Open Business: Updated Strategic Overview of AHT Group’s activities

Ross Dawson

At the beginning of 2012 I created an overview of our companies’ activities , primarily to help us to see the big picture of what we were doing, but also to communicate to others the scope of our activities. The Strategic Overview is complementary to the AHT Group Business Model.

An Overview of Common Cartridge

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

In some cases this may require functional change, but we don't encourage that. Continued coverage of IMS. There's an IMS Common Cartridge testing tool, but they don't want to enable access without registration. Kevin Riley We got a bunch of content vendors and providers together to see what they supported, based on customer demand. We found quite a lot in common. The Common Cartridge format is based on fairly mature technologies that have been availble for a few years.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Reinvention of.

Steve Denning

about compliance, rather than the spirit of change and creating new value for the people that government serves.

Embrace the Data, Change the World

Beth Kanter

@ kdpaine gets her hands on the book right before #emetrics keynote p/QTTfRJlZjl/. Beth Kanter (@kanter) October 3, 2012.

Data 59

Explore Impact Leadership at NTEN’s Leading Change Summit: Free Registration Giveaway

Beth Kanter

I’m giving away a free registration to NTEN’s Leading Social Change Summit. NTEN is hosting the “ Leading Change Summit ” in San Francisco from September 3-6th.

Reinventing management Part 7: Implementing the transition

Steve Denning

Among the most important changes being proposed are five basic shifts in management practice: Part 1: Overview. Set aside traditional change management. In one sense, all it takes is a change of heart.At 3. Do it quickly : The change happens quickly or not all.

PowerPoint is tyranny

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

From the overview : While a keynote speaker is presenting, back channel conversations occur through Twitter, facts are checked through Google searches, and opinions are expressed on blogs.* Could the downturn change the shape of traditional conferences permanently?

Concept video: The Future of Work

Ross Dawson

A while ago at Future Exploration Network we created the Future of Work Framework to provide a high-level overview of how the world of work is shifting.

Video 195

Envisioning the future of government as solution enabler

Ross Dawson

Yet that design and structure means that governmental institutions are generally very poorly prepared to change as required in the face of extraordinary shifts in society and business. William Eggers and his team at Deloitte have distilled some excellent analysis and insights into the future of government at their Government 2020 site, which includes an overview of drivers and trends shaping government, and views on the implications across domains of government.

the FLAT ARMY cheat sheet

Dan Pontefract

Second, it is a manifesto to change both the culture of your organization or team as well as the habits of leaders and teams. It investigates why we got this way in the first place, and it outlines at a high level what we have to change in order to improve the health of our workplaces.

MOOC Research Initiative: Reports Released

George Siemens

In the spirit of useful science , each grantee was asked to provide a one sentence overview of their research findings. Science should look more like this process, especially in fields where things are changing quickly, than the long multi-year cycle that we currently see I’m pleased to announce that the reports from the MOOC Research Initiative (MRI) are now available.

Report 108

Judging the best visualizations of the future: Enter the BBC What If? competition

Ross Dawson

The competition overview says: We cannot change the past, but we can visualise the world of the future – the world that we want or the world we want to avoid. So, read the competition overview , let your visions of the future emerge, and capture them to share with the world.

The Complex Relationship Between Science and the Public

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But, despite broadly similar views about the place of science in the country, there were large differences between the general public and scientist across a number of important issues , including genetically modified foods, vaccine safety and climate change. Climate Change.

Digital Learning Research Network Conference 2016

George Siemens

For dLRN15, we wanted to socialize/narrativize the scope of change that we face as a field. The framework of changes can’t be understood through traditional research methods. We have updated our dLRN research website with the current projects and related partners …in case you’d like an overview of the type of research being conducted and that will be presented at #dLRN16.

Slides: Future of Business: Crowds and Sharing Economy

Ross Dawson

It is an exceptional program providing a deep dive into the exponential technologies driving change, including AI, robotics, crowds, 3D manufacturing, medicine, genetics, computing, digital finance and the strategic implications for enterprise. I presented the session on crowds on the first day, providing a big picture overview of crowds, crowdsourcing and the sharing economy.

Never Underestimate the Power of Education and Enablement

Luis Suarez

Yes, we will be having an education and enablement programme with a very thorough overview of features and capabilities , because, you know, we need to ensure people understand fully the huge potential they now have at their fingertips.

Scenario Planning in Action: What, Why, Success Factors, and Process

Ross Dawson

To help a large consumer-goods organization we worked with last year on a scenario planning project to understand the issues, I pulled together an overview of what scenario planning is and a typical process. Below are summaries of the key points in the overview page: What is scenario planning?

ABC24: Can newspapers successfully charge for online content?

Ross Dawson

The segment begins with an overview of newspapers' plans to charge for online content, including quotes from Rupert Murdoch and industry commentators, and is followed by an interview with me. My thoughts on newspaper content paywalls were recently featured in an interview on ABC24.

Exploring new formats for music (and revenue): Björk releases inspiring “app album”

Ross Dawson

The music industry has struggled for over a decade as it tried to push back against inevitable change and maintain the status quo. ReadWriteWeb coverage : Overview and review.

Moving the CIO to the heart of strategy

Ross Dawson

My Transformation of Business Framework provides an overview of some of the driving forces and how they are playing out across the business landscape.

[pdf] Aneesh Chopra

David Weinberger

The quick overview is that it’s amazing to have a person like him in the White House in charge of the change in culture and change in defaults, from processing forms to releasing info out into the wild so that people with ideas can do something with them. My computer froze as I was near the end of live-blogging Aneesh Chopra’s keynote at PDF. Ubuntu.) I’ll try to recover it later.

Sense-making for success

Harold Jarche

Once upon a time … By the second decade of the 21st century, the nature of work had changed. Those who succeeded were able to seek and build new networks in order to make sense of the changing environment, and then share with their new peers, scattered across the globe.

The 10 Winners of Flat Army Copies Are …

Dan Pontefract

It reminded of a quote I live by, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Jay Cross on reinventing management: “A mind-blowing series of posts”

Steve Denning

The book was about telling stories in organizations, and how a story can lead to massive change. The story that was the catalyst for changing the World Bank's radical shift from lending to helping people in need was simple and effective.

Our Guide to Experience Mapping

Adaptive Path

In the guide, we provide a succinct overview of the process of mapping experiences in collaboration with your organization. We’ve been doing experience mapping in our practice for several years now.

Our Guide to Experience Mapping

Adaptive Path

In the guide, we provide a succinct overview of the process of mapping experiences in collaboration with your organization. We've been doing experience mapping in our practice for several years now.

Organizations, work, and learning

Harold Jarche

It is an overview of personal knowledge mastery ( PKM ). People in today’s workplace need ongoing, real-time, constantly-changing, collaborative, support. The five most-viewed posts here this past year provide a good synopsis of the over 150 articles I have written since January.

How the future of work leads to the future of organisations

Ross Dawson

The slides to my presentation are below, together with an overview of the 7 sections of the keynote. Increasing expectations of participation, flexibility and meaning are changing the relationship between individuals and the organisations that they work for. Demographic shifts are increasing pressures on governments and social structures, changing the relationship between workers and in particularly the elderly.

Social Media and the Smart Worker

Jane Hart

But even this fact I don’t believe clearly highlights how social media is now fundamentally changing the way many people – those I called Smart Workers – are now working and learning – and how this is opening up a new era of workplace learnng.

Of sandbanks and granite cliffs

Dave Snowden

It was good to see the strategy workshop picked up by Ian Thorpe in his blog and he beat me to publishing the final overview of the process (see below). Instead this is a continuous process of mapping and strategy developed based on feedback loops and dynamic, but managed change processes.

Great Work Interview – Flat Army & Michael Bungay Stanier

Dan Pontefract

Take a look below at Michael’s overview, thoughts and of course an audio version of the interview itself. 0:05:02: Michael and Dan discuss some of the few positive examples of organizational change, and note that many people are afraid to change.

MegaTrends and the future of professional services – Melbourne and Sydney

Ross Dawson

See here for the seminar series overview or the brochure for full details. The increasing pace of change in business is creating massive challenges and opportunities. The challenges and opportunities of generational change. • Next week I will be giving the first in the First Mover series of seminars for professional services leaders organized by Beaton Research & Consulting.

taken at the flood

Dave Snowden

Many years ago I combined the idea of Crossing the Chasm from Moore with Handy’s use of S-Curves to create an overview of how new ideas enter the market. The weak signals for that came some years back and I started to change strategy on SenseMaker® as well as the methods to respond.

The greatest MOOC conference in the history of MOOCs

George Siemens

The language will change in a few years to something less specific like “digital learning” Ultimately, though, MOOCs are the internet happening to education and it will take a long time for higher education to digest what that means. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) continue to receive a steady stream of media attention.

Learnnovators Deeper eLearning Series

Clark Quinn

So here I’ve been getting into the nuances of each element, closing with an overview of changes that are implied for processes: 1. For the past 6 months, Learnnovators has been hosting a series of posts I’ve done on Deeper eLearning Design that goes through the elements beyond traditional ID. That is, reflecting on what’s known about how we learn and what that implies for the elements of learning.

The Complex Relationship Between Science and the Public

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But, despite broadly similar views about the place of science in the country, there were large differences between the general public and scientist across a number of important issues , including genetically modified foods, vaccine safety and climate change. The report is divided into three sections: an overview of the general perceptions of science, demographic influences on these views, and a detailed look at three controversial science topics. Climate Change.

Computing Beyond Moore’s Law

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Then around 550 million years ago, a dramatic change took place in life on Earth, - the Cambrian Explosion. But this all started to change about 20-25 years ago.

How We Got To Now, the Book

Steven Berlin Johnson

In the Wall Street Journal, Philip Delves Broughout put together a great overview of some of the journeys the chapters take the reader on: In "Cold," we move from air conditioning, to the flocking of American retirees to the now habitable Sunbelt, to the shift of political power from north to south.

Learning to Apply Data Science to Business Problems

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The 2015 Syllabus offers a good overview of the class, including the various companies that submitted project proposals. This past semester I was involved in an interesting course at MIT’s Sloan School of Management , - Analytics Labs (A-Lab).

Data 207

A forward to a Cynefin book

Dave Snowden

in a sense aspects of the story needed to be told and while it is not a full history it is an overview. What worked last time may not work this time; small inputs produce magnified changes overall and the system has properties that are not the sum of its parts.