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How to Get the Greatest ROI from eLearning


The good news is that there are clear-cut answers to most questions regarding the confusing subject of ROI of eLearning. Does eLearning have a good ROI? Not every type of ROI is measurable. The first step in measuring eLearning’s ROI is determining what the initial investment will cost. The price of an LMS is a huge consideration in determining the overall cost of the initial investment into eLearning.In This can have a sizeable effect on an ROI.

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Learning With and From Others: Restructuring Budgets for Social Learning

Dan Pontefract

Blogs, wikis, microblogging, YouTube-like video sharing, tagging, ranking, virtual worlds, discussion forums, and generally any other form of user-generated content (for learning, communication, and marketing) are both practical and engaging ways to complement the learning strategy of any organization. Social software such as video servers, collaboration platforms, and microblogging tools do in fact require an investment to reap benefit thereafter. But where is the ROI?


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How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (4)

Jay Cross

We distribute information through podcasts, blogs, or videos. ? It’s easy to contribute to a blog or wiki. ? Assessing the cost/benefit of experiential learning is like asking for a cost/benefit of your telephone connections. As one pundit put it, “The ROI of social networking is being in business a few years from now.”. Fourth post in a series. In case you missed them, here are the first , second , and third posts. Is your organization ready?

Guff: a conversation in 3 parts. Part 1

Clark Quinn

You’ve got to have the ‘total customer experience’ locked down, and that means optimal execution is just the cost of entry. Intel’s used a wiki to help people share knowledge. Sun’s capturing top performance on video and sharing it. B: “Caterpillar’s got communities of practice generating ROI, Best Buy’s getting a lot of advantage through internal idea generation, the list goes on, and those are only the ones we’ve found.”. A: Looking up from reading. Guff!”.

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Reflecting on the first half of 2009

Jay Cross

Any remaining training staff will become mentors, coaches and facilitators who work on improving core business processes, strengthening relationships with customers and cutting costs. Decided to learn to shoot video. Seminal Documents & Seminal videos. Companies should embrace network-supported informal learning because it works better, not because it reduces labor costs. Not Your Father’s ROI (with Jon Husband). My new car is one year old!

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Why Corporate Training is Broken And How to Fix It

Jay Cross

Training departments are no more at fault than bankrupt companies like Blockbuster Video, Borders, Silicon Graphics, Nortel Networks, Circuit City, Bethlehem Steel, Smith Corona, Polaroid, Wang Labs, or Underwood Typewriters. Person-to-person instruction is no longer cost-effective. They counted on big savings in salaries, travel costs, and facilities as computers replaced instructors. Training departments purchased libraries of this garbage and touted cost savings.

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How to support informal learning

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Instant messenger, Twitter clones, podcasts. • Avoid duplication of effort in keeping up with news and research by providing shared information flows. • Reduce costs and increase relevance by replacing formal training programs with user-generated content. • Where possible, substitute self-service and peer learning for workshops. • Timeliness trumps perfection. Use amateur video and blogs to distribute information while it’s still fresh. Cross: Is 353% ROI plausible?

If I Were CEO, I’d Mandate Enterprise 2.0

Dan Pontefract

According to a Melcrum global study with over 2,000 participants gauging use and benefit of such tools as wikis, blogs, micro-blogging and collaboration in general, users responded as follows: improved levels of employee engagement (21%). watch this video clip for a small taste of his E2.0 & ‘cultivate and coordinate’ passion). The technology investments, which cost US$81 million to deploy, provided a 900 percent return on investment (ROI).

Social Media Planning and Evaluation for NGOs | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Here are two articles that you might find helpful from IBM: [link] [link] (this last one has a nice video that makes it really clear!) Qualitative Evaluation There is more than quantitative metrics for evaluating your social media ROI.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Mastering New Marketing Practices

John Hagel

Second, costs of production and physical distribution are significantly declining on a global scale and customer acquisition and retention costs are rising. Layer in a third factor at work – the systematic and significant decline in interaction costs that make it easier for customers to identify vendors, find information about them, negotiate with them, monitor their performance and switch from one vendor to another if they are not satisfied with performance.

Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

Jay Cross

Facility for online discussion, instant messaging, video conferencing. ROI is in the mind of the beholder 159. The cost of inefficient methods 165. Network Era Productivity: Not Your Father’s ROI 194. Traditional ROI 195. Why Wiki 313. We just cut the price of the eBook to $12. eBook , $12. Paper, $24. By Charles Jennings, Harold Jarche, ?Clark Clark Quinn, Jane Hart & Jay Cross.

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