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Making social media happen in government: case study of NSW Department of Education

Trends in the Living Networks

Barriers to engagement include loss of control, staff performance, ROI, brand reputation, security, and poor understanding. They have also released an excellent 16 page printed booklet called What staff need to know about social media & technology , as well as a very nice 4 minute video that runs through and illustrates the 12 points. DET CEO Michael Coutts-Trotter embraced social media, including using Twitter and creating a number of YouTube videos. . Enterprise 2.0

Notes from ALT-C

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

lists, not tables) Roger Henry - ''Your Business Future'' - OERs in the business course - videos. - "The notion of students as change agents is a relatively new concpt." -- Malcom Ryan Rachel Winston How we can shape the development of a new culture of learning by creating a new partnership between students and educators. political view of the prevailing culture 1. why NUS thinks is an ideal model 2. how you in your role can build these partnerships 3.


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How to support informal learning

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Cross is a champion of informal learning, Web 2.0, They are currently refining informal/web 2.0 Instant messenger, Twitter clones, podcasts. • Avoid duplication of effort in keeping up with news and research by providing shared information flows. • Reduce costs and increase relevance by replacing formal training programs with user-generated content. • Where possible, substitute self-service and peer learning for workshops. • Timeliness trumps perfection.

Why Corporate Training is Broken And How to Fix It

Jay Cross

Training departments are no more at fault than bankrupt companies like Blockbuster Video, Borders, Silicon Graphics, Nortel Networks, Circuit City, Bethlehem Steel, Smith Corona, Polaroid, Wang Labs, or Underwood Typewriters. Person-to-person instruction is no longer cost-effective. In the late 1990s, the web changed everything. They counted on big savings in salaries, travel costs, and facilities as computers replaced instructors. Google search for web resources.

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Reflecting* on the second half of 2009

Jay Cross

Two hours of high-quality video from a cam that slides into your pocket. Here’s a sample: I continued to experiment with learning video. I prepared these videos to show at Online Educa. Provided marketing and distribution advice to half a dozen web 2.0 Informal Learning 2.0. Networks reduce transfer costs to zero, enabling companies to focus on what they do best while outsourcing what others can do better.

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If I Were CEO, I’d Mandate Enterprise 2.0

Dan Pontefract

If I were a CEO, I’d mandate Enterprise 2.0 For those that are looking for a little more proof, I present to you three studies/surveys (of many) that can help one in their understanding of why Enterprise 2.0 One facet of Enterprise 2.0, In a comment to a blog post entitled “ The Holy Trinity: Leadership Framework, Learning 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0 “ I stated “ Networks don’t need org charts, but org charts need networks ”. Next up, is Enterprise 2.0

Social Media Planning and Evaluation for NGOs | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Organizations working in more conservative parts of the world worry about what people will access if they start using web based tools. Here are two articles that you might find helpful from IBM: [link] [link] (this last one has a nice video that makes it really clear!) Qualitative Evaluation There is more than quantitative metrics for evaluating your social media ROI. Welcome to my web home.