Social as a Weapon of Class Destruction

Dan Pontefract

The aforementioned line is recognized as the first known use of the term ‘weapons of mass destruction’ But today, in 2013, I want to discuss a new weapon — a weapon of class destruction — and that weapon is social.

Class 104

The next middle class

Harold Jarche

Jaron Lanier in You Are Not a Gadget , wrote: The people who are perhaps the most screwed by open culture are the middle classes of intellectual and cultural creation. They used to live off the trickle down effects of the old system, and like the middle class at large, they are precious.

Class 67

My Organizational Behavior Class: The Current Iteration

Bob Sutton

The first time I taught an introductory organizational behavior class was in 1980 or 1981.  I had no teaching experience (except for one guest lecture I had given to a large undergrad class -- it was terrible; harried and dull). Yet that didn't stop the the Michigan Business School from giving me the chance to teach the class to some 60 students.   I have taught various versions of the class perhaps 35 times by now, and in some ways it remains the same.

Class 19

Dear Mister Dylan Benson, you are the Definition of Class

Dan Pontefract

Dear Dylan (aka Mister Benson), You are the definition of class. But you are the definition of class. But you are the definition of class. You are the definition of class.

Class 25

#C2Xmas Day 7 – Chef2Chef Online Cooking Class

Jane Hart

CHEF2CHEF ONLINE COOKING CLASS. Day 7 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here . Written by professional chefs, each lesson features up-to-date culinary tips and advice, not to mention tasty recipes. Topics include basic cooking techniques, seafood, meat and vegetable preparation, wine, and more. To get started, choose a culinary topic. Each week-long series features 5 manageable daily lessons. Each lesson is wholly independent, so feel free to jump around.

Class 12

Pencil as Power Tool | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Pencil as Power Tool A few years ago, I took a five-day drawing class in New York City that changed my life. I entered the class a complete ignoramus on matters visual. Dan, I came across the class reference in your book, got curious and took that class myself last summer.

Tools 27

Berkman Fellows Class

David Weinberger

This year, we’re trying an experiment: We’re treating Fellows Hour as a class, led by Fellows, on some aspect of their research that fits under the rubric of “Net Exceptionalism.&# Every week, the Berkman Fellows who are in town meet for an hour to talk about whatever. We’re blogging the sessions. The first two were really great.

11 Books Every Leader Should Read - Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton

Now that Stanford is on break and my classes are over, I have been taking a little time for reflection.    I have been using this in class at Stanford for over 20 years, and I have had dozens of students say to me years later "I don't remember much else about the class, but I still use and think about that Cialdini book." Bob Sutton. About Subscribe to this blogs feed Email Me Follow Me @ work_matters. Book Me For A Speech. Brightsight Group. Search.

Class 46

[aspen] Robert Putnam on the growing class gap

David Weinberger

We’ve also become a more class-segregated society, even as we’ve become less segregated by race and religion. Class segregation is increasing by residence, education, organization, and marriage; i.e., it’s less likely you’ll marry outside of your class. There’s also been a fraying of family and social bonds within the working class. He will show us robust patterns in multiple data sources, focusing only on class differences.

The class of 77%

Mind Hacks

A study just published in the British Journal of Psychiatry has found that only 23% of the population are without symptoms of personality disorder.

Local Lectures vs. First Class Lectures

Tony Karrer

This is a topic that I've been wondering about for a while and Donald Clark hits on it in his post : Professor Lewin - "It sounds arrogant, I know, but it's better to see a first class lecture on video than a mediocre one in the flesh." It gets thorny really quick, but there's no questioning: It's better to see a first class lecture on video than a mediocre one in the flesh

Harvard Extension Class in Second Life

Tony Karrer

Found this on Joho the Blog - but you almost have to go visit the class description just to see that - yeah that's Harvard Law and yep, they are using Second Life for real

Groups vs Networks: The Class Struggle Continues

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

A group, in other words, is like a school, a school of thought or a school of fish or a class, a class of entity, a class of animals, a class in a genus and a species. A class act is kind of a group.


First class in the mile high therapy club

Mind Hacks

Vanity Fair has a great article that charts the very early days of LSD. Before the drug became a symbol of hippy psychedelia, it was used by a select group of psychiatrists to facilitate 'LSD psychotherapy' and became popular among the Hollywood set of the 1950s. To understand why LSD had such a grip on the American psychiatrists who had access to it, it's useful to know some background about how psychiatry pictured the human mind in the mid-20th century.

A Shared Letter to Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly

Dan Pontefract

Dear Minister Joly, We are Canada’s musicians, songwriters, composers, music producers, authors, poets, playwrights, film composers, actors, directors and visual artists – a creative class of artists and entrepreneurs that has defined this country.

Class 76

How long does it take to learn a language?

Jane Hart

Well it depends on a lot of factors, but if you are an English speaker, this infographic (from Voxy) shows the easiest and most difficult languages to pick up and the number of weeks and class hours to do so (according to data from the Foreign Service Institute of the US Dept of State).

Class 78

Harold Jarche » T&D Learning in 2020

Harold Jarche

I find now that people are so busy that taking time to sit in a class or at a computer station to take some classes is only a preferred option when it is needed and no other alternative exists.


Internet Time Blog » Future of the university

Jay Cross

Internet Time Blog » More Kindling

Jay Cross

Make Work More Human

Harold Jarche

2013: The Incredibly Shrinking American Middle Class – Bill Moyers. 2013: Five Myths about Canada’s Middle Class – Globe & Mail. 2013: RIP: The Middle Class – Salon. 2013: The Next Middle Class – Harold Jarche.

Class 107

Snow-fuelled neurophilosophy

Mind Hacks

Pete Mandik is a professor of philosophy and was due to give a class on neurophilosophy before his class got snowed out. Instead of ditching the class he made a fantastic and funny video lecture for his students.

Class 29

The Flipped (or Social) Webinar

Jane Hart

If you haven’t, Dan Pink explains it in his piece in The Telegraph, Flip Thinking – the new buzz word sweeping the US: “During class time, the teacher will stand at the front of the room … Read the rest.

Class 113

Global Arbitrage and the Productivity Puzzle

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But another article, The New Class War by Michael Lind , offers a different, rather provocative explanation for our low productivity growth.

Here’s A Google Perk Any Company Can Imitate: Employee-To-Employee Learning

Jay Cross

Google taps its own ranks to teach valuable career-building classes as well as extracurriculars like kickboxing and social skills for engineers. See on – Informal & Experiential Learning.

Class 19

"Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns" (Forbes)

Mark Oehlert

I'm reading this article by Clayton Christensen, Michael Horn and Curtis Johnson in Forbes drawn from their book and they are saying some good things. "

network era economic shift

Harold Jarche

This is the decline of the industrial order & the working class (& related stable institutions) & the rise of the new post-industrial one. This is ripping apart our class structure and social order in a variety of ways, underpinning rising inequality & economic divides.

Last days of the world’s fastest ocean liner

Jay Cross

Right before departure, a general officer decided to fly instead of sail, and we were upgraded to First Class. I learned to eat in the First Class dining room of the S.S. On its inaugural voyage in 1952, the sleek S.S.

Class 90

Trump Presidency Lesson Plan

Dan Pontefract

Arranging the class in an open-spaced circle (no desks), the teacher can then introduce the Circle of Courage as a metaphor of contemplation with respect to what society requires from each of us as human beings. 3) Ask open ended questions with the class.

Class 89

Global Trends and Business Strategy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Driving middle-class progress. “The rising tide of progress has not lifted all boats equally… Trust has fallen among the threatened middle class… The need for middle-class progress isn’t just a developed-markets issue.

Value polarization and transcending job commoditization: Expertise, Relationships, Innovation

Ross Dawson

As I often say, in a connected world, unless your skills are world-class, you are a commodity. As more information is available, deep specialist world-class expertise that can be applied to create value for clients is the heart of much global value creation.

Thoughts on Education in the 21st Century Organization

Kevin Wheeler

Teacher led classes are common and leadership development hasn’t changed much since the 80s. And, even though we are deeply into the Internet age and despite the knowledge that many world class universities have already placed content on-line and made it available to anyone for free, corporations are still redundantly creating (and paying for) curricula and content. Old ways die hard.

Google course finale — a certificate!

Jay Cross

Mid-class assessment score: 90% Post-class assessment score: 74% You can print out the attached certificate and hang it on your wall. We hope you enjoyed the class! This just received from Google… Congratulations!

Class 10

What Should The Title Of My Next Book Be?

Dan Pontefract

Or, how about commenting on the draft title I came up with: WORKING CLASS: The Leaders Path to Profit with Purpose. It hasn’t been through any editing yet. It’s 12 chapters in total. It’s approaching 90,000 words. again). There are two sections.

Building a Culture of Continuous Learning

Charles Jennings

Classes, courses and curricula – structured learning events – don’t provide all the tools in the toolkit. Most people get it. They’re bit-players in a much larger world of organisational learning and performance.

MOOCs = Skinner’s Box 2.0?

Jay Cross

Last year his class ran under his experimental class operating system in stealth mode. A radical high school teacher came up with the title. Howard Rheingold, Jerry Michalski, and others, myself included, have dropped by.

Class 55

Flipping Corporate Learning

Jay Cross

Students watch the videos before coming to class. More important for learning outcomes, the time spent in class can be put to more productive use. What if instead, educators spent class time doing and homework time for the watching of lessons/lectures.

The promise and challenges of Benioff's social enterprise vision

Dion Hinchcliffe

The messaging is certainly world class and the slew of announcements this week will address many of the shortcomings or features gaps in its social software product line. Salesforce’s Marc Benioff continued his now-epic stream of social business thought leadership at this week’s Dreamforce 2011 in San Francisco.

A Historical Perspective on the Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Partly to undercut the threats of communist expansion and anti-capitalist propaganda, national governments brokered cross-class settlements between management and labor.

Reflecting on reflection

Harold Jarche

This mirrors our children as they rush from class to unrelated class, focusing on nothing for more than one hour. Missing from most workplaces today is any time for reflection.

leadership is a continuous duty

Harold Jarche

The flight attendant told me a story about his manager for whom he had booked an executive class plane ticket to an international culinary conference. On arriving at the airport he was surprised to find that his boss had taken the extra effort to downgrade the airfare to economy class.

Class 68