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Harold Jarche

For example, students in a US education doctoral program will be using these ebooks for one of their modules. A community of practice of Canadian training managers will also incorporate these books into their 2015 professional discussions. Books Complexity Learning PKM

eBook 207

A New Website, Part Six - Drupal Modules

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Modules A module is some additional programming that gives your site some additional functionality. A number of optional modules come installed with the original Drupal download. In addition, you can get many more modules from the Drupal web site. The first step, then, is to look at the list of modules that comes with the Drupal download. So I select 'Site Building' -> 'Modules'. So I activate the module. This will happen for every module.

Module 100

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A sense of direction (1)

Dave Snowden

With my book writing retreat coming up next week it’s also a timely opportunity to map out some thinking. That was the book that triggered the engineering metaphor that has dominated the last few decades. I had a really interesting exchange on twitter over the last few days.

Module 221

The future of business education will be centered on contextual learning

Ross Dawson

The event organizers, the Centre for Accounting, Governance, and Sustainability and the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia , have now released a book The Virtual University: Impact on Australian Accounting and Business Education based on the conference proceedings.

It’s Only 65% !

Charles Jennings

" Jay wrote the seminal book on Informal Learning. Formal learning’ suggests learning that is designed and directed by someone other than the learner as part of a curriculum, course, programme, module etc. The results of yet another 70:20:10 survey were published recently.

Survey 236

Celebrate 21 Days to Happiness E-Learning with a 3 Day Happiness Challenge

21 Days to Happiness

The e-learning will share all the practical, effective happiness habits and resources I've put in my book, but in a fresh, interactive format. And, if you participate along with me, you can enter for a chance to win 3 modules from my new 21 Days to Happiness E-Learning.

Strategic positioning in the flow economy: 3 action steps

Ross Dawson

Below is an excerpt from my book Living Networks that describes how to develop effective strategies in what I call the “flow economy&# of information of ideas, where today almost all value resides. You can also download the complete Chapter 7 on The Flow Economy from the book website.

Module 211


Dave Snowden

Now this will be a whole chapter in the book, and it will be referenced constantly so I can’t fully summarise stuff here and its not the first blog post I have written. All of these and more modulate identity.

Module 141

Nothing Has Changed. Everything Has Changed.

Charles Jennings

I’ve recently read Clark Quinn’s excellent new ‘Revolutionize Learning & Development’ book. Despite the book’s title (or maybe that’s the point of it) Clark’s focus is not so much on learning and development as on performance. A Revolution or a Slow Demise?

Change 238

Start with the 70. Plan for the 100.

Charles Jennings

This article draws on ideas and supporting material from a new book published for the first time in English last week. BUY THE BOOK: The book is divided into 100 numbered sections across 313 pages in ‘coffee table’ format.

From Courses to Campaigns : using the 70:20:10 approach

Charles Jennings

Virtually all of them are wrapped up in an ‘event’ concept – often called the course, workshop, programme (or program), module etc.

Course 219

The Organization Needs to Ask Itself Tough Questions to Survive

Dan Pontefract

It is alleged that during a tour of the NASA Space Center, President Lyndon Johnson came upon a janitor at work in the building where the lunar module was being housed. Delicious

Steven Berlin Johnson

Downloading one's address book information into a CSV file is an example of this freedom. Custom views include any of several Firefox plugins, and portlet-like Delicious webpage modules. An idea book wrapped around a page-turner. You can see a trailer for the book here.

Managing Learning?

Charles Jennings

Donald Taylor recently published an article titled ‘ What does ‘LMS’ mean today ?’. In it Donald posited something I’ve been advocating for years. It is this. Learning can only be managed by the individual in whose head the learning is occurring.

PKM 225

The Only Person Who Behaves Sensibly Is My Tailor

Charles Jennings

I started reading his books in my early teenage years and many of the ideas in them have stuck. We measure how many people have attended a class or completed an eLearning module, or read a document or engaged in a job swap or in a coaching relationship.

Why it pays to be an ambivert. (And why you probably are one.)

Dan Pink

As you can see from the chart, the folks who fared the best — by a wide margin — were the in the modulated middle. Test your own ambiversion here and read more about how to develop this quality in Chapter 4 of the book.

Module 106

The Need to Adapt to the Speed of Change or Die: lessons for L&D from the retail industry

Charles Jennings

Yesterday another great British institution slid into the history books. I recall using one enterprise LMS that required 13 clicks of a mouse (some counter-intuitive) to register and launch an eLearning module.

A sense of direction (3)

Dave Snowden

Tomorrow I head off for a cottage on Ynys Môn to break the back of the book over eight days. I’m having to take non-book work with me but I’m rationing my time and will try and blog daily about the work I am doing. More on that when I get to Crisis management in the book.

Module 165

best finds of 2019

Harold Jarche

You rarely find good books there. In his book The Big Sort (subtitled “Why the clustering of like-minded America is tearing us apart”), Bill Bishop put it simply: “Mixed company moderates; like-minded company polarizes. The last module is 4.5

Module 158

New training - March early bird

Dave Snowden

You can see (and book) in the training section of the web site and I've linked the first two above. Each module however stands on its own so you can book any combination. We have created a special early bird discount for people booking this month, so take advantage of it!

Why it pays to be an ambivert. (And why you probably are one.)

Dan Pink

As you can see from the chart, the folks who fared the best — by a wide margin — were the in the modulated middle. Test your own ambiversion here and read more about how to develop this quality in Chapter 4 of the book.

Learning by Osmosis

Dan Pontefract

In my book, Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization (Wiley, 2013) I define ‘Pervasive Learning’ as: learning at the speed of need through formal, informal and social learning modalities. I liken learning in an organization to osmosis.

A sense of direction (2)

Dave Snowden

I’ve seen, and had the misfortune to have to read, some truly trivial and inconsequential books and articles over the last year as the ideas of complexity have become more popular.

Module 170

LearnTrends Live: Mobile Learning

Jay Cross

Laptops are mobile but not in Judy’s book. Modules for assessment, content, mobility, performance. Judy Brown is talking about mobile learning: it’s more that eLearning lite. M-learning : Pervasive. Get learners to complete tasks while going about their day-to-day lives.

Module 128

Down But Not Quite Out: what can we learn from the plights of Learning Tree International and Readers Digest?

Charles Jennings

Then there are numerous free books, guides and reports, such as the 230 page ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Study Guide, a comprehensive, freely downloadable book with " everything you need to know to pass the exam and in addition the official OGC sample exams included at the end of each chapter ".

FAQ 194

Drupal for Education and E-Learning

Harold Jarche

This is a how-to book, covering everything from themes to modules to backup and maintenance. The core of the book is on education-specific apsects, such as teacher blogs, forums, enrolling students and managing classes.

Drupal 130

Designing our new web site

Dave Snowden

I have booked a small cottage in Snowdonia and plan to walk the mountains of my youth every day. All of the methods will be organised by module which will link directly to the training programme.

Design 130

Scaling the Edge: Cynefin™ as a journey

Dave Snowden

Now for years I have (and intend to continue) lambasting certificates given for attending courses, completing open book multi-choice questions etc. So the core knowledge will now become a ten week, five module mixture of theory and practice.

Wiki 162

My 25 Years of Ed Tech

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Martin Weller has released his book 25 Years of Ed Tech today. I had designed OLe so that it used free-standing 'modules', and the IMS-LOM was perfect for this. So I don't really know why it shows up under '2010' in Weller's book, save for the theory I mentioned above.

The Age of “Lean Manufacturing” in Learning Content Management Systems


Test systems emerged that allowed you to validate “modules” or components before the entire system was finished. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.

System 169

Systems Thinking, Safety and Risk Management

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

These include the hierarchical decomposition of the system into relatively independent, functional modules and components; making the individual components and functional modules as reliable as possible; having well defined processes for the assembly and operation of the systems; extensive simulation of the behavior of the components, modules and overall system; and continuous quality measurements and improvements. .

System 130

STEM Literacy is for Everyone

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Among LINC’s key projects is Blossoms - Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies , which is developing a large free repository of video modules created by gifted volunteers from around the world to assist school teachers with math and science courses. But, almost everyone would agree that there is a big difference between being proficient at reading and writing and being a playwright, literary critic, book editor or journalist.

Skills 198

Ulric Neisser, psychology’s repentant revolutionary

Mind Hacks

Ulric Neisser is widely regarded as having founded the field with his 1967 book Cognitive Psychology. The book was hugely influential to the point where cognitive psychology has become the de facto scientific psychology and the has at least partially integrated into virtually every theory of the mind. In 1976, he wrote “Cognition and Reality,” a book that challenged much of the field of cognitive psychology, arguing that it ignored the real world in favor of the laboratory.

What is the future of the Learning & Development department?

Ross Dawson

One of the distinctions I brought out in my book Living Networks (and many others have made in various guises) was between Collections and Connections. In learning there has been a long-standing shift to generating learning modules, which are content that can be delivered across a variety of platforms, and hopefully as close to the point of need as possible.

Atlantic Workshop on Semantics and Services - Day 1

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Example: book. Combine the 'person' metadata from the book with other sources, such as Wikipedia data ( ). So ontology modules can be efficiently interchanged. You can get different perspectives to a module. The knowledge base of the 'utilizer' modules are augmented by sets of nominals from 'realizer' modules. After augmentation, the knowledge engines are not expected to take into account the realizer modules any more.

Module 100

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 7

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Yes, I could distinguish between blog, magazine, newspaper, book, journal, and whatever, but I don't. [ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7] OK, I've put on some Cœur de pirate and am set for today's work. Feeds One of the key attributes of gRSShopper is the harvester.

Design 152

Pull Platforms for Performance

John Hagel

  What if we began to re-conceive products and services as platforms that would invite and support third parties to add customized modules and extensions to the functionality available in the core platform?  In exploring the potential of a pull platform approach, executives might think about the three distinct levels of pull that we developed in our book The Power of Pull – access, attract and achieve.  We live in a world of mounting performance pressure.

Cost 166

performance.learning.productivity: Getting to the Core of Learning Content in the Internet Age

Charles Jennings

Traditional Model – Content-centric learning The standard approach has been to expect people to learn all the content in a structured learning event – whether it’s an ILT or eLearning module, course or programme. There is an argument that we all need to learn less if we want to know more.

5 Games Supporting Nonprofits’s Missions, from Low-Tech to High-Tech

Beth Kanter

” Senate Immersion Module. Created by ESI Design, the 100-player Senate Immersion Module game was made for the Edward M. The Senate Immersion Module will launch in Boston in March, at the opening of the EMK Institute. million players’ in-game actions into real-world donations totaling $500,000, providing 250,000 books and $198,600 for fistula surgeries.


Clark Quinn

Obviously, I wrote a book about this , but some of the quick things I do include: embed the decisions they should be making in contexts where they make sense. In making the Workplace of the Future project with Learnnovators, we were barreling along full tilt, working on the second module, and I was getting increasingly worried about the fact that we hadn’t tested the first. Listening, as I mentioned, in this case to Guy Wallace.

“How do I get my Word content into XML?”


You just need to organize the content into modules, lessons, topics or chapter and topics as you see fit. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc. Home > Instructional Design , Single Source > “How do I get my Word content into XML?&# “How do I get my Word content into XML?&# February 16th, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment I frequently speak at training conferences. My latest talk is “Designing Content for Reusability Across Multiple Audiences and Contexts.”

Does This Deserve My Attention?

Beth Kanter

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be in New Zealand, leading a workshop on social media and I facilitated a module on mindful social media. Peter greeted me at the airport and as I got into the car I noticed a copy of Rheingold’s book NetSmart in the back seat.

Module 104

Steven Berlin Johnson

The modules can be mounted on wheels to become mobile or be connected to form floating constructions. SBJ via Twitter follow me on Twitter The Basics Im a father of three boys, husband of one wife, and author of five books. An idea book wrapped around a page-turner.

Module 130