“No one gets fired for buying ….

Dave Snowden

If we buy the market leader then its not my fault. The post “No one gets fired for buying …. … IBM” was a standard adage a few decades ago. You could have a better software package, or better hardware but it didn’t matter.

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From “Buy What We Have” to “Connected Customer Strategies”

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Most companies engage with their customer fleetingly, using what the authors call the buy what we have model. The key problem with the traditional buy what we have journey is that company and customer are poorly connected throughout.

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Dear Adobe, Please buy Flickr

Doc Searls

This photo of Utah is the dozens of thousands I’ve put on Flickr. it might be collateral damage if Yahoo dies or fails unload the service to a worthy buyer. Flickr is far from perfect, but it is also by far the best online service for serious photographers.

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Shouldn’t We Just Best Buy Corporate Learning

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Best Buy, a renown electronics retailer perhaps better known for its khaki pants and blue shirt dress code, could be viewed analagously with that of an evolved corporate learning structure.

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Buy this…for your boss

Clark Quinn

And I’m not saying this to sell books (I’m unlikely to make more than enough to buy a couple of cups of coffee off the proceeds, given book contracts), but because I think the message is so important! So I’ve been pushing an L&D Revolution , and for good reasons.

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Push Back: Purdue Buys For-Profit Kaplan

Nine Shift

I n a huge and positive move, Purdue University has purchased the for-profit Kaplan. Here's the story.

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Should Apple buy Nokia?

Doc Searls

When you’re as far behind as they are, there are two ways you can get back to the table: you can either run like crazy and try to iter­ate your prod­uct at light speed or you can buy your way back at the table. Mobile maps matter, and Apple now has the worst mapping you can get on a phone.

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Shouldn’t We Just Best Buy Corporate Learning

Dan Pontefract

Best Buy, a renown electronics retailer perhaps better known for its khaki pants and blue shirt dress code, could be viewed analagously with that of an evolved corporate learning structure. There are no commissions at Best Buy to make a sale.

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Best Buy and the New Economy

Nine Shift

Best Buy is moving to smaller stores in denser communities as the suburbs and suburban malls decline. So did Standard and Poor's misunderstand the strategy when they downgraded Best Buy? . NineShifter Paul Franklin comments: "Best Buy is interesting.

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Stop creating, selling, and buying garbage!

Clark Quinn

Finally, the folks buying the learning are equally complicit. Again, they don’t know the important distinctions, so they’re told it’s soundly instructionally designed, and it looks professional, and they buy the cheapest that meets the criteria. I was thinking today (on my plod around the neighborhood) about how come we’re still seeing so much garbage elearning (and frankly, I had a stronger term in mind).

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Buy Smart!

Clark Quinn

Someone is buying that fish! Where my thinking led me was to a ‘buy smart’ campaign. Don’t ask how my thoughts got here, but I was reflecting on the fact that the western economy is largely predicated on a free market (whether we truly achieve that is a different rant). Which, to work properly, needs consumers to be ‘optimizing’ That is, for the free market to drive improvements and fair prices, people have to vote effectively with their dollars.

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Finally, evidence only old people buy cars

Nine Shift

Finally, we have evidence only old people buy cars. . Since we have tried to find out who buys cars many years ago, the auto industry did not publicly reveal the data. As one story puts it, the "AARP generation" are buying over sixty percent of new cars.

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Money Doesn't Necessarily Buy Competitive Advantage

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

It then proceeds to succinctly articulate their overriding conclusion: “ Money doesn’t buy results. When products were simpler, industrial processes less mature, and competition less fierce, companies could make new products and be reasonably certain that their customers would buy them. So, if money doesn’t necessarily buy corporate success, what does? Just about every company will tell you that innovation is one of its highest priorities.

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Buy some inspiration before the year ends

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

You can buy a giant (4′ x 2′), durable, grommeted Informal Learning poster in the Internet Time Store. Amazon just dropped the price of Informal Learning to $28.96. The Kindle edition is $26.06.

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What you see is what they buy

Doc Searls

Brilliant of the Sunlight Foundation to show who pays each elected speaker, in text next to them as they’re speaking at the Heath Care Summit. Dig it here, live. Via @mathowie.

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Buy TurboTax software + $10 Amazon Gift Card As Low As $39.86!

David Gurteen

Today only at Amazon, when you Buy TurboTax software , you will also get $10 Amazon Gift Card As Low As $39.86! The post Buy TurboTax software + $10 Amazon Gift Card As Low As $39.86!

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What happens when Google buys Sprint too?

Doc Searls

For example, what if Google buys, builds or rents fat pipes out to Sprint cell sites, and either buys or builds its way into the content delivery network (CDN) business, competing with while also supplying Akamai, Limelight and Level3? I do know that just the thought of Google buying Sprint will fire up the lawyers and lobbyists for AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.

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The Economy Will Be Roboticized: Amazon Buys Kiva

Andy McAfee

Amazon has agreed to buy warehouse robot maker Kiva systems for $775 million (which is a lot of money). I find it hard to believe that Amazon is buying Kiva only for its own fulfillment centers. As a research note from Barron’s states, Kiva uses a series of computer-controlled robots to bring product to warehouse pickers rather than employees running the floor to find the same products. The systems appear to greatly reduce labor while concurrently improving order accuracy.

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If Gen Y is Driving More and Buying Cars, How Come.?

Nine Shift

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Google buys fourth social medium company in a month

David Weinberger

Google has bought Angstro. Nancy Gohring at PC World says : Angstro marks the fourth company that Google has acquired this month. It bought Slide , a social games developer; Jambool , a company that makes a platform for managing online payment for virtual goods sold on gaming and social-networking sites; and Like.com , a visual shopping engine.

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Why money won’t buy you happiness

Mind Hacks

It was originally titled ‘ Why money can’t buy you happiness ‘, but I’ve just realised that it would be more appropriately titled if I used a “won’t” rather than a “can’t” There’s a saying that people who think money can’t buy happiness don’t know where to shop. So, why don’t they, in short, spend their winnings in ways that buy happiness? Here’s my column for BBC Future from last week.

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What $1,000,000 buys in Northern California

Jay Cross

Poppy Lane is a quiet, one-block street in the Berkeley hills that ends at a small public park where people come to climb Remillard Rock, watch their kids in the tiny playground, or play fetch with their dogs. The Meyer lemon tree out front bears fruit all year long.

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Google buys Motorola and its giant patent portfolio

Doc Searls

So now, in buying Motorola, Google is building the biggest patent fort that it can. Unless, of course, Microsoft buys Nokia. The official statement from Google says, Google Inc. NASDAQ: GOOG - News ) and Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. NYSE: MMI - News ) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Google will acquire Motorola Mobility for $40.00 per share in cash, or a total of about $12.5

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Want to buy drinks for a bunch of Sydney entrepreneurs?

Trends in the Living Networks

If your organization would like to make friends with a bunch of interesting, switched-on entrepreneurs and self-employed people, then please consider buying some drinks for those at the party, joining two great companies that are already doing so. This is now the thirteenth year that I and some friends have organized the Annual Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Xmas Drinks in Sydney.

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stevenberlinjohnson.com: Go Buy Microcosm Right Now!

Steven Berlin Johnson

Main | Baton Passing » Go Buy Microcosm Right Now! stevenberlinjohnson.com « Are You A Gifted Interface Designer? Come Work At Outside.In! Carl Zimmer may be my favorite science writer around today (others seem to agree), so Im excited to report that his new book Microcosm: E. coli and the New Science of Life hit the shelves yesterday. I had the opportunity to read it in manuscript form, and its really an exceptional book -- what Carl calls an "(un)natural history of E.

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Cisco Buys Webex

Tony Karrer

Just saw this : Earlier this month, Microsoft announced it was finally adding voice capabilities to its Live Communication Server. And now Cisco is adding hosted collaboration to compete with Microsoft's hosted service known as Live Meeting. This makes me wonder what these systems will start to look like in a couple of years and whether folks like Elluminate will be able to compete

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Boomer dilemna: save the car but don't buy one

Nine Shift

I've been talked to several Boomers, and thinking myself, about how to make it to the end of the road without buying another gas powered car. Just talking with good friend Paul in Portland who has an SUV for mountain fishing trips, but drives it only 8,000 miles a year, about half the normal mileage for cars a year. He expects it to last 20 years and be his last car.

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How collaboration is transforming the relationship between sell-side and buy-side financial markets

Trends in the Living Networks

One of the most obvious examples is in the relationship between buy-side and sell-side in financial markets. The availability of information and the concentration of analytic capabilities in the buy-side has shifted the balance of power, and made the value proposition of financial market sales activities ever more tenuous.

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Buy a book, save a life | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Buy a book, save a life Every 45 seconds, a child dies of malaria. Go to End Malaria Day and click on the big red Buy button to purchase your copy of End Malaria: Bold Innovation, Limitless Generosity, and the Opportunity to Save a Life. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter.

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Harold Jarche » Google buys Marratech

Harold Jarche

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Internet Time Blog » What $1,000,000 buys in Northern California

Jay Cross

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We will need better filters as spurious news explodes: the curious case of the king of Saudi Arabia buying Facebook

Trends in the Living Networks

Earlier today ‘satirical’ website DawnWires published a story titled Saudi King to buy Facebook for $150 billion to end the revolt: Goldman Sachs to advise. The article was published in the LoLNews category, and the bottom of it says “Sunday Humor… (Sunday Humor article at Dawnwires.com are meant to humor our readers. They may or may not be the truth.)&#.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Someone buy me this poster

Mark Oehlert

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Guy Kawasaki Makes an Enchanting Offer: Buy One, Get One Free.

Bob Sutton

Financial sector: however good the pay, it doesnt buy results | Business | The Observer. More Reasons Creativity Sucks: Creative People Seen as Having Less Leadership Potential » Guy Kawasaki Makes an Enchanting Offer: Buy One, Get One Free.   Buy this book and Robert Cialdini's classic Influence , and you've got the best two book on the subject.  Bob Sutton. About Subscribe to this blogs feed Email Me Follow Me @ work_matters. Book Me For A Speech.

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Real Learning is the sequel to Informal Learning

Jay Cross

Buy it now. $2.99 Real Learning

Informal Learning Blog » Google Desktop as learning platform

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Informal Learning Blog » Recognizing patterns

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Product selection with your network | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

It is time again to buy a new set, but instead of buying the cheapest set at the local office store, I decided to get the recommendations of my network – since many are also frequent users of this product.

The False Promise of "Adopt now, and all will adapt"

Martijn Linssen

Business or Pleasure? - why not both Home About Contact Tuesday, 28 December 2010 The False Promise of "Adopt now, and all will adapt" Its the most widespread lie across IT.

Informal Learning Blog » Bad advice on social networks. For a fee…

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Informal Learning Blog » Price cut on Informal Learning book

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Price 90

Informal Learning Blog » Google Desktop as learning platform

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Informal Learning Blog » Internet Culture and the Evolution of Learning

Jay Cross's Informal Learning