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Nancy White

We had a good time co-writing using Google docs, a little skyping and slowly iterating back and forth.

What’s Your Learning Tool Stack?

Clark Quinn

You can see the results of Jane Hart’s annual survey, but I’m carving it up into a finer granularity, because I think it changes depending on the ‘level’ at which you’re working, ala the Coherent Organization.

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Low-Cost Test and Quiz Tool Comparison

Tony Karrer

He helped me pull together the following evaluation of a few different solutions: ClassMarker Quia ProProfs Google Docs Forms Creator, and Quibblo. Layout/Accessibility : Can the layout of the quiz output be changed and does it handle accessibility issues? Google Docs Forms Google Docs has a built-in Form document type that allows the creation of a set of questions. Layout Accessibility This cannot be changed. This cannot be changed.

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Collaboration, Communication, and Cooperation

Clark Quinn

And as I write this, my own thinking is changing. While I think progress can be made by teams working on specific needs, the change in my thinking is realizing that the longer term process of real innovation requires continual contribution in networks.

Being clear on collaboration

Clark Quinn

Google Docs), but it’s central. Several people can be making changes in different places at the same time, or annotating their thoughts, and it’s even possible to have voice communication while it’s happening (whether inherently or through additional tools). Twice recently, I’ve been confronted with systems that claim to be collaboration platforms.

Be careful declaring a product category as “done”

Adaptive Path

And then Google Maps erupted on the scene, and demonstrated that not only was mapping not done, it really had only begun. But then how do you explain Google Docs? Realtime collaboration is a significant new feature that fundamentally changes how we use those tools. Tireless and timeless software commentator Dave Winer recently declared that "web browsers are done. Feature complete."

eLearning Startup Opportunities

Tony Karrer

This greatly changes things like tutoring and language teaching. See: Performance Support in 2015 Mobile Augmented reality Communication (leverage platforms, but in a learning context) Virtual environments Integration with Google Docs And ????

Education Technology Strategies - Day One

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

dates to classical Greece How does technology change this? - Most classrooms still dominated by teachers teaching answers and students remembering them We can change the technology but if we haven''t changed the goal we really haven''t accomplished anything. Daniel - teachers encourage collaboration, many classes use cloud websites to collaborate on docs - EdSpee?

Time for digital emancipation

Doc Searls

The Declaration hasn’t changed since July 4, 1776, but the Constitution built on it has been amended thirty-three times, so far. Some of us have pledged our allegiance to Google: We have Gmail accounts, we use Google Calendar and Google Docs, and we have Android phones.


David Weinberger

If you wanted to turn all the subheads red, you’d edit the properties of “subhead” and Word would apply the change to everything marked as a subhead. It’s disappointing to me that Google Docs document programming environment doesn’t take advantage of this.

[liveblog] Christine Borgmann

David Weinberger

It’s framed around the change to more data-intensive research across the sciences and humanities plus, the policy push for open access to content and to data. ( Q: As soon as you move out of the Solar System to celestial astronomy, all the standards change. Or people use Google Docs and don’t even label the rows and columns because all the readers know what they mean.

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Most popular posts about Working Smarter for July 2012

Jay Cross

The dramatic entrance of elite US universities into online learning will change the education landscape globally. Importing HTML into Google Docs spreadsheets . The final demographic DOC SEARLS | SATURDAY, JULY 28, 2012. July, 2012. GEORGE SIEMENS. JULY 25, 2012.

Open Education, MOOCs, and Opportunities

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Change 2011 - this was the longest course, at 30 weeks, running through the fall of 2011 and the spring of 2012. This results in a course that is not only more relevant to participants, it also results in a course that is a dynamic entity, growing and changing over the years as new resources are created and added.

Interview Stephen Downes by Renée Filius

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Renée Filius : I can see the change in your glasses. Renée Filius : But perhaps we could change that by making a better design of the course, of the education? Another example is an article co-written in Google Docs. So if you''re all working on the very same article and you''re each writing bits, in Google Docs you can actually see the other person''s cursor and the words pop up as they type.

Pile ‘o links #1

Doc Searls

You Didn’t Notice It, But Google Fiber Just Began the Golden Age of High Speed Internet Access, by Susan Crawford in @Medium’s Backchannel. The optimistic view on Googles deal with Huntsville Alabama to do Google Fiber on the city’s own glass. How the Blockchain Can Change the Music Industry (Part 2) — Cuepoint — Medium. Is Google Fiber (Finally) Changing the Broadband Game ? FCC Just Making A Bad Thing Worse | Doc Searls in Radio Ink.

New Book: How To Implement Multichannel Online Campaigns

Beth Kanter

Colleagues Allyson Kapin who founded a web agency called Rad Campaign (they designed my blog) and Amy Sample Ward, who the NTEN Membership Director (and I’ve known since 2007 ) have published a new how to book called “ Social Change Any Time Every Where.”

Attention #NPdataNerds: Report back from the first-ever Do Good Data Conference

Beth Kanter

After much discussion about Etherpad, Piratepad, okfnpad, Storify, and other tools, we settled on good old Google docs. By the time we all arrived at the event, Heidi had created a separate collaborative note-taking doc for each session, and one that served as a table of contents.

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Notes from ALT-C

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

"The notion of students as change agents is a relatively new concpt." -- Malcom Ryan Rachel Winston How we can shape the development of a new culture of learning by creating a new partnership between students and educators. FE teach English to the families of students who study there - give learners the space to collaborate and influence they environment - change requires dislogue - so talk to your neigbour now Our research with D2L.

Real-Time Collaborative Editing

Tony Karrer

Doesn't Google docs already do all of this? When you have several people editing a document at the same time in Google Docs, it takes about 5 seconds for an edit to show up. Google Spreadsheet handles real-time editing (using the cells as protectors) much better.

Open Learning, Open Networks

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I have three examples of openness from this talk: First, in an earlier presentation that I saw, everything was up on Google Docs, and anyone could edit it. Here are your 20 ideas," and everything's changing again. It changes the game. Even math changes.

Social Software Adoption

Tony Karrer

It's affecting fundamental change in how people expect to communicate, both with each other and the companies they do business with. An example of that is the adoption of Distributed Content Editing via an agreed to technology such as Wiki, Shared SharePoint Documents, Google Docs, etc.

[liveblog] Renee Hobbs on teachers as creators

David Weinberger

The concept of literacy is changing. Another used Screencast-o-matic to capture interaction with a google doc to share a lesson plan. Renee Hobbs from the Harrington School of Comm and Media is giving a talk about teachers as makers. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Introducing artificial choppiness. Over-emphasizing small matters. Paraphrasing badly. Not running a spellpchecker.

DIY is here

Harold Jarche

Over three years ago I wrote that the future of learning is DIY : With Google you can find most information that you need. Has anything changed? Just look at Google Docs, the best and easiest DIY online collaboration suite, in my opinion. I remember using Writely (sold to create Google Docs) and it had a better user interface in my opinion, but was only used by digital savvy folks.

Too Big to Know: The Bibliography

David Weinberger

That quick read-through actually got me to make some fairly substantial changes. Now Tim has to read through the rev, come back with more changes for me to work on or pass it on to copy editing. If you want to see the current version of the bibliography, it’s available as a Google Docs spreadsheet here. Last night I sent my editor, Tim Bartlett, the next rev of Too Big to Know.

Remote Collaboration

Tony Karrer

One was having a small (7 person) project team get together on a conference call and have all of us editing the status report real-time via Google Spreadsheets. For some (inexplicable) reason, Google Docs does not.

My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-07-24

Jane Hart

RT @ fdomon : 19 Interesting Ways* to (possibly) use Google … – “Google Docs&# [link] #. G.Co: Google Has a New URL Shortener [link] @ mashable <only for Google products #. Big bonuses coming for Google Apps users, says InfoWorld [link] #. Google+ is the social backbone [link] via @ radar #. From Learning Mgt to Learning Leadership: 20 reasons the Training/L&D Dept needs to change [link] #. Tweet.

My Top 10 Learning Tools

Clark Quinn

On the information finding/sharing path, some tools I use include: Google – like everyone else, I’m all over searching. Google Docs – where I collaborate with colleagues on thoughts. The list changes; it’s different than what I put in the last two years, I’m sure, and may be more representative of today versus tomorrow or yesterday.

Digital Identity Workbook for NPO/NGO Folks | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Pat Parslow and Shirley uploaded a version to a Google doc.

FAO/CGIAR KS Workshop II Agenda | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

You can see it here –> FAO/CGIAR KS Workshop II Agenda – Google Docs.

Building a collaborative workplace (or community. or network)

Nancy White

While we were co-writing (using a Google doc) I started reading more about the differences between collaboration and cooperation – which we don’t address in the paper, but which are important.


Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

When the technology changes, when the media changes, the culture changes. So it mught be suggested that there's this big change afoot now. This is the time to say "everything changes," right? We started on a Google doc, and we just started writing.

Pew Survey About the Future of the Internet

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

My selection with bold X Will Google make us smart or stupid? Nicholas Carr was wrong: Google does not make us stupid ([link] By 2020, people's use of the internet has not enhanced human intelligence and it could even be lowering the IQs of most people who use it a lot. Nicholas Carr was right: Google makes us stupid. No doubt we will become worse at doing some things ('more stupid') requiring rote memory of information that is now available though Google.


Jay Cross

It’s a wiki page, ever-changing, but it serves as my port in the storm. When I’m looking for something beyond what Google or Wikipedia will find for me, I turn to my research page. For example, I set up a Google search that limits what it finds to learning voices I trust; another pulls answers only from people on John Hagel’s blogroll. Other tools I could not do without: Google Desktop Search: find anything on your computer or web sites really, really fast.

How I use social media

Nancy White

Little did I know that this first toe-dip would literally change the course of my professional, and in many ways, my personal life. It was life changing. An interesting change. New social media that helps tag, sort and reuse content has been key to this change.

My Take on the Top 25

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Google Reader - It's also a major workhorse, though I am slowly improving my own aggregator so it can take over from Google. Google calendar - I use this quite a bit, which is a new thing for me. Not so much Google Calendar, but the idea of using any calendaring tool at all (I used to simply remember all my appointments, but I'm getting old.) Google Docs - I use it a little, but not a lot.

Catching up…

Clark Quinn

Skype), Twitter or equivalent, Facebook and/or LinkedIn, Google Docs, etc, you really do need to get that experience going to really understand the opportunities. Business changes. However, incrementalism doesn’t cut it, it takes a serious commitment to change. It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged, and it’s not that there haven’t been learnings, it’s just that my dance card was too too full.

[berkman] Transforming Scholarly Communication

David Weinberger

Google Wave. Big changes, Lee says. Swivel, IBM’s Many Eyes , Google’s Gapminder , Freebase, CSA’s Illustra… The business models are shifting. Also Slideshare and Google Docs. But we’re also thinking about how you do it without the old containers, on the Web, in Google Wave, etc.

CoP Series #10: Stewarding Technology for Community | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Tool = wikis , Google docs Learning Activity 4) Feedback, testing closure on a discussion, decision making. Debrief the initial activities and identify any barriers or changes that you need to make.

[berkman] Microsoft on the multinational legal complications of cloud computing

David Weinberger

I’m worried that users are naively using online programs such as Google Docs and Office Live without knowing they’re online and that they’re lacking legal protection. Q: From the European perspective, the European Commission in2004 required MS to change its licensing policy.

[berkman] Berkman lunch: Andrew McAfee on Enterprise 2.0

David Weinberger

Strong ties: Wikis, Google Docs, etc. E.g., Google’s Prediction Markets, inside of companies. Q: Say more about Google prediction markets? Q: What does this say about science, e.g., the change from using randomized control trial for doing science? Q: [doc] Isn’t it really very early. Andrew McAfee, the Enterprise 2.0 guy, is giving a Berkman lunchtime talk.