eLearning Portal Integration

Tony Karrer

These discussions center on what requirements should go into an LMS RFP and more broadly how the LMS should really be integrated into the organization. For example, a Plateau case study (PDF) talks about: The biggest benefit Reuters has seen from its Plateau LMS to date is from deep linking functionality. The reality for today in most cases is to try to keep solutions relatively simple and hence keeping these requirements to a minimum.

Social Movement Learning (Winnie Chow, Thomas Mark Turay and Bev Burke)

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Education and social movements have always been linked, but there's been nothing that links them together in the studies that take place. We found few contemporary Canadian researchers doing quantitative studies - mostly case studies, etc. Also, lack of in-depth empirical studies in SML. We need follow-up studies about the effects of SML. Also, put out RFP for knowledge exchange. Study SML in Quebec. We need to expand the study.

RFP 100