nursing care performance analysis case study

Harold Jarche

I was able to negotiate a ‘confirmation of the analysis’, as I had not been involved in the design process. This was a presentation I gave to the Canadian Society for Training and Development in 2005. e-Learning and Communities of Practice in Healthcare.

working smarter case study

Harold Jarche

The university transitioned from designing processes for formal learning to increasing support for informal learning by: Establishing a learning & performance innovation team. Established an Online Resource Repository (Decision Support Tools, Case Studies, Tools, Job Aids, & additional information sources).


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The Heinz Ketchup Case Study

Jay Cross

My midterm exam in Marketing Management at Harvard B-School was the Heinz Ketchup Case. The case included the demographics of buyers, the geographic spread of the market, and all manner of information about packaging options. The case asked the classic question, “What would you do?” The brand managers and UI designers at Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and other consumer web services need to learn this lesson.

Case Study: Driving a 75% Reduction in Translation Costs at Ford Motor Company


Read the Case Study: Driving a 75% Reduction in Translation Costs at Ford Motor Company. Ford’s Finance Division was specifically focused on streamlining the way they designed, developed and produced translatable learning content, in order to reduce translation time and generate significant cost savings. Not only does Xyleme streamline the translation process, it also supports localization, which allows Ford to designate?specific?words

Metropolitan IQ and Urban metabolism: Great case studies of innovative, collaborative cities

Trends in the Living Networks

However to understand how innovative cities can be designed, the paper notes that [Leading cities] invest in the art and practice of what we could describe as “systematic serendipity”. It draws on 16 excellent case studies of how to develop “metropolitan IQ” and a healthy “urban metabolism” (analogies I of course love), including both international and Australian examples. Case Study 5: Busan, South Korea – Open data to create a city ‘App Store’.

Social Media Integrated Campaign Case Study Slam: SSIR Social Media on Purpose Conference

Beth Kanter

Last week, I had the pleasure of designing and facilitating the ultimate social media practitioner panel at the Social Media on Purpose Conference hosted by Stanford Social Innovation Review. Not yr same old social media NPO case study SLAM at #SMoP14 The panelists delivered their case studies and poems in three rounds, each with a sub-theme. “The key is working with a good designer.” Case Studies Conferences

Crowdsourcing for social development and economic opportunity: Case study of Malaysia

Trends in the Living Networks

Crowdsourcing initiatives that are designed from the ground up from a social perspective, such as Samasource and CloudFactory can make provide opportunities to the disadvantaged, equalizing the distribution of wealth and opportunity in a highly connected world. The post Crowdsourcing for social development and economic opportunity: Case study of Malaysia appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks. How to move from web to mobile

Adaptive Path

Taking the list of website features and prioritizing them might seem like an obvious starting point for designing a mobile app based on an existing site. We clustered these characteristics and then used these as starting points for imagining use cases for the iPhone app. We voted on the top use cases and clustered them based on the mental “mode&# a user would be in when engaging in that activity: Are they in a “Study&# mode? Case Study Crafting a Visual Language

Adaptive Path

Unlike the existing, web-based learning apps, in which you study in 5 to 10 item sessions that have a clear start and end, we want learning on the iPhone to feel continuous. Your study record (how many items you’ve gotten right or wrong today). Here are some visual wireframes showing how it’s coming together: Item progress is represented by a leaf’s “ripeness&# — the more you study an item, the greener it becomes. Case Study

Are Instructional Designers Making Themselves Irrelevant?


So what does that mean for the poor instructional designer when over 70% of the learning they create delivers poor customer experiences? The easy thing for an instructional designer to do is to rely on simple instinct and maintain the status quo. Being static means being stale, and for instructional designers, stale content is the fastest road to irrelevancy. This has really been impacting how we''re designing things.". To download the Nielsen case study click here

Design 211 Imagining Possible Worlds

Adaptive Path

In designing the look and feel of the learning game portion of the When working on the experience design project for, one of our guiding design principles was that the new website would be a fun and open space that invites play. Exploring all possible design directions in these highly generative sessions is an important part of our design process. Case Study Part of the iPhone App Story.

Bringing the Experience to the iPhone

Adaptive Path

Well, it’s coming and Adaptive Path is both designing and developing the app. Adaptive Path is just thrilled to be able to design in the open like this. A core team including developers, designers and product managers gathered for a day of workshopping. All of the ideas generated were clustered and use cases for the Study : See what I need to do, do it, and see how I’m doing. Case Study Developing a Great Experience

Adaptive Path

iPhone app the team had moved from design into development. We tested scenarios and we tweaked the design when implementation revealed new ways to solve problems. The final design for data synchronization results in the user seeing some shorts bursts of network activity while browsing around. app is designed to work a lot like the iPod app. They select a goal and begin studying it with the learning game Alexa described earlier. Case Study

Yay, PayCycle!

Adaptive Path

Last year, we had the privilege of working with a team from PayCycle to re-design the set up process of their award-winning payroll management product. To accomplish this, we designed a research initiative to better understand how people think about payroll, perform payroll activities, and how they experienced PayCycle’s existing set up system. If you are interested in learning more about the work, we recently posted a case study on the project.

Service Design Drinks and Thinks

Adaptive Path

Service Design Drinks and Thinks is an organic network of designers who believe that better services can and should be designed. From London to Amsterdam to Sydney to São Paulo, groups have self organized to meet and talk about service design, share experiences, and drink together in the interest of making this belief a reality. The third SF Service Design Drinks is Thursday, April 15. Tags: Service Design

Design 100

Human-Centered Design & AI: Google AI Impact Summit

Beth Kanter

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Google Impact AI Summit that shared the learning and case studies from Google AI Challenge winners. The Summit included presentations, panel discussions, and a “science fair” where we could see demos from and talk with the winners.

Mission Bicycle and Adaptive Path: Experience Design in Retail

Adaptive Path

Zack had plans for the shop’s interior design, but the experience of the retail environment was still missing. The goal was to design a simple retail experience that would help customers assemble their perfect, custom bike. The design would have to be ready almost immediately to be in place for the store’s opening. Prototyping the experience design concepts in our studio.

Design 159

A Crash Course in Design Thinking for Network Leadership Skills

Beth Kanter

Last month, I participated in a Design Thinking Lab with network leadership practitioners convened by the Leadership Learning Community. The session was an introduction to design thinking methods and to generate ideas for instructional modules for networked leadership development. The design challenge was: How do we come up with concrete tools, frameworks and methods for helping people better understand and adopt network systems leadership? That is not design thinking.

WEBINAR: Let’s Get Mobile: Changing your Concept of Mobile Content Design and Delivery


Case studies exploring successful moves to mobile learning and the best practices for getting there. We know that by 2015 over 7.1 billion mobile connected devices have been predicted to be in service around the globe, and it is estimated that over 287 million tablets will ship annually. With the launch of the Kindle Fire at $199, tablets are now feasible replacements for printing costs. We are at the tipping point, and mobile delivery is here to stay.

Interview with Margret Schmidt, VP of User Experience Design and Research at TiVo (Part 1)

Adaptive Path

Her extensive experience heading up design at TiVo has given her a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver a great experience in a high technology product. At TiVo, we were fortunate that the team that designed the very first TiVo DVR realized they were making something revolutionary, and they wanted the interface to reflect that. Back in 1998 they created a list of mantras that they kept in mind during design. The same collaboration happens with design.

Part 2 of Designing on Purpose: An Interview with David Butler, VP of Design at Coca-Cola

Adaptive Path

Welcome to part 2 of our interview with David Butler, VP of Design for the Coca-Cola Company. When we left off we were talking about the different roles that design fills within Coca-Cola. This part of the interview shifts gears a bit and talks about one of the major themes we’ll be exploring at MX : designing in a down economy. Henning Fischer] How do you design with purpose in a down economy? Is part of the value of design driven towards productivity?

Design 100

Activities for Integrating Learning

Clark Quinn

I’ve been working on a learning design that integrates developing social media skills with developing specific competencies, aligned with real work. Depending on the ability of the learners, you may start with challenges that are like but not necessarily real challenges, such as evaluating a case study or working on a simulation. This has emerged as a design that develops both specific work competencies and social competencies in an integrated way.

SME Brains

Clark Quinn

As I push for better learning design, I’m regularly reminded that working with subject matter experts (SMEs) is critical, and problematic. This does require some smarts on the part of the designer, but when it works, it leverages the fact that it’s easier to critique than generate. It may be the case that some SMEs aren’t as good as others here, so again, as in ones that have access to the models, you need to be selective. design strategy

Our Work with has Launched

Adaptive Path

information architecture, interaction and visual design as well as implementation oversight. In the meantime, check out the case study and head over to to give it a spin. Tags: Experience Design Experience Strategy Friends of Adaptive Path Graphic Design Interaction Design Interface Design Internationalization People You Should Know Product Management User Research Visual Design

It’s (almost) out!

Clark Quinn

What I’ve tried to do is make the case for dragging L&D into the 21st Century, and then provide an onramp. Practitioner friends and colleagues provided the five case studies I’ve the pleasure to host. I’ve collected and integrated what I think are the necessary frameworks, provided case studies and a workplace scenario, and some tools to work forward. design meta-learning mobile social strategy technology Uncategorized

Sample 144

Two good books on learning

Clark Quinn

In addition to the existing good books out there (Julie Dirksen’s Design for How People Learn , Patti Schank’s new series, e.g. her book on Practice & Feedback , & Brown, et al’s Make it Stick ), I was pointed to two others. His idiosyncratic study habits, he discovers, are actually not that far off from what really does work for learning (as opposed to passing tests, and that’s an important distinction). design

Kapp’s Gamification for Learning and Instruction

Clark Quinn

Chapters 7-9 are, to me, the most valuable from my point of view; how do you do game design (the focus of Engaging Learning ). And Chapter 9 provides valuable guidance about the design process itself. It needs to be carefully planned, well designed, and undertaken with a careful balance of game, pedagogy, and simulation.” design games

Tips 165

Mind the SME (and process)

Clark Quinn

As the subtitle tells you, the book is about “micro collaboration between elearning designers and instructor experts&#. Written in a very accessible style, illuminated with case studies and hints and tips, this is a short and readable. Also, despite not being academic, and admittedly also intended for academic designers as well as corporate, the examples appear to skew to the academic side. design

Let’s Get Physical. UX Beyond the Screen.

Adaptive Path

One thing I love about UX designers is our diversity of backgrounds. We make good designers because of the breadth of skills we bring from these backgrounds. For this reason I’m disappointed to find that once we become UX designers we tend to focus mainly on screen experiences. In an effort to get back to the roots of my interest in UX design I decided to talk to some of my former coworkers at SFMOMA. We tend to be refugees from other disciplines.

Adapting to change

Clark Quinn

I’ll be clear: it’s about ‘thinking’ mobile, which means getting your mind around much much more than ‘courses on a phone’ And it’s about design and strategy, not development. We live in interesting times.

Change 175

CERTainly room for improvement

Clark Quinn

As mentioned before , I’ve become a member of my local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), as in the case of disaster, the official first-responders (police, fire, and paramedics) will be overwhelmed. I encountered one such at our last meeting, and I think it’s an interesting case study. I’d make a case that top -of-mind should be the hazards found to warn others, but that the people are the bottom line (see what I did there?). design strateg

Search 109

Learning Technologies UK wrap-up

Clark Quinn

There was also a nice session on mobile, with some principles presented and then an interesting case study using iPads under somewhat severe(military) constraints on security. design games meta-learning mobile social technologyI had the pleasure of speaking at the Learning Technologies ’11 conference, talking on the topic of games. I’ve already covered Roger Schank ‘s keynote , but I want to pick up on a couple of other things.

Nonprofit Innovation Toolkits: Methods To Invent, Adopt, and Adapt Ideas to Deliver Better Results

Beth Kanter

The toolkit was designed through a collaboration between a European agency ( STBY ) and an Indian agency ( Quicksand ), it was commissioned by Nesta and the Rockefeller Foundation , who together saw a gap in the support for innovation provided to the development community. How could they present easy-to-use worksheets but avoid an overtly ‘design & innovation’ identity? They responded to the design challenge by making the toolkit as practical as possible.

The changing role of L&D: from “packaging” to “scaffolding” plus “social capability building”

Jane Hart

And furthermore, rather than trying to design, create, deliver or even “control” what happens there, there is also a need for a focus on “ building the new personal and social capabilities ” that are are going to be required by the new “connected workers”, in order for them to work and learn effectively in the digitally connected workplace.

Change 207

How to Transform a “Big, Old” Company into an Agile Digital Business

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“As consumers, we take digital technologies for granted… We don’t wonder why these things are possible; we simply expect them,” said Designed for Digital a recently published book by Jeanne Ross , Cynthia Beath , and Martin Mocker in its Preface. A quarter century into the digital age , - as a recent McKinsey study found, - the digital maturity of traditional incumbent firms is still relatively low, - under 25% of their overall potential. What does designed for digital mean?

Generalities & specifics

Jay Cross

The ‘Learning Knights’ of Bell Telephone in the Op/Ed section of today’s New York Time is a case study of Push learning vs Pull learning. Bell set up a program called the Institute of Humanistic Studies for Executives. Over the following five years, Bell phased out the Institute of Humanistic Studies. Tags: Design Meta-Learning The process of Innovation

Needles in Haystacks

Dave Snowden

In this case, the end of the war had probably reduced demand and these two had been left abandoned in partial states of completion. in practice this is far from the case.

Data 233

PKM in practice

Harold Jarche

Extraneous cognitive load is in the designed instruction and can be redesigned to reduce cognitive load.” While PKM is designed to lessen the cognitive load, learning how to develop this disciplined approach to sensemaking can actually increase the cognitive load.

PKM 229

Learning and Development Webinars


Building the Plane While Flying It: A Case Study on Rapid Learning Strategy Innovation at Spectrum. Eric Span, lead content developer at Benefitfocus shows the before and after of their learning ecosystem and how Xyleme helped them optimize their learning content design and delivery. In this case-study webinar, ACC shows how they used YourMembership and Xyleme to build a learning ecosystem to solve their challenges and better prepare for future learning needs.

Creating Learning Experiences That Connect, Inspire, and Engage

Beth Kanter

It is a great opportunity to ponder the question: How to design and deliver learning experiences for nonprofits that connect, inspire, and engage? What are the best practices? I’ve known this for years, ever since I read Richard Mayer ‘s educational research in his book, The Handbook of Multi-Media Learning. The study was of medical school lectures. Living Case Study: The living case study is when you make participants part of the content.

Integrated Social Media for Sustainable Agriculture

Beth Kanter

In the many years that I’ve been designing and delivering capacity building and training, I’ve learned being a guide on the side and helping to surface the knowledge and experience in the group produces far richer learning experiences. As a trainer, I strongly believe that learning experiences need to weave content delivery with participant interaction. Also, it is far more effective to have peers share their own case studies and experiential learning with others.

Digital Learning 4.0: How to Guarantee Measurable Learner Impact Where Others Have Failed

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Challenge: making sure students have complted all of the personal study before they attend the face-to-face session. We use videos, high-quality readings, or engaging case studies. Respect the holy trinity of virtual learning: design, production and delivery. Don't have design and production off in their own corners. don't give me a case study from three years ago - maybe three days or three weeks ago. Summary of: Digital Learning 4.0:

How To 158

From Courses to Campaigns : using the 70:20:10 approach

Charles Jennings

If we put all our effort and resource into designing, developing and delivering courses we may be helping people, but we’re only supporting one aspect of organisational learning and performance improvement. Business education has understood this fact for years, but rather than designing ways that allow experienced business school professors to support and mentor managers to solve their own real problems in their own context, most use a proxy called the case method.

Course 168