Richard Feynman On The Folly Of Crafting Precise Definitions - Bob.

Bob Sutton

Hansen: Collaboration: How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Create Unity, and Reap Big Results. Adopting The No Asshole Rule: Dont Bother If The Words Are Hollow » Richard Feynman On The Folly Of Crafting Precise Definitions. I actually think it is a pretty good definition, but my bias is still that I like original approach, as they did such a nice job of arguing, essentially, that if they tried to get more precise, they would sacrifice accuracy. Bob Sutton.

Managing Collaboration

Harold Jarche

Tweet My colleague Jane Hart asks who should be your Chief Collaboration Officer (CCO)? It’s a good question, given the growing importance of working collaboratively in the 21st century workplace. Collaboration is a key part of creative work. With the Internet, never before has it been so easy to collaborate, yet within many organizations it’s often more difficult. Do you need a Chief Collaboration Officer?


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Collaborators, Cooperators and People I Learn From

Luis Suarez

Finally, after a good few days of tinkering Collaborators , Cooperators and People I Learn From were born. . Collaborators , Cooperators and People I Learn From. Working together, for me, can be seen in terms of two different types of interactions: collaboration and / or cooperation. To then finish up with this other really nice quote that clearly differentiates what collaboration and cooperation are, and what they are not: . Teams, groups, and markets collaborate.

Mobile Learning: Definition, Examples, Advantages and Disadvantages


Learners can collaborate through online forums and chats. The post Mobile Learning: Definition, Examples, Advantages and Disadvantages appeared first on Xyleme. What is Mobile Learning? Mobile learning, also called mlearning, is education or training that is conducted on and delivered through portable devices like smartphones and tablets. What Influences Mobile Learning?

Peering deeply into collaboration

Harold Jarche

Dion Hinchcliffe recently took a look at the evolution of workplace collaboration technologies and the move toward data-driven control by organizational leadership. Essentially, it’s applying IBM’s Watson-style machine learning to the full collaborative output of your organization. As minions scurry about, leaving traces of their collaboration and knowledge-sharing, managers will be able to see the whole picture and make informed decisions.

Piecing together collaboration and cooperation

Clark Quinn

In an insightful piece , Harold Jarche puts together how collaboration and cooperation are needed to make organizations work ‘smarter’, integrating workgroups with the broader social network by using communities of practice as the intermediary.

The difference between social learning and social collaboration

Jane Hart

In my framework of Modern Workplace Learning (see diagram on right) I use the term s ocial collaboration to label an important new element of work of the modern-day L&D department. But a new definition of social learning has emerged in the last few years; one that implies the use of social technology to underpin learning. So why is there a need to focus on social collaboration ? First published 25 March 2015.

Mass Collaboration Workshop, Day Two

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

(My presentation will appear separately) Collective Knowledge in Social Tagging Environments Joachim Kimmerle, KMRC Even though it is hard to find good definitions of knowledge, most psychologists would agree that knowledge is an internal mental representation of external environments. Note that coordination here is not really needed, in contrast to other systemss of mass collaboration. They create content collaboratively. Questions: is this a collaboration (with scientists)?

Call it Collaboration, Not Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business

Dan Pontefract

more often than I would have liked over the past 18 months, and if I’m doing that too often, then something is definitely not sticking. Collaboration. Let’s call it “Collaboration”. As the noun of the word ‘collaborate’, it embodies what Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration pays homage to the patois lineage of the Latin term collaboratus , past participle to the word collaborare which is signified by the simple phrase “to labour together”. Collaboration.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): My Definition of Collaboration.

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Cool Tool Alert: Online FLV Converter | Main | Optimal Length of Copyright Term Solved: Now Watch the RIAA, MPAA, Disney, et al Squirm as they confront real numbers » July 22, 2007 My Definition of I just thought of this because I saw some posts in the ole RSS reader tonight talking about "collaboration." " I have found this definition to be most helpful.

Management Musings: Episode 5 – Workplace Personas

Dan Pontefract

In Episode 5 of “Management Musings,” I’m providing a high level overview of the three types of workplace personas – and how these definitions matter… The post Management Musings: Episode 5 – Workplace Personas appeared first on Pontefract Group.

Enterprise 2.0 – A Joyful Definition

Luis Suarez

Over the course of the years I have bumped into a good number of different definitions and descriptions of both Enterprise 2.0 (and Summit Fabian presented about Dundu , a collaborative research project that aims at helping teams become more effective around open knowledge sharing and collaboration. Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

Mintzberg, Managing & the Missing Element of Collaboration

Dan Pontefract

In principle, I agree with the archetype and the following definition: “managing takes place on three planes, from the conceptual to the concrete: with information, through people, and to action directly”. What’s missing, however, is the relatively new managing behaviour that I will refer to simply as collaboration. I believe there are two key planes (collaboration and action) and that these are bound by information and people.

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

Jay Cross

What we’re talking about is a social work hub where every employee and external partner can come to collaborate, share information, get information and provide updates and ask questions. When it comes time to build your new collaborative and social learning center, some of those consumer applications are simple to replicate in-house. You probably can’t afford, and definitely don’t need, to create your own Facebook or Google behind your firewall. Third post in a series.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): The Definitive iPhone eCard

Mark Oehlert

» July 14, 2008 The Definitive iPhone eCard Beautiful man, just beautiful. via SomeeCards ) July 14, 2008 in Apple/iPhone/iPod | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference The Definitive iPhone eCard : Comments The comments to this entry are closed. e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « SCORM 2.0 and Web 2.0

Mastering the Art of Collaboration Through Conversation

Luis Suarez

Collaboration is probably one of the most loaded words in today’s workplace that I can think of (And I am pretty sure there are plenty of other good candidates out there as well!) There are tons of different definitions about collaboration out there and what it is, but, to me, the most effective one is this one: ‘ the action of working with someone to produce something’. . So when I started reading through Andrew’s article about ‘ How much collaboration is too much? ’

The cultures of collaboration - Inside Knowledge

Nancy White

Take a gander… Masterclass: The cultures of collaboration - Inside Knowledge. Masterclass: The cultures of collaboration. In part one of this series we set our definition for collaboration and introduced the idea of team, community and network collaboration. As we move between each of these different types of working together, how do our traditional notions of collaboration and collaborative culture vary?

The next generation of computer interfaces will drive better remote collaboration

Trends in the Living Networks

Now Underkoffler’s company, Oblong Industries , has created the collaboration platform Mezzanine, shown below. Oblong describes it: Mezzanine™ is a remarkable new collaboration, whiteboarding, and presentation system whose triptych of high-definition displays forms a shared workspace. It melds technologies for collaborative whiteboarding, presentation design and delivery, and application sharing, all within a framework of unprecedented multi-participant control.

Web 2.0 Tool - Great Collaboration Example

Tony Karrer

Both of Andrew's posts are definitely worth reading Andrew McAfee has posted about Avenue A Razorfish's (AARF) Intranet that uses Web 2.0 tools as part of information sharing: AARF has built interfaces to the bookmarking site , the photo sharing site Flickr , and Digg , a site where members vote on the importance of news stories. All three use tags, or something close.

How Chatter made Marc humble

Martijn Linssen

why not both Home About Contact Tuesday, 22 June 2010 How Chatter made Marc humble Now I know Ive had my fair share of daring blog post titles so far, but this one must definitely be the most daring one Today TechCrunch announced the public release of Chatter , pointing to who released the intial story. Business or Pleasure? -

Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 Tools - A Summary

Tony Karrer

Background Over the past six weeks, I've been leading a course: Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 / eLearning 2.0 Approaches Course Description: The purpose of this course is to give you an opportunity to learn about collaborative learning by participating in collaborative learning. This course is designed to teach how to design and build collaborative learning experiences using Web 2.0 / eLearning 2.0 Our teams had mixed results in really collaborating virtually.

Did ‘The Beatles’ actually collaborate or were they working in silos?

Dan Pontefract

As a Beatles fan, I’ve grown up thinking their genius had more to do with the innate ways in which the Fab Four actually collaborated. This collective genius, therefore, was born as a result of being the quintessential example that showcases how four men can utilize the Collaboration Cycle to bring about incredible results. Collaborating was their ‘ticket to ride’. Maybe they didn’t actually collaborate? The Beatles , many say, were musical geniuses.

Corporate Culture in a Venn Diagram

Dan Pontefract

If, however, both the boss and the team exhibit closed behaviours — unwilling to adapt, be proactive or ideate — it’s a definitive nail in the coffin of goodness. If, however, a team becomes absent — making no effort to connect with other teams, or the organization — it is the very definition of silos, fiefdoms and stovepipes. Lafley My Definition of Work and an Update on Book Two. collaboration employee engagement engagement leadership

Talent Management - What Is It?

Kevin Wheeler

The term has been tossed about for some time without a definition that is universally accepted. Overseeing and improving this integrated approach is the role of a chief talent officer and is rapidly becoming the “new&# definition for talent management. Six Talent Trends for 2010 T-Shaped People & Collaboration Is HR Relevant and Does it Matter?

Enterprise 2.0, Where Art Thou?

Luis Suarez

Over the course of the years, if you have been a long time reader, you may remember how there were a number of themes I kept coming back to from Knowledge Management, to Collaboration, (Social) Learning, Online Communities and, specially, Social / Open Business. Let’s have a look into Andy’s original definition for Enterprise 2.0 “ A key word, to me, from that short, but rather thoughtful definition is no other than within. Collaboration Employee Engagement Enterprise2.0

Why You Must Define the So-What of Learning

Dan Pontefract

So let’s examine the “so what” learning definition – meaning why learning is present in organizations. Worse, splinter groups will form, their own definitions of learning will surface and, tragically, learning fiefdoms will become the norm. As a consequence, definitions will be everywhere and anything that comes out of the learning cycle itself – the competence output – might become redundant or blocked off from others.

Dear C-Suite: We Don’t Do Training Anymore

Dan Pontefract

But it is my argument learning professionals must help the C-Suite understand that training is merely an event and that learning must now be defined as a connected, collaborative and continuous process. HR and/or the Learning Department aren’t doing anything to change the fixed mindset of the C-Suite on the definition of learning in the first place so how could they possibly change their own views?

Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

Luis Suarez

Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning – for use in training, for performance support, social collaboration, etc. Now, I guess it’s never too late to dive in into such an interesting exercise that would definitely help you question how you learn, at work or in one’s own personal life. Collaboration Communities General Interest Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Open Business Open Leadership Productivity Tools Tools and Gadgets

Tools 199

Redefining the Social Employee

Dan Pontefract

These days, with the advent of collaboration platforms, remote work styles and the quest to define an external digital DNA at sites like LinkedIn, BranchOut or Quora, the social employee has taken on a diversified definition. He no longer can rest on the laurels of his previous project management and collaboration style. collaboration Culture employees engagement social

Coaching Should Be An Expectation Of All Connected Leaders

Dan Pontefract

My hypothesis is that the definition of coaching is misconstrued by both sides of the equation. We must demystify the term in order to bring some sanity back into the definition of leadership and to the definition of coaching. That is, if the guidelines and definition above are adhered to. book coaching collaboration engagement leadership organization The most overused yet inappropriately applied term in an organization is “coaching.”.

Going Forward to the Past: Management Yahooliganism & No Longer Working From Home

Dan Pontefract

I’ve no idea whether Jackie (and CEO Marissa Mayer) have a hate on for life-work balance or whether they have been watching reruns of TV dramas from the 1970′s, but it screams naïvety and a definitive lack of trust with their employees. The C-Suite would be wise to read Chapter 8 of Flat Army – the Collaborative Leader Action Model. My jaw dropped when I read it.

Let The Next Adventure Begin – The With Whom (#CAWW)

Luis Suarez

chrisheuer @rhappe think of us as a collaborative sharing economy model for consulting services (sans the “firm” structure). Perhaps this other definition may help some more as well. We believe in transparency, sharing, collaboration, authenticity, and trust. The breath and extensive knowledge they all have got around areas like Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Learning, SNA, ONA, Org. Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

Don’t Be a FOOL: Fear of Open Leadership

Dan Pontefract

Why else do we see senior leaders failing to adopt social collaborative technologies inside (or outside) the organization? In my book Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization I define open leadership as follows: “the act of engaging others to influence and execute a coordinated and harmonious conclusion” There are some key words and phrases in my definition that FOOL’s don’t understand nor do they action.

Learning by Osmosis

Dan Pontefract

The Oxford definition of osmosis can help us: Biology & Chemistry a process by which molecules of a solvent tends to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one. ” This sums up what Charles Jennings has established as part of his 70-20-10 Forum mission and it aligns ever so nicely to my definition of Pervasive Learning as well. I liken learning in an organization to osmosis.

IT & HR: Living In The Chasm of Both

Dan Pontefract

that are Human Resources, Learning or Organizational Behaviour in nature … I stick out as the individual pushing the ‘culture of collaboration’ tenet through a need for more connected, collaborative and continuously federated technologies. being one of a few) … I stick out as the individual pushing the ‘culture of collaboration’ tenet through the lens of engagement, culture, business performance improvement, etc. collaboration Culture As day 3 of the Enterprise 2.0

RSS Behaviour Redefined: Rhizophilous Social Sources

Dan Pontefract

Although I’m not advocating to actually change the RSS definition, perhaps it’s time we viewed it as more than syndication of content. Another way to view RSS is as a collaborative behaviour. Rather than thinking RSS is merely a technical gadget that provides collated content to our various RSS readers , we can begin to think of it as a collaborative behaviour. collaboration RSS

RSS 157

How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools

Luis Suarez

In fact, any business tool that aims to improve both the way we communicate AND collaborate AND kill email in the process will always have my full attention. Ohhh, and when I am online Twitter becomes my living, rather dynamic, and collaboratively filtered RSS newsfeed. Mind you, they are not the only task management tools that I use, but they are definitely the ones I keep using the most in a collaborative manner. Collaboration Communities elsua Enterprise2.0

Tools 191

How to ‘Take One for the Team’

Dan Pontefract

I don’t think anyone has the definitive answer. If everyone is proactive and team members are completely in the loop on all individual AND team goals, the team is aligned and can more easily operate as a high performing and collaborative group. I call it the CLAM – Collaborative Leader Action Model). the FLAT ARMY cheat sheet Has the Economic Meltdown & 9/11 Impacted our Definition of Teams? collaboration Culture teams How many you ask?

How To 134

Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – The Unfollowing Experiment

Luis Suarez

If you are wondering about the number of new followers and whether it has started to decrease a little bit or not, I can definitely confirm your new followers count will drop off dramatically. This is definitely one of my favourite highlights from the whole lot. Collaboration Communities elsua Enterprise2.0 Over three years ago I wrote a blog entry over here about Twitter under the provocative heading: ‘ Twitter is where conversations go to die ’.

In Answer To Your Questions About FLAT ARMY

Dan Pontefract

Your definition of employee engagement. “… reciprocal trust between employee and leadership to do what’s right ….”. Whilst that team may have been engaged (perhaps by anyone’s definition) what about the other teams, and what about the final verdict? I have stated repeatedly through FLAT ARMY that leadership is for all, and that to become both a connected and collaborative leader, a camp mentality must not form. collaboration flat army leadership organization

Why I’d Work With Google’s Laszlo Bock (one day)

Dan Pontefract

Inspired by the 65-year (and counting) Framingham Heart Study , Laszlo is intent on not only the long-term survival of the company that employs him, but on the true definition of life-work balance and worker engagement. Laszlo is one of those HR leaders — I’m sure he’d want me to say people leaders — who believes he doesn’t deserve a ‘seat at the table’; he is the table and that table is setting the tone for openness and collaboration. Laszlo is definitely one to tip your hat to.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference: it’s about people to people

Dan Pontefract

Now, I’ve never started a business like Ross has with Socialtext , nor am I the business development head honcho of a company like Slideshare , as Ross is, however, in the spirit of collaboration I’d like to append his two points. That is how knowledge transfer, networking and collaboration first begins. They might not be the same type of community one finds at Slideshare, or Ning, or Amazon, and so on, but there are definitely communities in play in the work world.

ABC – The 21st Century Learning Model

Dan Pontefract

As a 25 year-old trying to uproot the education system to become more collaborative, more open, more connected, I was leery of falling into the ambivalence pit of staffroom rhetoric. Fast forward many moons later, through career stops in higher education and the corporate world of learning and collaboration, I’m finally coming back to those K-12 days. Think of it this way: Students need to be able to connect & collaborate with: Student(s) of their school.