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Personal Learning Informal Learning Corporate eLearning eLearning Design Authoring Tools Rapid e-Learning Tools eLearning (e-Learning) e-Learning Software Blended e-Learning e-Learning Tools Learning Management Systems (LMS) e-Learning ROI and Metrics Search via eLearning Learning for first time visitors Thursday, September 10, 2009 eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology A reader sent a note asking my opinion on the vendor pricing in The Great eTrain Robbery?

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Managing Multiple Learning Managment Systems - The High Cost of Choice


They contain media assets like images and video that can add up to gigabytes of data. So, if software development is not one of your core competencies, you’re risk of project overruns increases dramatically. High maintenance costs: Standish goes on to report that annual maintenance cost can run as high as 40% of total project cost with high risk of overrun due to lack of experience and best practice approach.

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Prediction: Video-conferencing will help drive increased business travel

Trends in the Living Networks

Clearly a particularly pointed issue in the world of business travel today is the rise of video-conferencing, which many companies in recent years have latched onto as a substitute for travel, largely for cost-saving. In the first edition of Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships , which came out in 2000, I wrote in the chapter on managing communication portfolios that the ever-improving quality of video-conferencing would be accompanied by increasing business travel.

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Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video As Part Its Communications Strategy

Beth Kanter

Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video As Part Its Communications Strategy – Guest Post by Michael Hoffman, CEO of See3. It’s obvious to anyone who spends time online that video is taking over the internet. And when video is paired with a continuous strategy and clear metrics for success, there is overwhelming evidence showing that it is a crucial, important investment for nonprofits. 92% value the investment they have made in video.

7 Fantastic Free or Low Cost Sources To Get Images for Your Content Strategy

Beth Kanter

Images, visuals, videos, and infographics are being staples of nonprofit’s content strategy, especially for social channels. While Facebook recently launched a huge free stock photo archive for use in Facebook ads, finding compelling, high quality images that are low cost or free for image overlays, blog post and other channels can be difficult. I recently asked nonprofits on my Facebook brand page where they got their images. Flickr Image by Sam Howzit.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Web-based Replacements for MSFT Project

Mark Oehlert

» March 25, 2008 Web-based Replacements for MSFT Project OK.havent had the time to try any of these out but love seeing rich toolsets like this hit the cloud.if Webware story ) "If you use Microsoft Project, you might want to seriously consider three alternatives that run completely on the Web. Tony - I know how you feel but I have never heard of Wrike - but I'll give it a look - and I guess whether or not its worth the cost is up to you.

OER and User Pay

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Jeff Rubenstein wrote: And those systems will necessarily have a cost that *someone* has to pay. And that's important, because there's a certain perspective that expresses the view that the *end-user* should pay some of (in a purely market economy) all of the costs.

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My Main Focus for 2011: Scaling Good Behavior - Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton

Forbes.com Video Network: Weed Out the Bad Seed. Financial Times: The Cost of Hidden Bias at Work. Design school project teaches bike safety - The Stanford Daily Online. Gretchen Rubin: The Happiness Project. Now that the launch of Good Boss, Bad Boss is done, along with a host of chores related to The No Asshole Rule paperback and the Asian Leadership edited volume,  I am turning to future projects.  I think this is a great project.

Business and Technology Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The adoption of new technological behaviours in response to the pandemic, from video-conferencing to online shopping, means usage has already reached levels that were not expected for many more years,” noted The Economist several months later.

A holiday freebie for readers | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Video. Video (2). However, over the next few days I’m hoping to catch you up on a few projects. No cost. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan. Speaking Engagements. Articles. Office Hours. Drive. A Whole New Mind. Johnny Bunko. Daniel H. Pink is the author of four provocative bestselling books about the changing world of work. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife and their three children. More about Dan.

A storage crisis

Doc Searls

The best new phones come with the ability to shoot 108 megapixel photos, record 4K video with stereo sound, and pack the results into a terabyte of onboard storage. I also have a 5Tb portable drive for videos, which is back in Santa Barbara awaiting dubs off of tapes.

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Mobile Learning: Making Content Available Anytime, Anywhere


Jan sits down at her desktop computer and watches a video on a newly installed project management software her company implemented. Whether through a video, Instagram or Facebook feed, email, or course topic, all content needs to be micro to be mobile ready.

Black box or stepping stones?

Dave Snowden

We had got the critical point where maintenance fees matched fixed costs. Utilisation models, normally used for software projects and consultancy in contrast are delivering to requirement so each project is journey with a beginning, a midland an end while developing an application product sabot a never ending journey. The other main company, and dominant partner was Software Sciences who were a project based software house.

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Mobile Learning: Anytime, Anywhere


She decides to watch a short video on a newly installed project management software her company implemented. Whether through a video, Instagram or Facebook feed, email, or content topic, all content needs to be micro to be mobile ready. Mobile learning, also called M-learning, is any type of content that is developed or consumed on mobile devices, such as on smartphones and tablets. This can be anything from podcasts to taking a full eLearning course.

Duplication theory of educational value

George Siemens

Some of these contextual entities relate to input costs such as the materials needed to build a house, while others relate to intangibles such as the appeal of a particular neighbourhood. The internet has a different value scheme than what we encounter with physical products, particularly in relation to input costs. For each physical book that I purchase, I have to pay for input costs (paper, printing, shipping). These input costs don’t exist with digital content.

The Future of the Gig Economy

John Hagel

One of the key drivers of the growth of this portion of the gig economy has been an increasing tendency for larger companies to shed major portions of their workforce in their quest to shift from fixed labor costs to variable labor costs , especially if there's significant fluctuation in the demand for certain kinds of tasks. After all, that’s the attraction of the gig economy to corporate America – the ability to turn labor into a variable cost.

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The future of higher education and other imponderables

George Siemens

Do you realize that the cost of higher education has risen as fast as the cost of health care? A greater portion of the cost of education is being pushed to students. UK is in the middle of a large and dramatic shift of education costs from the state to the student. virtually every region of the world, given increasing enrolments, rising costs and the ongoing. The cost input of an open university model required content, printing, teaching, and assessment.

The Internet of Things is Changing the World

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Internet-connected smart doorbells , for example, include motion sensors and video cameras that notify a home owner when someone arrives at the door. But, it will take a lot more than one trillion IoT devices to achieve these ambitious projections.

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Decision Making in Our Increasingly Complex Organizations

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Goldfarb explained that the best way to assess the impact of a new radical technology is to look at how the technology reduces the cost of a widely used function. For example, computers are essentially powerful calculators whose cost of digital operations has been dramatically going down over the past several decades thanks to Moore’s Law. Viewed through this lens, our AI revolution can be viewed as reducing the cost of predictions.

The Impact of AI on R&D and Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In a 2017 article , they wrote that the best way to assess the economic impact of a new radical technology is to look at how the technology reduces the cost of a widely used function. For example, the computer revolution can be viewed as being all about the dramatic reductions in the cost of arithmetic calculations.

Supporting Everyday Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Oops that's just size add a little bit better there that looks nice um, so the slides and the outliner available at this website here in addition to the conference recordings that are made available to you the slides audio video etc will be available after as well now. Video series.

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The Impact of AI on R&D and Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In a 2017 article , they wrote that the best way to assess the economic impact of a new radical technology is to look at how the technology reduces the cost of a widely used function. For example, the computer revolution can be viewed as being all about the dramatic reductions in the cost of arithmetic calculations.

The World Bank’s Human Capital Index

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The world is healthier and more educated than ever…,” notes the World Bank in a companion report, The Human Capital Project. “But a large and unfinished agenda remains. This video nicely explains the HCI and what it measures. . Many disadvantaged families want to invest in better health and education for their children, but, in general, families and individuals cannot afford the costs of acquiring human capital. These costs put new generations at a severe disadvantage.

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Educating the Next Generation Workforce: Preparing Students to Meet Employers’ Expectations

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

new project by WalMart. Video of Amazon Sumerian - proof-of-concept - avatar 'Cora'.) Video: ASCE Future World Vision project - five types of cities) Content for this talk from a new white paper: [link] (Requires you give personal information

Sunrise: The technologies that will change our lives

Trends in the Living Networks

The video clip is below. The four ideas that I pointed to were: Personal DNA testing – costs have collapsed to the point where we can sequence our own genome, discovering insights into our family past and future health. Dr Karl talked about ‘moonshot ideas’, where China is investing massive amounts into enormous development projects, such as solar energy and bio-engineering.

Wanna talk meaning, learning science, and more…?

Clark Quinn

A special mention for the CrowdThinking project , in collaboration with IBSTPI. I’ve created some short videos that talk about, and illustrate, a number of things our cognitive architecture has to account for. If, by the way, you are thinking about attending the conference , but have some struggles with cost, get in touch with me. The L&D conference , starting today, has a wide variety of things going on.

Innovation in open online courses

George Siemens

Videos, simulations, and graphics now contribute to formal MOOCs often costing several hundred thousand dollars to develop. Early projects like CMU’s OLI focus on content focused courses with an emphasis on supported mutli-step problem solving. In a few weeks, our edX course Data, Analytics, and Learning (#DALMOOC https://www.edx.org/course/utarlingtonx/utarlingtonx-link5-10x-data-analytics-2186 ) will start.

Course 209

How to Get the Greatest ROI from eLearning


The first step in measuring eLearning’s ROI is determining what the initial investment will cost. The price of an LMS is a huge consideration in determining the overall cost of the initial investment into eLearning.In addition to an LMS or eLearning system, organizations may incur costs associated with replacing old technology with new (for example, replacing outdated computers, devices, and networking systems). These costs include overhead costs and the cost of equipment.

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US education: a grave failure of national management & character

Steve Denning

Read the full NYT report here COLLEGE EDUCATION FACES SIMILAR ISSUES The cost of a US college education is ridiculous. in the past 40 years, but the cost of attending a state college has increased by a factor of 15 for in-state students and 24 for out-of-state students. The cost of attending a private college has increased by a factor of more than 13 (a year in the Ivy League will set you back $38,000, excluding bed and board).

2016 Top Tools for Learning

Charles Jennings

It’s a good conduit to publish and share video material, and a great resource for ‘quick tips’ when I need to know how a piece of software or a broken shower works. Dropbox should be given an award for reducing the cost on global health services. It’s a great way to share resources and project documents and to make materials that others often ask for easily accessible to them.

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Learn Informal Learning Informally

Jay Cross

Five interactive video conversations with Jay. Focus on a project for your company that delivers $100,000+ in benefits. prepare a business case for that informal learning project. implementation plan, change management, cost/benefit. Next month I’ll be offering an experiential workshop on Informal Learning through Jane Hart’s Social Learning Center. Here’s a preliminary description.

Rioting in an age of transparency

George Siemens

The events unfolding in the Middle East reveal the high cost of rioting for change – abuse, injury, and even death. The Vancouver Canucks Riot is a surprisingly well documented event – probably one of the best documented riots in history thanks to tweets, images, videos, and blog posts. Taking images and recording video is incredibly easy. I’ve never had the need or occasion to participate in a riot.

My 25 Years of Ed Tech

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

1994 – Bulletin Board Systems Also: Video, Mainframe conferencing, Telephone, Compugraphics, MUD Weller's list actually starts a little late for me. In addition to the usual hands-on instructor-led learning, I discovered the training room, which was stocked with training videos.

Open Learning, Open Networks - Online Learning in 2020

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

So oh yes in the slides audio video recording all of that all the recording information will be online on my website www.downs.ca/presentation/533, So everything from calendar to teams to screen and video recording etc. Another big project that we're working on is on data literacy.

What’s the Value of Blockchain?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

We did so by establishing an early market presence, including highly visible experimental web sites like the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics , as well as joint projects with clients such as LL Beans’s first e-commerce site. To address this problem, IGF developed a blockchain solution to significantly improve the resolution time and free up the capital tied up in common customer disputes, which is nicely explained in this short video.

Renaissance Sackville

Harold Jarche

We receive about $50,000 annually from the Town of Sackville and get special project funding from other sources, such as Heritage Canada for the town’s 250th anniversary celebrations in 2012. RS acts mostly as a seed funding agency for small projects that test new ideas. Other recent examples include a bike co-op, a car share program, and a video camp for teenagers. The measure of success for RS is in its aggregate work, not any specific project.

Single-Source Workshop with Bryan Chapman and Xyleme Recap


Based on industry averages, he estimated the time to develop this course and all the outputs would have previously taken 804 hours and the cost would have been $42,000. However, using single source development, including reusing content objects, engaging in non-linear development and spiral project management, the entire course was produced in only 108 hours for a grand total of just under $6,000.

What corporates can learn from the Top 10 Tools for Learning 2012

Jane Hart

People love the ability to find short videos to inspire them, help them understand ideas or to acquire new (or remind themselves of old) skills, e.g. how to carry out software tasks. Many are also very willing to share their own videos with others too. A number of organizations have already explored the use of video sharing to support team working, by encouraging team members to create and share videos of company tasks and activities.

Tools 174

Notes from: MOOCs for Development

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

video not currently practical - exploring solar power, fibre-optics, etc - e-learning is a viable and profitable business in Africa, which is evidence it works - 75% of AVU''s activity devoted to capacity-building - OERs - the fact that the resources are open makes a big difference - but how to capitalize on this? Welcoming Intro Ezekiel Emmanue l - MOOCs ''democratizing'' education? (vs?

This kids, is why hallucinogenics and the internet don’t mix

George Siemens

This is what I imagine the experience would be like if one dropped hallucinogenics and browsed the web – a feeling of incredulity and weird confusion that can only come from time and reality being featured in a will it blend video. an international leader in Moodle services located in Australia…our meetings were productive in outlining areas where Blackboard can best contribute to the Moodle project as we set out on a journey.

Notes from ELI 2015 Riyadh - Day One

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

you have to show you are good) - Pearson - has taken a strong effort to measure our products and our services (video clip from Pearson CEO) (but no, this isn''t an advertisement for Pearson, he assures us) - "return on investment in human capital" - measuring the tasks = measuring efficacy - Challenges in the Gulf region - infrastructure - are all schools and all users connected?

The Exodus

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Moncton can't manage large building projects. Andrea and I tried to oppose the project before it got started, because it wiped out the last of the green lawn in the area and presented a three-storey wall as a facade on Mountain Road. Not surprisingly, it also ran into overruns costing millions of dollars. Recently, the bar patrons there have taken to street-fighting ; the videos have been splashed all over the world.

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The MIT 2017 Inclusive Innovation Challenge

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

It uses a low-cost, scalable model that replicates in-person coding classes, followed by matching them to paid apprenticeships with hundreds of companies. To solve that problem, iHub opened work spaces and meeting rooms in Nairobi, where upcoming developers have the chance to work with established engineers on real projects. Dropouts disproportionately come from underserved communities, which costs the U.S.