conference recordings that are made available to you the slides audio video etc will be available after as well now. Video series.

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The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: HBR on How to Fix.

Steve Denning

Umair Haque, the author of the wonderful new book, The New Capitalist Manifesto , offers a positive interpretation of the article on Twitter and notes Porter's 10 minute video on the HBR website: "Delighted to see Michael Porter's new themes, rethinking capitalism + creating real value, strikingly echo my new book. The argument of the article and the video The video is entitled "Rethinking Capitalism" (rather than "How to Fix Capitalism").

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What corporates can learn from the Top 10 Tools for Learning 2012

Jane Hart

People love the ability to find short videos to inspire them, help them understand ideas or to acquire new (or remind themselves of old) skills, e.g. how to carry out software tasks. Many are also very willing to share their own videos with others too. A number of organizations have already explored the use of video sharing to support team working, by encouraging team members to create and share videos of company tasks and activities.

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Reinventing Management: Part 4: Coordination: From bureaucracy to.

Steve Denning

Even where the managers do know more or better, imposing a decision from above is usually counterproductive, and leads to “technical debt” i.e. the hidden buildup of unresolved technical issues that eventually have to be fixed, often at great cost. [4]

Reinventing Management: Part 5: From value to values

Steve Denning

Shift #4: From economic value to values When the firm’s goal shifts from making money for shareholders to providing a continuous stream of additional value to customers, there is a necessary shift from a single-minded preoccupation with economic value—efficiency, economies of scale and cost-cutting—to a broader focus on the values that will grow the business by generating innovation and customer delight.

My 25 Years of Ed Tech

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

1994 – Bulletin Board Systems Also: Video, Mainframe conferencing, Telephone, Compugraphics, MUD Weller's list actually starts a little late for me. In addition to the usual hands-on instructor-led learning, I discovered the training room, which was stocked with training videos.

Learning With and From Others: Restructuring Budgets for Social Learning

Dan Pontefract

Blogs, wikis, microblogging, YouTube-like video sharing, tagging, ranking, virtual worlds, discussion forums, and generally any other form of user-generated content (for learning, communication, and marketing) are both practical and engaging ways to complement the learning strategy of any organization. Social software such as video servers, collaboration platforms, and microblogging tools do in fact require an investment to reap benefit thereafter.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

Video galore. Twitter, Yammer), wikis, blogs, discussion groups, etc. The availability of cost-effective resources to facilitate wide collaboration (including open source software that enables wikis, discussion groups, chat and even web conferencing) presents the chance for organizations to reconsider the effectiveness of the performance support being offered to their people. It's also amazing how simple it is to capture video.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: A genuine Sputnik moment.

Steve Denning

 These firms are looking from the inside-out, producing their products and services to make money for shareholders, doggedly tweaking their value chain, parsing and manufacturing customer demand, trying to find ways to lower costs, looking for economies of scale.

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (4)

Jay Cross

We distribute information through podcasts, blogs, or videos. ? It’s easy to contribute to a blog or wiki. ? Assessing the cost/benefit of experiential learning is like asking for a cost/benefit of your telephone connections. Fourth post in a series. In case you missed them, here are the first , second , and third posts. Is your organization ready? How ready are you to tackle Big L Learning?

Executive pay: what's wrong with this picture?

Steve Denning

Since the cost of health and education has been increasing rapidly, the actual standard of living of most people has been on the decline.

IT & HR: Should They Merge?

Dan Pontefract

Furthermore, through various wikis, intranet sites, job aids, videos, etc. The general rule of thumb, however, is that HR and IT are costs to the organization, and are established to support the organization drive revenue, and thus profitability. The Learning Space at companies large and small is often caught between the fence posts of IT and HR. Sometimes, it's a vortex.

Could a Super Bowl ad make us love the US Government?

Steve Denning

It created an immense amount of public discussion and was replayed many times on television stations at no cost to Apple, and it was this, rather than the ad itself, that contributed to a hugely successful launch of the Macintosh.

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The Ability to Lead Remote Employees Will Become the Next 2.0 Skill

Dan Pontefract

Telework is easily being used as an option to reduce real estate costs, helping save bottom line dollars for any sized organization. Do you have a wiki or alternate platform that allows this? Do you post short, informal videos about anything business related that the team could benefit from?

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How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

Jay Cross

In its place enters social and informal learning hubs like on-demand content, live online discussions, wikis and forums, and searchable content archives. Face-to-face interaction and desktop sharing through video conferencing. A diverse learning library, made up of videos, FAQs and links to relevant information. Make it easy to share photos and video, as on Flickr and YouTube. There are lots of applications you can implement at reasonable cost.

Workshop on Mass Collaboration - Day One

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Nature article on massively collaborative mathematics (see the wiki PolyMath). Some of the dimensions investigated included: - responsiveness - engagement intensity - role distribution - reward mehcanisms Another project: the CreativeIT wiki - in which we learned that most wikis are dead on arrival. You see this a lot - they set up a wiki where everyone contributes, but you go back 6 months, and there''s nothing there.

Down But Not Quite Out: what can we learn from the plights of Learning Tree International and Readers Digest?

Charles Jennings

They have developed a portal to stream video and audio of the instructor's performance, with some real-time communication with instructor and other participants in 'break-out rooms'. The Institute didn't include any courses from suppliers such as Learning Tree, but was rich with resources from Books24x7, TechChek (a web-based technical skills assessment tool), internal company communities and knowledge sharing wikis.

FAQ 149

Your social wishlist

Jay Cross

reduce operating costs. Wikis – for writing collaboratively, eliminating multiple versions of documents and email, keeping information out in the open, eliminating unnecessary email, and sharing responsibility for updates and error correction. Minimum feature set: shared screen, shared white board, text chat, video of participants, ability to record. How will you take advantage of your in-house social network?

Transparent work

Harold Jarche

Cost of goods increases and margins shrink. We watch descriptive YouTube videos and check out wiki-how or a host of other self-help sites. Tweet People are now the engine of change and the fuel is communications, says Jay Deragon in Systemic Impact of Social Technology. System outcomes can be influenced by numerous factors such as: Competitor innovation that attracts the market away from your business. You cut expenses to survive.

Social Media in International Development Workshop | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Apr 28 2009 Social Media in International Development Workshop Published by Nancy White at 7:15 am under events , international development , social media , technology stewardship Do you work for an international development NGO? Week 2 – Social Media Tools wikis, blogs, twitter, file and photo sharing, and many more.

Wiki 109

[berkman] Karim Lakhani on disclosure policies and innovation

David Weinberger

Costs and benefits? Karim shows a video about a contest to solve an issue with the International Space Station, having to do with the bending of bars (longerons) in the solar collectors when they are in the shadows. Submitted code was instantly posted to a wiki where anyone could use it. In the first week you work without disclosure, but in the second week submissions were posted to the wiki. Increased reuse comes at the cost of incentives.

Future Learning Interview

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Could these tools, combined with the increasing cost of higher education, lead people to follow an alternative model of higher education that does not require attending a four-year college or university? where the wiki would be open and accessible to learners, and employed by learning professionals in support of educational activities. Then football players also spend time reviewing videos. Hiya Peter, Answers to questions follow.

Social Media Implications for Business

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The full video of the first panel can be seen here. The full video of the second panel can be seen here. In addition, 76 percent of the consumers surveyed said they now watch video on their PCs, up 27 percent from last year’s survey; 32 percent now have watched video on a mobile device or a mobile phone, up 45 percent from last year. “ I think of those as pretty dramatic swings in consumption patterns.

Guff: a conversation in 3 parts. Part 1

Clark Quinn

You’ve got to have the ‘total customer experience’ locked down, and that means optimal execution is just the cost of entry. Intel’s used a wiki to help people share knowledge. Sun’s capturing top performance on video and sharing it. A: Looking up from reading. Guff!”. B: Curious. What’s guff?”. A: “All this social learning stuff.”. B: “Really, you think so?”. A: “Yeah, I mean, learning’s learning, and who needs to make a ‘social’ out of it?

ROI 102

Introduction to Social Networking

Harold Jarche

My only costs were labour. Ability to share various digital objects and information –Both Ning and Facebook allow members to share various online items, including photos, videos and RSS feeds. To learn more about the basics of social networking, check out this Common Craft video on social networks. Also check out this wiki, WebTools4U2Use.

Online Educa (4) Opening keynotes â?? Informal Learning Blog

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

A hidden video camera recorded what happened. A hole in the wall costs 3 cents per child per day. Everyone was talking blogs and wikis. Frontline video on Sugata’s project. #5. Wiki â?¼ Informal Learning Blog. ← Online Educa (3) Security Awareness. More on Hole in the Wall project → Online Educa (4) Opening keynotes. December 6th, 2007 | general. Two of the first dayâ??s s keynote speakers stirred peopleâ??s s feelings.

Full Circle Associates " The World Cafe Community - Virtual Cafes?

Nancy White

Existing and potential tools (especially free or low cost tools)? video. wikis. Monday videos. About Full Circle. Contact. Resources. Full Circus. Full Circle Associates. connections for a changing world, online and offline… Jul. The World Cafe Community - Virtual Cafes? Published by Nancy White at 11:09 am under community indicators , events , facilitation , online facilitation , online interaction.

Wiki 100

My Take on the Top 25

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

It's certainly more reliable than other voice and video communication tools I've used. YouTube - I use Google Video to upload videos, because I started there, and I prefer the presentation there. PBWiki - I have my own wiki installed on my website, and don't need to use PBWiki. It's an instance of UseMod Wiki , which I've customized to work with my own login system. In every instance, there's a cost to using my own tools.

Ning 106

Social (hiccup) CRM tools

Martijn Linssen

It cost me over a full day of research, downloading and trying software, viewing demos, chatting to people, asking around. Heres a screenshot The demos at Jive are sexy, impressive and video you can just read without sound (love that) - although theres no control about. However, they approach the world inside-out, like Lithium does: No need to chase people, content, or conversations across countless forums, blogs, or wikis. Business or Pleasure? -

Tools 157

Why Content Curation Should be in Your Skillset

Jay Cross

video. Here’s an example of a no-cost, one-person curation project. You may well be a curator already, posting items to Twitter, your blog, FAQs, or a wiki. Curation can boost your profit and help your people grow. It can save millions, reduce frustration, and boost the velocity of information in your organization. It starts in a gallery. You expect the curator of an art gallery to know the collection and to: search out the best items. select for the collection.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

They say its about: 5 Trends Converging (3G + Social Networking + Video + VoIP + Impressive Mobile Devices) The growth of mobile devices has been amazing. Add to this VOIP/Skype, 3G and what’s happening with video on demand. If you have a DVR, it’s fascinating to see what’s going on with movies on demand and video on demand. And capture is moving towards video and audio. That you couldn’t really do audio or video or much of anything else over the web?