Book Review: The Good Fight

Dan Pontefract

book Liane Davey The Good FightYou're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Conflict is a natural part of life. It happens at home, in the community, and of course in our place of work. So why is. Dan's Related Posts: Why I Love Netflix’s Decision-Making Culture. When Power Overthrows Common Sense. Did Zappos Just Ruin Their Culture Or Is It A Brilliant Org Redesign? Three Tough Questions Answered About Purpose.

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Book Review: Winners Take All

Dan Pontefract

It is quite possibly one of the most important books I’ve read in a while. Winners Take All: The … Continue reading "Book Review: Winners Take All". The post Book Review: Winners Take All appeared first on Dan Pontefract. book Anand Giridharadas Book Review Winner Takes AllAnand Giridharadas has crafted a compelling investigation into current day class systems.

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Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2018

John Hagel

For me, that often means stealing a few quiet moments with my book, hiding out…er…I mean, hanging out on my couch, or comfortably wedged into a window seat listening to an audiobook on a long flight. John, our marketing director, says this books helped change his perspective. “It Get a head start so you can weigh in on whether the book is better than the movie. This book has lots of interesting thoughts about market dynamics and disruptive technologies.

Next book?

Clark Quinn

The time has come to ask: what should be my next book? Then, while I wanted to write about elearning strategy, my publisher wanted a book on mobile and I realized one was needed and the other likely candidates deferred. After that, my publisher’s sister company wanted a book on mlearning for higher education, and I ended up writing The Mobile Academy. So what is the next book you would like to see from me ? The post Next book?

Book Review: The Neo-Generalist

Dan Pontefract

Dan's Related Posts: Montreal’s Three Wise Men Book Review: Originals by Adam Grant Download Chapter 1 of “The Purpose Effect” For Free Free Download of Chapter 1 – The Purpose Effect Favourite Books of 2013 That I Read. book Neo-GeneralistI’ve had several roles in multiple organizations over my career. All of them have been rewarding. When I look back I can distinguish one particular.

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Favourite Books of 2013 That I Read

Dan Pontefract

Books – remember those?) In no particular order, these are the books I read in 2013 that caught my attention: Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now by Douglas Rushkoff. I can honestly say it is an ‘epic’ book. I didn’t do as he suggests and pick habits at will, I read Bill’s book back to front to see if it made a difference. That is not to say Bill’s thoughts aren’t in the book. I like to read.

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Books I Read In 2018

David Gurteen

All those “Books of 2017” posts made me kinda wishing I kept a list of my own. No way for me to go back and figure out what I read last year (I give away most books once I’ve completed them) so instead will make this a living post, where I add as I finish. I read very little fiction but when I saw that Jordan Peele optioned this book to turn into a HBO series… ! Not gonna lie.

Book Review: Originals by Adam Grant

Dan Pontefract

While reading Adam Grant’s new book, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move The World , I found myself utilizing four different lenses of observation. Originals is a book that might help you in one or more of the roles I note above, too. Adam’s writing style picks up where his last book, Give And Take (2013) , left me (and arguably others) wanting more. For example, the book has more than 250 references. Book Review of WORK RULES: Insights From Inside Google.

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How books were made

David Weinberger

Jeff Goldenson , my colleague at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab found this fabulous 1947 short documentary on how books used to be made. (He It’s hard to believe (or, for some of us, to remember) how hard it used to be to print books.

How Are Your Book Sales?

Dan Pontefract

My latest book, The Purpose Effect, published May 10, some ten days ago. A few people have been kind enough to ask, “How is the book launch going, Dan?” ” or “How are book sales, Dan?” I respect the questioners’ curiosity and interest in me and/or the book. What I care about is that the book makes a difference, that it is making a difference. Someone was touched by the book. book Purpose The Purpose Effect

My Next Book Has A Title And A Publish Date

Dan Pontefract

It brings me to provide an update on Book #2. But in hindsight — and upon some reflection after the discovery of Harold’s letter — it’s a book written with two things in mind. This next book was unknowingly written along the lines of Harold’s letter. I’m excited to announce that my next book will be called DUAL PURPOSE. book Dual Purpose DUAL PURPOSE next book

Book Review: Friend of a Friend

Dan Pontefract

book David BurkusYou're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Network. It can be such a loaded and overbearing term. On the one hand, it’s a noun. Among other definitions, it can denote a group. Dan's Related Posts: Did I Just Spam My Entire LinkedIn Network? My 1800+ LinkedIn Network Graphically Mapped. My Network is my Net Worth – Part II. LinkedIn Skills – Useful or Useless? Social as a Weapon of Class Destruction. Thanks for reading.

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I’m Showing My Work … My Next Book Is Postponed

Dan Pontefract

In her book, Show Your Work , Jane Bozarth encourages us to work in the open. He even recently published a new book titled, Working Out Loud. When my first book, FLAT ARMY , published in May of 2013 I immediately began sketching, researching, and writing the next book. At first, I titled the book, “ It’s Work Not Jail ” and it was about 15,000 words in when I realized it was the wrong book. book Dual Purpose DUAL PURPOSE

Announcing Three Free Virtual Book Launch Events for LEAD. CARE. WIN.

Dan Pontefract

Given the chances of a face-to-face book and speaking tour in 2020 for LEAD. is as likely as me growing a full head of hair again, I am … Continue reading "Announcing Three Free Virtual Book Launch Events for LEAD. The post Announcing Three Free Virtual Book Launch Events for LEAD. WIN.". appeared first on Dan Pontefract. leadership Lead.


Book notice

David Weinberger

As Publishers Weekly puts it, in June ebooks jumped while print plunged: $80.2MM e-books. Well before the last press has punched out its last paper book, we will have switched to thinking that p-books are print-outs of e-books. That Day of the Modifier — when physical books need a modifier to specify them — is coming fast 84.9MM hardcover. 48.4MM trade paperback. 47.4MM mass-market paperback. Adult paperbacks were down 64% in that month.

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books in perpetual beta

Harold Jarche

A community of practice of Canadian training managers will also incorporate these books into their 2015 professional discussions. Books Complexity Learning PKM Finding Perpetual Beta is now in production. This new ebook is part of the continuing journey to understand how individuals and organizations can manage fundamental changes in networked society, business, and education. It is a series of reflections on the themes presented in Seeking Perpetual Beta , published in April 2014.

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Best books

Jay Cross

Last month, I asked “What books would you recommend to someone who’s new to organizational learning and wants a feel for what’s going on?” Michael: 9780917917080: Books. One of my many seminal books. Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge: Edward Osborne Wilson: 9780679768678: Books. Vance: 9780984585373: Books. Drucker: 9780060833459: Books. Senge: 9780385517256: Books.

My Next Book Project Has A Spanking New Book Cover

Dan Pontefract

Having gone through the process of publishing a book once before, I can honestly say one of the most rewarding experiences is when the book cover is finalized. Dan''s Related Posts: My Next Book Has A Title And A Publish Date Announcing the Full Book Cover Jacket of Flat Army Announcing the Front Cover of Flat Army When Power Overthrows Common Sense In 2015, Will I … book Dual Purpose DUAL PURPOSE

The Purpose Effect Book Endorsers

Dan Pontefract

I feel lucky and honoured for their belief in the book. Dan's Related Posts: The Electrocardiogram of Purpose Free Download of Chapter 1 – The Purpose Effect Lo-Tech Talk #1: Introduction to Personal Purpose Full Book Jacket Cover Released for The Purpose Effect My TEDx Talk on The Purpose Effect. book Purpose The Purpose EffectIf you are curious to know the entire list of early endorsers for THE PURPOSE EFFECT , this graphic outlines all 26 people.

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Writing a book: xEducation

George Siemens

Bonnie Stewart, Dave Cormier, and I have signed on to write a book on MOOCs and other such trends in education. The book will be published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 2013. Unfortunately, and I recognize the irony, the book will not be open. So we’ve set up a blog as field notes for the book: xEducation. A bit more background

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Book formats and formatting books

David Weinberger

AKMA would love to see a publisher offer an easy way of “pouring&# text into an open format that creates a useful, beautiful digital book. Even if there werent that major economic barrier, itd be hard to do what AKMA and we all want because books are incredibly complex objects. You can always pour text into a new container, but its much harder to capture the structure of the book this is a title, that is body text, this is a caption.

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Book Excerpt: The Purpose Effect

Dan Pontefract

Dan Pontefract’s next book, THE PURPOSE EFFECT: Building Meaning in Yourself, Your Role and Your Organization , will publish May 10, 2016. book Purpose The Purpose Effect purposeThe Purpose of Work. F amed advertising mogul, George Lois, once said, “Most people work at keeping their job, rather than doing a good job. If you’re the former, you’re leading a meaningless life. If you’re the latter, keep up the good work.” To pay the bills, most of us have to work.

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Free e-book from Los Angeles Review of Books

David Weinberger

I’m proud that my essay about online knowledge has been included in a free e-book collecting essays about the effect of the digital revolution, published by the Los Angeles Review of Books. It’s actually the first essay in the book, which obviously is not arranged in order of preference, but probably means at least the editors didn’t hate it. The post Free e-book from Los Angeles Review of Books appeared first on Joho the Blog

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The Worst Book of the Year

Nine Shift

Ellen Rupel Shell's new "Jobs" book is my nomination for the worst book of the year. In short, 1.It is wrong factually. is morally unsupportable. is racist.

Flat Army: An Overview of the Book

Dan Pontefract

This 2-minute snippet sees me (Dan Pontefract) describe the overall thesis of the book including a brief introduction of the five key frameworks that make up a connected and engaged organization. Related Posts: Flat Army Book Trailer (one minute) flat army book Announcing the Front Cover of Flat Army Here’s to the Crazy Ones sites & sounds. book flat army

You Can Now Pre-Order OPEN to THINK, Dan Pontefract’s Next Book, Releasing September 11

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: I am excited, delighted and proud to let you know my third book is now available for pre-orders. OPEN to THINK: Slow Down, Think Creatively, Dan's Related Posts: Full Book Jacket Cover Released for The Purpose Effect. book Open Thinking OPEN to THINK open thinking

Book week

Doc Searls

In Doc Searls Wants You to Join Him in The Intention Economy , Scott Merrill writes in Techcrunch , The book is easy to read, written in Searls’ first-person voice. While he can’t directly link from the content of the book, each chapter contains numerous footnotes with additional information and URLs to further reading. I’m not an economist, so I was marginally worried that the book would be heavy on economic theory.

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New Book from Jay. Almost.

Jay Cross

The draft of my new book, Aha!, I don’t write books the way I used to. Given enough iterations, this will be one fantastic book. I slipstream new content into the book continuously. If you’re that puppy, you might enjoy reading a book in progress. If you’re struggling to learn with social and informal learning, this book was made for you. Someone will say they didn’t see this: this book is in beta.

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New book chapters

Dave Snowden

Well it felt like that this week with three books arriving through the post, all with chapters in them by yours truly. Either way, back to those books. The book also has chapters by Prusak and others.

Book Review of WORK RULES: Insights From Inside Google

Dan Pontefract

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this book for some time. Nine days ago, Laszlo’s book, Work Rules! My wait was over, and it was now time to sink my teeth into the book that Daniel Coyle calls, “an all-access backstage pass to one of the smartest organizations on the planet.” Was the book a playbook of sorts for others to learn from, and follow? I was increasingly enjoying my new book purchase. There are fourteen chapters in the book, where the rules are nested.

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What Should The Title Of My Next Book Be?

Dan Pontefract

book next book It hasn’t been through any editing yet. It’s 12 chapters in total. It’s approaching 90,000 words. again). There are two sections. The first section has the following draft chapter titles: Chapter 1 – The Possibility of Purpose at Work. Chapter 2 – What is Work? Chapter 3 – The Pursuit of Workplace Disengagement. Chapter 4 – We Built This City (of Consumerism). Chapter 5 – Power Plays in the Organization.

Why I Wrote “The Purpose Effect” Book

Dan Pontefract

A question I am being asked more and more is why did I decide to write another book, this one focused on purpose? While my first book, FLAT ARMY , focused on organizational culture, I figured out after publishing it there was something missing. I even dedicated the book to them. book Purpose The Purpose Effect videoOther than being a masochist, there is a very good reason. I wrote THE PURPOSE EFFECT to prove that there is a link between purpose and culture.

Interop: The Book

David Weinberger

John Palfrey and Urs Gasser are giving a book talk at Harvard about their new book, Interop. (It’s ” He says the book started out fairly confined, about the effect of interop on innovation. But from this also come problems, which is why the subtitle of the book Interop talks about its peril. In the book, JP and Urs look at how railroad systems became interoperable. The book sees interop more broadly as “The art and science of working together.”

Book Pirates

Jay Cross

If these guys’ stats are accurate, they’ve downloaded more copies of my book on Informal Learning for free than Pfeiffer has sold! If someone is giving my books away, I’d rather it be me.

I Wrote a 90,000 Word Book Entirely in Evernote

Dan Pontefract

When I started the quest of writing my first book — aside from the instant classic I wrote as a 9 year-old that detailed with intricate depth the entire universe of Star Wars droids — I debated how to actually write it. I’m a digital packrat; I collect academic studies, documents, quotes, words, sites, books, articles and emails. If it were 2007, I might have written the book entirely in Microsoft Word. I would have become a book writing Word ninja.

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A forward to a Cynefin book

Dave Snowden

I finished off the forward to a forthcoming book about Cynefin in Japanese a day or so ago. The post A forward to a Cynefin book appeared first on Cognitive Edge. I wrote it in a fairly discursive and personal form and thought it might be useful to share it here. I’ve illustrated the post with two pictures by the great Welsh painter Kyffin Williams from whose work I got the idea to use the name. I wrote the material fairly quickly once I finally got started.

Flat Army Book Excerpt: Organizational Learned Helplessness

Dan Pontefract

Dan''s Related Posts: Autotelic: The Word of 2013 Flat Army Book Launch Party … A Sea of Humanity How did you learn about #OBL? book flat army leadership organization research B.F. Did you know that in 1886, the U.S. court system recognized the corporation as a “natural person”? The fourteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that “no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property.”

Flat Army Book Launch Party … A Sea of Humanity

Dan Pontefract

While I understand the industry typically defaults to having quotes from famous people waxing lyrical about the contents of said book, I refused and ultimately balked at this approach. My idea at first was to simply have a QR code that — after being scanned — would lead the reader to a video of me talking about the book. The pixels, letters and words in the book are a reflection of the people who have helped shape me into the person I am today.

Wonderland, the book (and podcast!)

Steven Berlin Johnson

I’m very excited to announce my next book — Wonderland: How Play Made The Modern World , to be published in November by my long-time publisher Riverhead Books. The book is in many ways a sequel to How We Got To Now, though it also has some thematic links that connect it back to Everything Bad Is Good For You. There’s a longer post introducing the book at Medium if you’re interested.

Enabling Innovation – Book

Harold Jarche

Tweet I had the pleasure of writing an article for the book, Enabling Innovation: Innovative Capability – German and International Views as a follow-up to some work I did with the EU’s International Monitoring Organisation. An interesting aspect of this book is that major articles are written by German researchers and then shorter comments or additions are presented from an international perspective. list price for this book. Books complexity Work

adapting to perpetual beta e-book

Harold Jarche

I have written over 2,700 posts on my blog, so this book series provides a concise synthesis of the various themes posted here. Books LeadershipThe third volume in the perpetual beta series is now ready. Adapting to Perpetual Beta continues to explore the network era and its effects on society, business, and education. It follows ‘seeking perpetual beta’ and ‘finding perpetual beta’ published in 2014.

Download And Share The OPEN TO THINK One-Page Book Promo

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: On September 11, 2018, my third book, OPEN TO THINK: Slow Down, Think Creatively, and Make Better Decisions, will publish. Dan's Related Posts: You Can Now Pre-Order OPEN to THINK, Dan Pontefract’s Next Book, Releasing… My Latest TED: We Are Losing The Ability To Think. Books To Devour By Nilofer Merchant, Roger Martin, Jennifer Riel and Daniel Pink. book OPEN to THINK

New Book, Great Data

Nine Shift

A new book, The New Geography of Jobs, by Enrico Moretti, has great data supporting our 9 major Nine Shift predictions. Moretti''s basic contention, which we reported several years ago, is that there''s a huge migration of young people going on right now in the U.S. to new economy cities, what we sometimes call 21st century cities. Moretti''s underlying ''force'' in this migration is a college education.

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